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Golphins are a kind of hosiery, stockings above the knees. There was this wardrobe item in ancient Greece in the sixth century BC.Since then, the golphins, naturally, have significantly changed, but their popularity continues to grow. They were especially popular in the 60-70s of the twentieth century, then at the height of the fashion there were mini skirts, with which the golphins perfectly combined.

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How to wear

Golfines are difficult to attribute to any one style, thanks to the versatility and practicality of wearing elongated stockings, you can wear almost any style of clothing - from kazhual to romantic. The only thing that will differ long stockings in this case is the material from which they are made, and the coloring.

Golfines can be worn by lovers of short skirts, this combination will be optimal for both spring and autumn.

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Choose golphins made from viscose and cotton, then they will perform not only an aesthetic function, but also a practical- warm your feet when it's cool outside. With them, pleated skirts, jeans skirts, short knitted dresses and tunics, dress-shirts will look harmonious.

You will be fashionable and stylish, if you wear golphins with dresses. Change warm clothes to light dress in combination with long stockings. But do not forget to "balance" the bottom and the top, wearing a warm jacket or blazer. Excellent golfers look and with shorts. You can wear them in addition to short shorts of different colors and styles. Among the trendy combinations are the golphins with shorts from worn blue denim or leather.

Many girls are lost and can not understand with what footwear it is desirable to wear golfs: with boots, shoes or ballet shoes? In the warm season wear golphins with sandals and shoes, just choose their easier option. In a colder period of time, it is better to give preference to warm shoes: boots, boots. And no matter what material they are made of, suede or leather.

Woolen golphins will perfectly match with rubber boots. Remember, with such an element of clothing is very difficult to spoil something.

You can also wear long stockings with thin pantyhose with or without a pattern. When choosing wardrobe items with which you plan to wear golphins, pay attention to the color features of this kind of stocking.

Golphins perfectly match with woolen things. It is desirable that one thing in the outfit be of the same color as the golphins. Usually stylists recommend picking up golftons under the shade of shoes, if you want to visually lengthen your legs.

But remember that if you do not want to draw attention to the structure of the legs, you need to have the center of the composition of the suit above the waist.

Golphins contrasting with clothing shades visually shorter legs.

Elongated stockings in a horizontal strip visually expand the area of ​​the knee and shin, so if necessary, these golphins are best not to wear.

In addition to the classic shades, there are also colored golphins. For example, pink, purple, blue. In this case, there must also be a contrast. The image is more harmonious, where the golphins are in tone with the outer clothing, that is, with a blouse, sweater or cardigan. The image where the item in question is in tone with the shoes, and the dress on the tone is darker is successful.

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When you create a business image with golfers you need to be very careful, otherwise you can achieve vulgarity. The color of the golphin must be monophonic, not bright and with non-evocative patterns. Such an element of clothing can be worn with dresses, tunics or skirts. That you did not choose it is necessary to remember that you came to work and summer, light dresses here do not fit. Your top should be seasonal, restrained and feminine, and also fit you in size and style. The main thing is that the top should have a pastel color.

As for shoes, it is unacceptable to wear shoes with an open toe or heel with golf clubs. It's best to wear ankle boots at work. Accessories will help you complete your business style. It can be a classic little handbag, a few ringlets and earrings.

When going on a date or with friends for a walk, you can safely wear golphins. They will help you create an easy, feminine image. With the help of them you can look fashionable and elegant.

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