Diet on legumes

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In order to quickly lose weight, do not necessarily sit on a grueling and tough diet. The main thing is to choose the right product for your food system. Legumes are an excellent option for a dietary diet, as the fiber contained in them perfectly cleanses our body and helps to establish a common digestive process. Starch, mineral salts, and vegetable fats are also part of beans, and are a source of nutrient energy.

Weight loss on legumes without starvation and harm to health

Losing on a bean diet does not experience hunger attacks, which is quite often the case with various fruit and vegetable mono diets. In addition to all of the above, legumes are sources of vegetable proteins, and also belong to products with a low carbohydrate content.

In lentils and green peas contains vitamins of group B. To ensure the daily requirement of our body in such valuable substances as iron and potassium, it is enough to consume 70-80 grams of lentils per day. All legumes are rich in folic acid and manganese, which means that a diet based on them, can improve the condition of your hair to protect the body from infections.

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The diet of a bean diet for weight loss

For all those who wish to lose weight with the help of this diet, specialists in the field of dietology developed a special food system. Its diet is designed for a seven-day period, and during this time you can lose five kilograms. If, of course, you will strictly observe all the rules of dietary nutrition.


  • in the morning eat a loaf of bread with a piece of fresh cheese and drink a glass of yogurt;
  • for lunch prepare a salad of non-starch vegetables( use vegetable oil as a dressing) and boil some beans, drink a glass of vegetable juice( preferably tomato);
  • dinner - vegetable salad and juice from tomatoes, a plate of lentil gruel.


  • breakfast with a sour milk( choice - kefir, yogurt) with tea;
  • for lunch beans( one hundredgram portion) and sauerkraut with butter, a glass of tea;
  • dinner - fish boiled with a portion of green peas, tea without sugar.


  • a sandwich with a slice of cheese and a glass of yogurt for breakfast;
  • vegetable salad with pea porridge, hot tea without sugar during lunch;
  • dinner on this day you can bean soup and vegetable salad, drink a glass of juice from tomatoes.


  • breakfast - cottage cheese and tea;
  • we have dinner with boiled beans with fish and vegetables, tomato juice;
  • for dinner to cook soup from peas with breadcrumbs.


  • cup unsweetened drink and a portion of raisins with cottage cheese for breakfast;
  • for lunch - a plate of vegetable broth, boiled lentils and cabbage salad;
  • a glass of tea and a plate of stewed eggplant for dinner.


  • sandwich with cheese and a glass of vegetable juice for breakfast, you can drink a mug of herbal tea;
  • at lunch time to eat a portion of vegetable salad without adding oil and mayonnaise, a plate of pea soup;
  • for dinner - a cup of tea with lemon and vegetable ragout.


  • breakfast a portion of cottage cheese, drink a cup of coffee;
  • for lunch - a portion of stewed beans, vegetable salad and a mug of juice( tomato);
  • dinner - bean soup or pea porridge, a piece of boiled meat, unsweetened tea.

Rules for using the bean diet

During the whole diet, it is necessary to drink a lot of liquid in the form of green tea and water without gas. Fat content of milk products( yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese) should not be less than 2.5%.For the whole week, you will have to give up flour, fatty foods, as well as sweets and alcohol. As a snack you can use any fruit and berries.

Contraindications: diseases of the cardiovascular system, gout and urolithiasis. If you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, before you start a bean diet, you need to consult your doctor.

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