How to make a cake in the form of a ship

Cakes are not only a classic form. The decorative cakes in the form of any figures or designs are invariably popular. They include such a product in the form of a ship. Such a composition will be a wonderful decoration for children's birthday party, birthday, and like your little sailor. You can present such a cake to an adult.

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Required Materials

Our ship is not as easy to execute as it might seem. But then the result will pleasantly surprise. His composition includes biscuit cakes, due to which, in fact, the relief of the ship is created.

The texture of the product is created with the help of mastic, which acts as the main material for decoration.

And for impregnation the classic oil cream will fit.

As a command of our sweet swimming means can come real or edible figures, for example, figures of mastic or chocolate.

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Making the ship-cake

Initially, you will have to bake several biscuit cakes, cut out masts and sterns, and then go on to decorating the ship.

For a chocolate biscuit you will need:

  • 4 large or 5 medium sized eggs;
  • faceted sugar glass;
  • almost full faceted glass of high grade flour;
  • baking powder( 2 grams);
  • cocoa( 50 grams);
  • 15 grams of butter to lubricate the mold.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Mix cocoa and flour. Whisk eggs with a mixer and sugar until the latter dissolves completely. Place the flour, baking powder and whisk in the same exact movements, but without the mixer. Lubricate the form with butter, put the dough and immediately send it to the oven.

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Until the end of biscuit cooking( 15-20 minutes), the oven can not be opened. When the time comes out, do not get the sponge cake right away, just turn off the oven, open the door and let the biscuit stay in the oven for another 20 minutes so its cooling will be smooth.

The recipe for a chocolate cream for impregnation is very simple: mix 300-400 grams of butter with a glass of chocolate condensed milk and 50 grams of melted black chocolate. Spread them completely cooled cakes, from which the elements of the ship are already cut.

Recipe mastic will be more difficult. You will need:

  • 1 faceted glass of boiled cold water;
  • 2 cups of sugar;
  • 25 grams of food gelatin;
  • 170-180 grams of invert syrup;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • about a kilogram with a little sugar powder;
  • 250-300 grams of conventional starch.

Pour gelatin with half cold water.

Combine sugar, a pinch of salt, syrup and water, put on a weak fire, wait for the mixture to boil. Cook the mixture for 7-8 minutes without disturbing.

Prepare the mixer and place a container with soaked gelatin next to it. First pour the gelatin into the mixer bowl, start to knock down and pour gradually into the gelatin hot mixture. It can not be cooled, start pouring immediately after taking it off the fire.

The speed of the mixer should be maximum.

Whip the liquid until it is transformed into a lush white mass, increasing about three times.

After the mass has croaked, the speed of the mixer should be reduced and the powdered sugar added in several stages. As a result, the mass should appear to be elastic and dense. At this stage, dyes are added. Depending on how much you want the colors of the mastic, divide the mass into the necessary parts.

loading. ..

This already painted mass must be isolated from the air, wrapping the containers with food film, and leave in this form for a day at room temperature( it can not be put in the refrigerator!).

After the expiration of the day, the mass must be obtained and mixed with starch.

Now you can proceed to decorating the cake.

The decoration of such a sweet ship does not have any limitations in the sequence or choice of the theme. The main thing is that the elements harmoniously complement each other and do not turn into one continuous motley mash. Therefore, it is best to make smooth transitions.

You must always start with the formation of the ship biscuits. Next, you need to coat the workpiece with the remnants of the cream, roll the mastic into a thin layer and wrap the ship in a brown-colored mastic, make a texture under the tree, add elements and details, and construct several rows of sails with sticks and paper.

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