What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Moscow

Moscow is an amazing city, in which almost at every step there are interesting sights. This is sought from all over the country, and for foreigners a trip to mysterious Moscow turns into an incredible adventure. What to bring from the Russian capital in addition to vivid impressions and a heap of photographs? The choice is very great!

  • spirits "Red Moscow»
  • Zhostovo trays
  • Cosmetics factory "Dawn»
  • Shawls
  • Pavlovo
  • Orenburg
  • Sweets
  • souvenirs with bear
  • Misha with Khokhloma painting
  • Matryoshka
  • Tin soldiers
  • Palekh boxes
  • Tyrolean cakes
  • Ornaments "Moscow Jewelry Factory "
  • Ushanka
  • Porcelain

Perfume" Red Moscow "

Men, of course, have the main question - what to bring his wife from Moscow. A gift in the retro style will be a bottle of perfume "Red Moscow", which at one time was a real brand. This fragrance with floral, orange and jasmine notes counts its history from 1925 and is known far beyond the capital. Rather, such a gift will not be used for its intended purpose, but as a souvenir it will look superb.

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Zhostovo trays

A magnificent gift will be a tray with Zhostovo painting. This fishery was born in the XIX century in the suburbs and became famous throughout the world. Once the masters from Zhostovo painted with their amazing patterns a variety of subjects, but more recently, for tourists, only tin trays are produced. The methods of using them can be very different - from direct appointment to the design of premises in the style of Provence. You can buy trays of classical rectangular shape, oval or octagonal models.

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Cosmetic factory "Breaking Dawn"

In search of gifts of exceptional metropolitan origin, it is worth paying attention to the products of the "Dawn" cosmetic factory, which in other cities is almost impossible to find. The factory exists since 1876 and produces facial and body care products, cosmetics for men and children, as well as products for problem skin and sun protection. You can buy and gift sets.

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The best gift to women will be beautiful scarves that are sold in shops and souvenir shops in Moscow. A choice of traditional Russian scarves with a pattern, with a fringe, knitted and others.

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Pavlovsky Posadsky

Famous Pavlovo Posad shawls have been produced in the town of Pavlovsky Posad in the town of Pavlovsky Posad near Moscow for over a hundred years. The unique design of these scarves impresses with the highest quality of performance and brightness of colors and counts several dozen different shades. After all, it's no coincidence that many famous fashion designers of the world try to include Pavlov-Posad shawls in their collections and draw inspiration from them.

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Orenburg shawls are one of the brightest symbols of Russia, immortalized in songs. This is a great gift, which will please the fine ladies and fans of Russian culture. The Orenburg down cloth is a piece of home warmth and comfort.

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There are several confectionery factories in the Russian capital that produce delicious sweets. Moscow enterprises are widely known, and in many cities of Russia you can find candies produced by the "Babaevskaya" factory, the "Red October" and "Rot Front" factories.

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The list of traditional souvenirs from Moscow includes many items: key chains and postcards with city views, samovars, painted caskets, toys and much more. For connoisseurs of beauty, great interest is represented by elegant porcelain utensils or original products from designer shop Artemy Lebedev.

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And, of course, Moscow for book lovers is a paradise where you can buy almost any book, including rare books.
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With bear Misha

A cute gift for both children and adults will be souvenirs with the image of the Olympic bear Misha, who went down in history as a symbol of the 1980 Summer Olympics. For the past three decades, he has not lost popularity, the image of an Olympic bear can be found on clothes, mugs, magnets. If you are lucky, then in the souvenir shops you can find even a figure of Misha, released in the distant 1980s.

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With Khokhloma painting

Souvenirs with Khokhloma painting decorate any space, this luxurious ornament is famous far beyond Russia. Unique lacquer coating and coloring for gold decorates dishes, spoons, caskets, trays, vases and many other items. The technology worked out for centuries is so reliable that even in the process of using the products they do not lose their unique beauty.

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Nesting dolls

How can I leave Moscow without a matryoshka doll, which is especially popular with foreigners. Classic, original matryoshka dolls are presented on the shelves of souvenir shops in large numbers, and recently it has become fashionable to paint portraits of world-famous personalities and politicians on them. Some masters are engaged in the manufacture of completely exclusive matryoshkas, which can not be repeated.

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Tin soldiers

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Collectible tin soldiers are the best thing to bring a child from Moscow. Among the Moscow gifts, they are among the most popular, and will please both children and adult fans of military historical miniatures.

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Palekh caskets

The unique and surprisingly elegant art of Palekh lacquer miniature combines elements of ancient Russian art and folk art. Bright painted boxes, which perfectly fit into any interior, will be a great gift for both foreigners and Russians. Palekh artists still use in their work ancient ways of preparing paints, preserved from ancient times of Ancient Rus and the Byzantine Empire.

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Tyrolean pies

Speaking of Moscow sweets, it is impossible not to mention the famous Tyrolean pies. Incredibly delicious, prepared from the tender biscuit with fruit and berry stuffing, they are produced in a small confectionery factory "Krug".The only difficulty is the delivery of such a souvenir, as it will hardly endure a flight to the other end of the country, and to the neighboring regions with Moscow will fully reach.

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Jewelry of the Moscow Jewelry Factory

The Moscow Jewelry Factory is one of the oldest jewelry factories in our country, and is also the leader in the production of diamond jewelry. The enterprise is engaged in manufacturing ornaments from precious metals, inlaid with natural stones. As a present, you can buy rings, earrings, pendants, watches or bracelets with emeralds, rubies, diamonds, sapphires. Pearl lovers will also find jewelry for themselves.

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The hat-earflap has long been firmly entrenched in the minds of many people as one of the symbols of Russia. Despite the fact that similar headgear exists in many countries, the Russian ear-flap still has some originality. A gift may sound trivial, but in the cold season your ears will thank you for your care. You can buy in Moscow, male and female ear-flaps of a variety of materials: leather, fur, astrakhan, wool. They are decorated with decoration, embroidery, applique and painted in a variety of colors.

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Among other capital crafts and craft souvenirs, it is impossible not to remember the dishes produced by the Gzhel Porcelain Factory. It has existed for almost four centuries and is engaged in the manufacture of ceramic dishes with familiar to every Russian beautiful blue-white flowers and floral ornaments. Not inferior to Gzhel in beauty and porcelain dishes from the factory in Dulyovo. This is the largest enterprise in Russia exists more than one and a half centuries and produces china of the highest quality.

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