The best ways to teach a small kitten to go to the tray

Like any domestic pet, a kitten needs attention and education. When planting a kitten, many owners face some problems. The most popular question: how to accustom a kitten to a tray quickly? Despite all efforts and education, kittens often refuse to use the tray, coping with the need in other places. It is necessary to understand the issue of choosing the option of training the kitten to the toilet, as well as give time to choose a tray.

  • 15 ways to accustom a kitten to the tray
  • Travel restrictions
  • To remove indoor flowers
  • Behavior monitoring
  • Permanent seat
  • Toilet after eating
  • Toilet after sleep
  • Belly massage
  • Toilet search
  • Cleanser
  • Antigadin
  • Leaf bait
  • Instinctive method
  • Exclusion method
  • Favorite corner
  • To praise
  • Reasons why the kitty can not walk into the tray
  • Change of place
  • Disadvantage of
  • High sides
  • Gigien
  • Filler
  • Tips for choosing a cat tray

15 ways to accustom a kitten to the tray

Some recommendations how to accustom the kitten to the tray:

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Restrictions on movement

Restrict the movement area of ​​the kitten in the house. For lack of additional places where it is possible to correct a natural need, the probability that a kitten uses a tray increases.

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To remove indoor flowers

If there are pots with flowers on the floor, it is better to remove them: the kitten can use the pot with the earth in it and fix the need there.

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Behavior monitoring

Try to be near the kitten in the first days of training to the tray. So you can control its behavior and calculate the moments when you carry the baby in the tray.

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Permanent place

Do not move the tray to another place without a special reason, so that the kitten is used( at first to relate) and remember where exactly it is necessary to go to the toilet.

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Toilet after eating

Plant kitten in the tray immediately after he eats. This method is especially suitable for owners of very small kittens. The digestive system of kittens is designed so that they experience a natural need almost immediately after ingestion.

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Toilet after sleep

Plant kitten in the tray after sleeping. Very many kittens, waking up, feel like going to the toilet.

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Massage of the stomach

Massage the tummy of the kitten, stroking it in the direction from the chest. Massage of the stomach stimulates the emptying of the intestine.

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Search for a toilet

If the kitten starts to worry, meow and look for a secluded place, most likely, he needs to go to the toilet. It is necessary to carry it to the tray and hold it there until the kitten has coped with the natural need.

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Smart spray

You can use special tools to teach kittens to the toilet( for example, "Clever Spray" for cats).They resemble the smell of cat urine, which becomes for the kitten a kind of signal where to go to the toilet.

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Also sold are products that produce an unpleasant odor and repellent kitten( for example, "Antigadin").Use it in those places where the kitten went to the toilet to dodge this habit.

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Leaf lure

If the kitten has coped with natural need not in the tray, you can get a piece of paper in a puddle and put it in the tray. As in the previous version, the smell will help the kitten understand where to go to the toilet.

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Instinctive method

If the kitten has coped with a need elsewhere, in no case should one shout at him: he will not understand your indignation. It is necessary to carry it to the tray and make it a paw with a few burrowing movements: at the instinctive level, the kid will understand that this place is suitable for the toilet.

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Exclusion method

If the kitten manages natural need in certain specific places, you can try to buy a few trays and place them wherever the kitten usually walks. Then, if he starts to use the trays, gradually remove them, selecting one most suitable for the kitten place.

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Favorite corner of

A kitten can take advantage of one corner and ignore the presence of a tray in the house. In this case it makes sense to change the location of the tray and transfer it to the corner chosen by the kid, but this should be done exclusively in extreme measures.

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To praise

When the kitten does everything right and descends into the tray, be sure to praise it to fix the result.

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Reasons why the kitten may not walk in the tray

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Reasons for the kid's failureThe walk in the tray can be related both to circumstances and health.

The most well-known reasons:

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Change of the place

If you recently took a kitten, chances are that he does not use the tray, because he is too scared and confused. It's no secret that animals need to adapt to a new place, and kids experience separation from their homes most acutely. The kitten will need time to adapt, and when it takes root, it starts walking into the tray.

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Disadvantage of

The tray can be in an uncomfortable place for the kitten. The kitten simply can not use the toilet because of the unfortunate location.

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High sides of the

The tray can have too high sides, which a small kitten can not climb.

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If the tray is stained, then it is likely that the baby will not use it: cats are very clean animals, and this manifests itself at an early age. If there are several cats in the house, then a separate toilet is required for the baby.

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The filler can be inconvenient for the kitten( as well as its absence).Also, the filler should always be fresh and clean.

It should be remembered that the reluctance of the kitten to go to the toilet can indicate frequent constipation and problems with the intestines, so the baby should be shown to the vet.
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Tips for choosing a cat tray

Very much in the training of a kitten to the toilet depends on the tray itself. It is necessary to know which tray is suitable for a small kitten, so here are the tips for choosing it:

  • The tray should be with low sides so that the kitten can comfortably climb into it. Otherwise, he will experience difficulties and inconveniences, which will serve as an excuse for refusing the baby to go into the tray.
  • The tray must be large. Many owners of kittens buy small trays, explaining this by the fact that the kitten itself is still small, and there will be enough space for it. This is not true. It is in the large tray that the kitten can feel most comfortable and will be able to either dispense the need or bury it.
  • It is desirable that the tray is as easy to use as possible. Do not buy kitten closed trays or modern automatic cat litter: the simpler, the better.
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Large plastic tray with low or removable sides will be the best option:

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