Bouquet of roses from sweets

Many master classes have repeatedly raised the issue of creating original bouquets of chocolates. But in each of these cases, the design technique, as a rule, differs little, and inevitably repeats. We offer you to try something new - to form from candy beautiful and realistic roses, designed to make a bouquet, which, in the long run, will be a perfect gift for any occasion.

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The design of a sweet bouquet depends on how it will stand / lie, in a vase, in a basket or as a wreath. Regardless of the choice of design, the bouquet of sweets in the form of roses, peonies, bells and tulips is original and most beautiful.

It's easier to make the very flower that has a calyx on nature, and not flat inflorescences like a daisy.

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Rosa from sweets

By and large, this technique is based on the principle of forming the very buds of the rose with the subsequent addition of petals. To add her petals, it is enough to wrap a rose with beautiful cellophane paper or choose corrugated or gift paper. Satin ribbons of the necessary shades are also suitable.

You will need the following materials that can be purchased at any store and shop where gifts are packed: corrugated paper, the required color, in our case - red, yellow and green, then - a decoration tape or a small basket where you can put or fold itflowers, cone-shaped sweets, adhesive tape or scotch, as well as sticks for stems.

The stems can also be wrapped in fine cotton paper.

First of all, make two cone-shaped sweets together by gluing them together with glue. Then wrap them in a small piece of red paper.

It is possible to wrap in several layers to give a bud a splendor and to simulate blossoming petals or leave it as it is.

In a bouquet, not all flowers must necessarily be the same, some may remain in the form of buds.

After that, at the base of the bud, it is necessary to fix the paper with adhesive tape, wrapping it several times around the stem.

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Next, each rose also should be decorated with a ribbon, tied a small bow around the bud. It is necessary to wrap the stems with green paper and add the top leaves at the base of the buds.

For the compilation of a bouquet of roses, any number of such sweet flowers may be required, but it is the most beautiful compositions that look more than fifteen colors, so you'll have to work hard.

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