Weather signs of August for national holidays

  • August 1 is the day of Macrin. If this day is dry weather, then autumn will also dry out, and if it's raining outside, it's wet. Also, the precipitation on Makrinu foreshadows the next year an excellent harvest of nuts.
  • August 2 - Ilyin Day. When the day is dry, there will be no rain for six weeks, but cloudy and rainy weather is a sign that rainfall is expected for six weeks. People say that if it rains on Ilia's day, there will be an excellent harvest of potatoes, but it's better not to rush winter rye. The signs on August 2 answered why it is impossible to swim after Ilyin's day - rivers and ponds are already warming up insufficiently.
  • August 3 is the day of Onuphrius the Silent One. If this day there are a lot of dew in the morning, then the harvest of flax will not please with its quantity. On this day, it was decided to prepare bins and barns for the forthcoming harvest of grain.
  • August 4 is the day of Marya Surovitsy( Berries).The plentiful dew until the afternoon foreshadowed bad flax, which is difficult to whiten. By this day in the forests ripe harvest of berries. The thunderstorm on Marya promised a large amount of hay on mowing, which will be well kept.
  • August 5 is the Day of Trophimus of Insomnia. They went out to the mowing with the first rays of the sun. The weather was predicted on the web: if the spider sent the nets to the north, cooling and rain soon waited, the southern orientation promised clear and warm weather.
  • August 6 is the day of Boris and Gleb. On this day, a strong thunderstorm "says" that you can not touch the ears yet, since they can crumble, but the bird-cherry is already about to be harvested. Light and warm weather promised a cold winter without snow, and the rain was warm and snowy.
  • August 7 is the day of Anna ZimoKazakh. What a day before dinner on this day the weather, this will be December, and the afternoon will tell about January-February. Rain on Anna's day - winter will come snowy, but warm, and if precipitation alternates with the sun - next year will be an excellent crop of rye.
  • August 8 is the day of Ermolai( Maryev Day).It was believed that on this day the herbs acquire special healing power.
  • August 9 is the day of Panteleimon the Healer( Kochannogo).You can not carry hay and grain from the field - there can be a fire. Tightly curly cabbage heads promise to this day an early and cold autumn.
  • August 10 - the day of Prokhor and Parmen. Morning dew on this day promises heat, and high clouds - dry weather.
  • August 11 - Kalinov Day. They say that if this day the green oats turn green the second time, then autumn will be rainy. If the fog sets, soon the cold will come.
  • August 12 is the day of Silantia( Force and Silvan).Rainy and windy day portends long rains during the whole month, and dry, but cloudy weather promises that in the near future there will be no precipitation.
  • August 13 is the day of Yevdokim. On this day, they are collecting medicinal herbs.
  • August 14 - the beginning of the Assumption Post, Honey Spas( First, On the Water), Makovy. You are allowed to start eating honey. The warm southern wind promised a snowy and warm winter on this day, and the cold north wind was windy and frosty.
  • August 15 is the day of Stepan Senoval. What a day the Stepanov had stood out, this is how September will endure.
  • August 16 is the day of Anton Wichroway. What kind of weather is this day, the same is expected in October. A strong wind - in the winter there will be severe frosts, but warm from the south - a mild and snowy winter.
  • August 17 is the day of Avdotya Ogurechnitsa. On this day, the weather was determined for November. The rain "promised" a cloudy and cold beginning of winter, and the clear sky foreshadowed a warm and sunny November.
  • August 18 is the day of Yevstigney Zhitnik. It was time to harvest the onions from the kitchen gardens.
  • August 19 - Apple saved, Transfiguration of the Lord. A dry day is cloudy, but dry autumn, rainy is a damp autumn, and the clear weather for Apple has saved - a severe winter.
  • August 20 is the day of Marina. On this day, watching the storks: they began to prepare for the flight - the autumn is expected to be cold and rainy.
  • August 21 is the day of Myron Vetrogon. What this day, such is expected January next year.
  • August 22 is the day of Matthew. In some regions this time it was already possible to fall frost in the morning. It is believed that he portends a rich harvest next summer.
  • August 23 - The Lawrence the Colonel. If on this day the water in the lakes does not worry and the boats stand still, then there is a quiet autumn, and in winter there will be no blizzards and blizzards. But when the red glow appears on the sunset at sunset, the windy weather will last seven days.
  • August 24 is the day of Evpatiy Kolovrat. Strong heat at noon speaks of warm and dry autumn, and the rain - wet and rainy. The strong flicker of stars at dawn promises the proximity of the rainy period.
  • August 25 is the day of Photius and Anicata. The rainy and cloudy weather of this day suggests that the Indian summer will not end quickly, but a warm and clear day promises the yield of white mushrooms.
  • August 26 - Tikhonov Day. A lot of mushrooms in the forest to this day says about a good wheat crop for next year. A stormy wind on Tikhon portends a rainy and rainy September.
  • August 27 is the day of Mikhee Silent. Storm on Mikhey - September will be rainy, and a weak wind or calm predict a dry month. Sunny weather is a windy autumn.
  • August 28 - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Clear and quiet weather all day promises the same great Indian summer. Rainbow on this day promises a long and warm autumn. The first web, flying in the wind, predicts a frosty winter.
  • August 29 - Nut Savior( Bread).If the flight of cranes to the warm regions began from this day or earlier - then by October 14( Feast of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin), severe frosts were already expected.
  • August 30 is the day of Myron Vetrogon. If on this day the winds are impetuous, in the near future the weather should be quiet, a continuous wind promises a near bad weather. Good weather is predicted by a foggy and dewy morning.
  • August 31 - the day of Flora and the Lavra. From this day morning frosts began. If the torn wormwood has thick roots, the next year is fruitful.
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August is a month in autumn, generous and warm in summer. Previously, it was from the last month of summer that it depended on whether the winter would be full or hungry, since most of the supplies were made in August. Even today, many summer residents harvest their land plots this month, while berry and mushroom pickers go to the forest almost every day for quiet hunting, taking advantage of popular signs to determine the weather conditions and yield in the next months.

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About weather

Many acorns on oak are a sign of a good harvest of cereals in the fall.

A strong thunderstorm in August is a sign of a long autumn.

If during the first week of this month the weather is clear, then the winter is expected to be snowy and long.

Take a look at the moon. If there are circles around it, there will be a lot of fish and honey.

Ants began to increase their anthills - the winter will be cold.

When in August the winds constantly blow north - dry weather will come.

A very hot month "promises" a fierce February.

When the leaves begin to turn yellow, you should expect a good early sowing.

When the rainbow is shown in the north in August, it will rain very soon, and from east to west - there will be a clear day.

If there are a lot of berries in August, then it will be very cold in winter.

If geese and ducks rinse in the water, then it will rain, and if they are quiet, a thunderstorm will soon begin.

Always in the last month of summer singing birds stop singing in the bad weather, and when you notice that the loach tightly closed its flowers, it will rain hard. If more leaves of fern-eagle and bones were closed, the rain will begin in 15-20 hours.

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Calendar of folk labels

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Wedding in August

This summer month is one of the most popular periods for those wishing to tie themselves up in marriage. The weather is sunny and not so hot, and nature is still full of greenery and charm, it's time to harvest. Therefore, to marry in August on the signs - to a happy, calm and prolific marriage.

However, it is worth remembering about religious restrictions: from August 14 to August 27 passes the Assumption Post, in which it is not recommended to marry, since the marriage will be short-lived.

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