Poses and ideas for a photo shoot at sea

Summer is a time for wonders, it's a whole amazing little life. It's hard to argue with such an expression. Most often during the summer season we manage to experience and experience so many positive moments and joys that their memories and aftertaste are enough for the rest of the year. Summer always fascinates and gives inspiration, hope for something special. Spend these sensations on a beautiful marine photo shoot.

  • Contents:
      • Rules
      • Positioning options
      • On the shore
      • In the water
      • Portrait
      • On the move
      • Underwater
      • Image
      • Romantic
      • Thematic

      Rules for the

      But in order for the result to be perfect, you need to correctly approach the photo session, choosingideas and poses. For a marine photo shoot, there are different posing criteria.

      The best time for a photo shoot is the dawn.

      Sunset is also able to decorate the frame, but it is slightly less soft than in the dawn, but more colors.

      Photoshoot can also be done between 12 and 14 hours of the day( the most appropriate time in the event that you use a normal camera).

      When choosing a composition for a frame( depending on the idea of ​​a photo shoot), try to avoid the signs of human activity, in other words, it will be much better if you find a secluded unpopulated place, and do not spend it on the city beach.

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      Posing options

      Here is a list of the most suitable for the photo shoot poses:

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      On the shore of

      If you are confident in your figure, you can try poses full-length in full-face to the photographer. But, for better submission of your external data, you should use full-length poses with a small turn( stand half-way to the photographer).

      You also need to carefully use the poses in the sitting position. Remember that all the flaws in the figure are visible in the swimsuit. You can not clamp, stoop strongly, allow the appearance of wrinkles on the body. Such poses can be used if you refuse a swimsuit in favor of a spacious summer dress.

      It will be more profitable to have poses on the beach while lying down. And, here it is important to draw in the belly and maintain a beautiful deflection in the back.

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      water It is necessary to take into account that your body in water will look completely different than in real life. It is as if cut in the place where the water ends. That part of the body that is under water is invisible in the frame or visible in distortion.

      So, if you went into the water and became wrong, it might seem that you simply do not have legs or hands. To avoid this, always try to enter the water along the line of the joints, starting from the knee joint, then there are postures along the line of the hips, then - along the line of the chest, then - postures along the collarbone. Below the knees in the water it is undesirable to take pictures, it visually spoils the frame, makes you lower and adds weight.

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      Portrait of

      Here the position is reduced to choosing a good angle. The background does not play a special role. The accent passes to the person, but, it will be good if the sea panorama, rock, rocky beach, yacht, rather than the usual beach, crowded with tourists, will act as a background.

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      In motion

      The sea is rarely quiet. It moves, it changes. It would be nice to convey this movement in the photo. You can convey both calm and fast rhythm. For example: make a series of shots walks along the sea wave, or a quick and fun running on a wet, wave-covered beach.

      Also, the movement of the sea can be caught in the waves themselves: sit in them, frolic, fool around. Thus it is necessary to remember about advantages of appearance: do not forget to keep muscles in a tone, and the stomach is drawn.

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      This kind of photo session is not cheap, but its result will amaze you. At many resorts, you can find in advance a photographer who would provide underwater photography services. You should prepare yourself for a photo shoot yourself.

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      The main thing in it is not to be afraid of water. Being under water, imagine that you are in weightlessness. So it approximately is. Your body becomes free of gravity. Posing, stretch your body, stretch your socks, hands, rotate. Try not to close your eyes.

      Think in advance about the outfit. Pay attention to the photo-example: under the sea, amazingly beautiful flying outfits with unnaturally long trains look.

      Make-up should be done with water-resistant products, and hair is better simply to dissolve.

      Best poses for a photo shoot in nature look here http://woman-l.ru/pozy-dlya-fotosessii-na-prirode/
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      The sea is associated with contradictions. It can be both calm and stormy, mysterious and transparent as water, romantic and tragic. When choosing an idea for a marine photo shoot, do not be too far from these characteristics. Your image should also be like a continuation of the mood of the sea.

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      Romantic poses should convey not only the essence of your image, but also the nature of the sea - nostalgia, sad joy, melancholy, loneliness, inner beauty and so on. Therefore, there should be nothing unnatural in poses, especially signs of fashionable poses from glossy magazines.

      Make-up is better to choose natural. Do not bother with the hair, too - let the wind do it yourself - spread the hair over your shoulders, and it's not scary even if they get tangled or ruffled. This is even a plus. The maximum that you can do with them is to assemble into an easy knot, but so that individual strands are still in the wind. You can collect hair with your hands, holding them with your palm, which will favorably emphasize the neck line.

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      If funds permit, it is worthwhile to work out an interesting thematic image. For example: mermaid, naiads, Sirens, etc. The more gloomy your image, the darker the situation must be. It is better to shoot a siren with the moon and stones. For the little mermaid, dawn will do. For naiads - twilight.

      It is better to shoot these images either in water or on a rocky shore. The poses are suitable when lying on the stones and in the sitting position. It is possible to copy for the mermaid the recognizable pose of Ariel on the stones.

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