Marine style in clothes

Light, refreshing like a breeze style has enjoyed immense popularity for decades. Adapted for modern criteria elements of the sea direction in clothing( vests, tunics with golden buttons, with anchors) a few seasons ago entered the wardrobe of fashionistas and remain there until now.

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For the first time the marine style emerged in the 19th century in the UK.Not the least role in its formation was played by the brave navy, having influenced in the beginning on the man's style, and then on the female one.

Initially, representatives of the royal family wore clothing similar to the form of naval officers. Later, the trend toward style spread among the common people, gradually embracing the whole world.

At the beginning of the XX century, Coco Chanel was one of the main admirers of this direction. In the resort town of Deauville, she opened a fashionable clothing store, which quickly gained popularity among local women of fashion who prefer elegant but at the same time comfortable and practical outfits.

Other famous fashion designers also did not bypass this style.

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Typically, marine-style clothing has several features:

  • loose cut,
  • striped print,
  • image of anchors,
  • braid resembling a rope,
  • gold buttons.

The following colors are widely used: white, blue, blue-green( seawater color), turquoise, yellowish aquamarine, azure, pink and red. Moreover, red and pink were added to the general blue-white marine range relatively recently.

Such clothes are made of light, cotton fabrics, can have a fitted or free silhouette.
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How to dress properly

This style is suitable for all ages without exception. Its color scheme and a wide range of different styles allow you to choose an ideal and appropriate ensemble for everyone.

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Skirts in the marine style can have a completely diverse shape. Skirts-trapezium, tulips, pleated skirts, long skirts in the floor. All of them look very impressive.

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The dress also boasts a variety of shapes ranging from business, strict and ending with antique styles. The main thing for this outfit is consistency in the color scheme.

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Blouses, sweaters

Dense fabrics for blouses and blouses are rarely used. Very nice look products made of chiffon, lace and fine silk.

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The design of such swimsuits can be very different, but the color and decorations should include elements of style.

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The marine direction is constantly supplying new ideas in the design of its accessories.

  • Things in the sea style are perfectly combined with shoes-boats, sandals, loffers and ballets;
  • The image can be supplemented with bright accessories, also seasoned in the marine theme: large gold chains, bracelets, chains of various metals, interesting thematic pendants and earrings, a brooch made in the form of an anchor;
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  • In the marine style, myths, fairy tales, legends are also popular. Accessories can be made in the form of water, mermaid, siren, ship, octopus, Poseidon, etc. Also, clothes can be decorated with prints of a similar theme;
  • Large sunglasses and ragbag-torba will be a worthy final touch of this style;
  • Nautical style rarely goes without hats. The thematically executed wide-brimmed hats, captain's caps, headdresses, outwardly similar to those of officers and employees of the navy will suit them.

Marine style is always relevant. It would seem, what can surprise a banal stripe? But no, designers come up with incredible styles and combinations, beautiful accessories and spectacular shoes. The main thing is that it is popular not only in the resort. In a big city and on the periphery, it's as if he hints that its owner has visited the seashore or is about to be ready for a dizzying journey. I love this fresh style at the end of summer. It is good for shopping, meetings with friends, yacht rides, walks near the sea:)

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