How to make jeans shabby at home

Grunge style has gained popularity a few years ago, and to this day this trend in fashion does not lose its positions. One of the main attributes of this style of clothing are jeans with an effect of wear. In industrial conditions, various methods of fabric processing are used to create this effect - sandblasting with a combined wet press, bleaching with pumice, dampened in perchloric acid, etc. Today we will talk about how to update your old jeans with minimal expenses, making them shabby at home.

  • Wiped jeans with bleach
  • Teeth whitening with a sponge or brush
  • Method of whitening with a lump
  • Wiped jeans with pumice or sandpaper

Wiped jeans with bleach

You can use the usual bleach to create a faded paint effect and easy scuffing. Before starting the procedure, prepare the necessary items:

  • container with water;
  • small piece of thin board, plywood or solid cardboard;
  • bleach( bleach);

  • sponge, piece of cloth or brush.
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Teeth whitening with a sponge or a brush

To begin with, it is necessary to prepare an aqueous solution of whiteness. Mix the bleach with water in a 1: 1 ratio. Determine where you want to create scrapes and start the procedure. In order not to spoil the back surface of the jeans, it is necessary to place a pre-prepared plate under the layer of the treated fabric. In addition, it will be much more convenient to work. Now you can proceed directly to bleaching. On the surface of the fabric with a sponge or brush, gently apply an aqueous solution of whiteness.

Allow the tool to act for several minutes( as directed).

After the due time, rinse the jeans in cool water, dry and evaluate the result.

Whitening jeans is recommended in gloves, so as not to injure the skin of the hands.

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Method of whitening with a lump

The next way to create a fashionable effect of attrition on jeans at home will help you achieve an unusual result. In addition, it is more simple to perform and with its help you can create a bold and original print. So, you will need bleach, simple hair gum, and, in fact, the jeans themselves.

Pants must be tied with a knot and in some places tightened with small elastic bands. Erasers should preferably be taken in white so that the fabric does not stain.

In this form, pants should be damped with clean water, and then placed in an aqueous solution of bleach.

After the time, laid out according to the instructions, take out the trousers and rinse them with clean water.

After the jeans with a dry effect dry, you can safely put them on.

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Shabby jeans with pumice stone or sandpaper

The next way to create a fashionable effect on jeans at home requires a lot of energy and time, but will achieve the best result. Scuffs made with an abrasive look more natural, and if desired, you can create a cocky, rude image. So, you will need:

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  • sandpaper;
  • pumice.

Moisten the piece of tissue that you want to treat with water. Then put it in the folds. They should be 3-4 pieces.

For the formed folds, start working with pumice stone or sandpaper.

It is not recommended to do abrasions in the area of ​​bends and knees. Also, do not try to press hard on the pumice stone, otherwise the fabric may tear. If you want an easy wearing effect, it's better to use sandpaper with a fine abrasive.

In conclusion, worn jeans should be washed.

With such simple ways you can add a touch of negligence to boring pants made of blue denim or already out of fashion old jeans. Rubbed jeans can be combined with ballet shoes or cowboy boots. Look good with these pants volumetric sweaters or ponchos.

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