Autumn coloritip

This is one of the brightest, expressive and juicy color types. Undoubtedly, many representatives of other color types may well envy the rich natural color of the hair of a woman-Autumn - most often red, golden-red, copper, golden-copper, chestnut-red, carrot and even orange, and her beautiful bright expressive blue eyes,emerald, bright blue and golden brown hues. In all its image, the woman-Autumn embodies the warmth and beauty of the golden autumn.

The color-type Autumn is divided into three subspecies:

  • warm Autumn;
  • dark( deep) Autumn;
  • soft Autumn.

Each of them has its own color scheme and ideal color combinations of tones and shades.

  • Warm Autumn
  • Dark( deep)
  • Autumn Soft Autumn
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  • tsvetotipa Makeup Autumn
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Warm Autumn

WarmAutumn - a classic representative of this color, it is not accidental it is also called true Autumn. Its feature is a warm shade of hair( copper, copper-brown or bronze), the eye( brown-green or amber-brown) and skin( peach or yellow-beige), and a slight contrast.

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This colorotype is characterized as warm, rich and soft, matt, deep and velvety.

The most successful colors for a warm autumn are:

  • orange;
  • is golden yellow;Mustard Mustard
  • ;
  • olive;
  • all shades of brown;
  • hacks.

The least successful colors for a warm Autumn:

  • black;
  • pastel blue;
  • warm pink;
  • cold gray;
  • fuchsia.
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Dark( deep) Autumn

The next subtype of the autumn color is the dark Autumn, i.e. Autumn, turning into Winter. It is characterized by the saturation and brightness of late autumn colors. This is a neutral-warm, deep color subtype of appearance. In women of this subtype, the most often saturated( dark), pronounced color of eyes and hair, and the shade of the skin varies from light beige to swarthy. The basic color of the wardrobe for this autumn subspecies should be bright and saturated.

The most successful colors for the dark Autumn are:

  • emerald green;
  • tomato red;
  • orange-brown;
  • black-and-brown;
  • deep brown shades.

The least successful colors for the dark Autumn:

  • all pale colors;
  • gray-blue shades;
  • lavender color.
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Soft Autumn

And, finally, the last subtype of the autumn color-type is soft Autumn. This is the quietest subtype, a mixture of summer and autumnal scales. It is characterized by soft, slightly muted color shades. Most often, women of this autumnal subtype have light eyes with a "soft" hue( light brown, light green, amber), and also soft hair, sometimes even a "murine" shade of light bronze, light copper and golden chestnut tones. Their light beige leather has a weak cold shade, so it can soften the color palette from soft neutral autumn shades.

The most successful colors for Soft Autumn are:

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  • yellow;
  • light yellow;
  • creamy;
  • light gray;
  • light mustard green;
  • is orange-pink;
  • light peach;
  • hacks.

Least successful colors for soft Autumn:

  • dark blue;
  • dark gray;
  • fuchsia;
  • black;
  • bright red.
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Wardrobe of color type Autumn

As you can see, despite the existing difference, brown, yellow and red shades, golden-beige and dark-green are best for all Autumn subtypes. At the same time, no single subtype of Autumn is pure cold shades and colors.

Picking clothes for women of autumn color, it must be remembered that this is a bright color-type, and the basis of his wardrobe should not be gray, strict suits and black gloomy outfits. It is also necessary to avoid excessive femininity in clothes, pretentiousness or glamor.

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The most appropriate style for women-Autumn is country style, ethno-style, safari or sports. It is good to add an autumn wardrobe with bright details and accessories, folkloric elements and juicy non-contrast patterns.

An excellent choice for women of this color-type is the multilayered comfortable clothing of semi-adjacent or free silhouette.

Fabrics are best to choose soft, voluminous and warm, without cold shine, with a folk, "predatory" or exotic pattern.

As for the ornaments, it's better if they are golden in color. A good choice will be matte yellow or red gold, amber, brass, copper, bronze and wood, straw and leather weaving.

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Makeup of the color type Autumn

Thanks to the intense bright color of the hair and eyes, the Autumn woman looks attractive and bright, without resorting to applying cosmetics. However, if a woman of this color type wants to emphasize her natural beauty, she should know some secrets of the correct selection of cosmetic products taking into account the peculiarities of the natural color scheme.

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Tone base and blush for the color-type Autumn

So, as a tonal basis for the woman-Autumn, the transparent and light colored base of beige or peach warm color, which will give the skin freshness, is ideal. But cold, bluish or pink tones can give it an unhealthy appearance.

As concealer means, it is necessary to choose a concealer with a slightly yellowish tinge.

Blush is recommended to use apricot, peach and salmon shades, and for women with dark shades of skin - brown-gold, light coral and terracotta tones.

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Shadows, carcasses and pencils for color-type Autumn

In the daytime make-up of the woman-Autumn with her expressive beautiful eyes, you can do well without using shadows. In the daytime, it is enough to only apply mascara and to emphasize the line of eyes with a pencil.

The most suitable color of mascara for the autumn color:

  • brown;
  • black and green;
  • is black and purple.

Least suitable color of mascara for autumn color:

  • blue;
  • blue.

The same color matching rule applies to eye pencils.

The most suitable color of eyeliner pencils for autumn color:

  • brown;
  • hacks;
  • dark green;
  • black-and-brown;
  • gold;
  • peach.

The least suitable color of eyeliner for autumn color:

  • cold silver;
  • gray-blue.

And, finally, we choose the woman-Autumn shadows for the eyes.

So, the best shades for evening make-up will be:

  • are golden;
  • emerald green;
  • peach;
  • light beige;
  • brown;
  • copper-brown;
  • warm-beige;
  • purple;
  • aubergine;
  • bronze;
  • lavender shades.
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Lipstick for coloring Autumn

For lips, as well as for eyes, it is better for an Autumn woman to choose warm shades.

The most suitable color for lipstick for autumn color:

  • caramel;
  • light brown;
  • shades of cream-brule;
  • coral;
  • copper;
  • is orange-red.

Least suitable color for lipstick for autumn color:

  • lilac;
  • pink;
  • purple.

Many thanks! I just could not decide on my color, and accordingly with the colors that suit me in clothes and make-up, you helped me a lot! Now I know exactly what colors I should wear in clothes, and which ones should be discarded))))


I'm very grateful to you. I did not know anything about the color type. But I always wondered why I do not have silver, but only gold, but I turned out to be a color-type autumn.

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Excellent article. Good advice. Finally decided on the color, now I can throw all my lipsticks) and a couple of things from the wardrobe. Now I understand why I feel uncomfortable in them - they are not suitable for color-type)


In general, it's interesting, but it's not entirely clear where the emerald green color came from. It is quite cold and will suit spring rather. In general, in autumn there is almost no green, leaves, rather olive-colored, but yellow is and brighter, almost lemon, such leaves are found in the multicolored autumn.

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