The best professional hairless shampoo for hair

The lack of accurate information about non-sulfate shampoos makes confusion when choosing this cosmetic. Women are frankly afraid to use such organic shampoos. A rare seller will be able to correctly answer the question: "What is the best use of non-sulfate shampoos?".The myth spreads, as if they do not provide proper care and high-quality hair cleansing. But this is not so.

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What is

shampoo-free shampoo Shampoo that does not contain sulfates is a cosmetic product that does not include preservatives and parabens. Such shampoos provide a softer purification than conventional sulphate based products. Bezsufatnye shampoos do not create a lot of foam, they contain only natural ingredients: oils and vitamins that strengthen hair, make their structure strong and elastic.

Non-sulfate shampoos are considered to be the most gentle and safe.

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Advantages of

Besulfate natural shampoos do not harm hair and skin. Naturally, there are situations when there is an allergy, but, as a rule, these are rare cases.

The following advantages can be attributed to the main advantages of non-sulfate shampoos:

  • they are completely washed off with water;
  • is suitable for all types of hair, including colored and exfoliated;
  • does not contain allergens;
  • does not destroy the structure of the hair;
  • after keratin rectification it is better to preserve the result of the procedure;
  • does not dry hair;
  • does not wash away the dyes;
  • saturates hair with vitamins and beneficial substances;
  • strengthens hair follicles;
  • hair becomes more docile, less electrified.
How to choose the best female shampoo, considering the type and problem of hair
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Disadvantages of

Serious contraindications for non-sulfate shampoos do not. There are several reasons why it is not recommended to apply them:

  • individual intolerance of components;
  • is unable to completely wash off the silicone components of styling products;
  • poorly foaming;
  • does not solve the problem of dandruff;
  • can wash out thick hair in just a few ways, although non-sulfate shampoos for oily hair somewhat accelerate this process;
  • in the first half months of use, it is possible to reduce the volume of hair, as the hair needs time to restore the level of acidity.

The disadvantages of non-sulfate funds are not very significant. The most serious of them is being addictive. Hair needs to get used to a new condition.

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Rating of shampoos

Based on the ratings of professionals and customer reviews, we have prepared the rating of the most popular professional non-sulfate shampoos. Among them there are means for dry, fatty, smooth, curly, natural and colored hair.

  1. Teknia Gentle Balance from Lakme. Suitable for any type of curls. Qualitatively cleans from impurities, without disturbing the structure of the hair. In the composition only antioxidants, extracts and extracts from algae and medicinal herbs.

  2. Rejuvenating Shampoo from Macadamia Natural Oil. The product is specially created for the restoration of severely damaged hair. Recovers split ends and improves color. The main ingredients are macadam and argan oils.
  3. Shampoo from Paul Mitchell .In this line, there are several types of shampoos based on natural ingredients. All products contain panthenol and extracts of medicinal plants.
  4. CUREX Classic from Estel allows you to quickly make your hair beautiful. It consists of: keratin and provitamin B5.
  5. Aqua Otium from Estel .The composition of the shampoo contains amino acids that support the health of the hair. Nicotinic acid enhances growth and prevents loss. Bezsulfatnye shampoo for hair Estelle are very popular in Russia.
  6. Series CHI Infra from FAROUK SYSTEMS .Shampoos perfectly remove impurities from the hair and scalp. Natural components retain moisture in the structure, making the strands more elastic.
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  8. Nouvelle Regular Herbs Shampoo. Shampoo is designed for those who wash their hair daily. In this product, professional quality is combined with a low price. As part of the shampoo extracts of mallow and yarrow. Bezsulfatnye shampoos for curly hair from the ruler of Nouvelle will retain the shape of the curls and the natural look of the hair.
  9. Professional Delicate Color from L'Oreal. Taurine and panthenol, which are part of this natural shampoo, protect the hair and make it more durable and elastic.
  10. Magic Keratin from Kapous .The shampoo includes soft surface-active products, keratin and fruit acids. The remedy is designed to repair damaged hair.
  11. The most popular shampoos from Natura Siberica products are "For tired and weakened hair", "Protection and Gloss for colored hair", "Neutral for sensitive scalp".They include a lot of natural ingredients that allow you to gently clean the hair of dirt, leaving them intact.
  12. Recipes grandmother Agafia shampoo "Recovery and protection" .A unique recipe contains infusion of 17 medicinal herbs of Siberia. The product is intended for dyed and damaged hair. It allows hair to retain color longer.
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