List of the best English serials

English series are delightful scenes, full of subtle English humor, soulful life pictures and beautiful landscapes. Every year, the cinematographers of the foggy Albion blow up the world market with a couple of hit films that beat ratings and win prestigious awards. Below is a list of the best English serials of recent years.

Purely English murders

In the picture every detail is permeated with English spirit, even criminals commit murders with the inherent British stiffness. Almost all actions take place in the county of Midsamer, against the backdrop of shady avenues and beautiful green lawns, in gloomy cabinets or cold bedrooms. But sometimes on this pastoral background there are such events that make even the old walls of the county startle.

Doctor Who: Confidential

The documentary is devoted to the popular science fiction series "Doctor Who".She is full of interviews with creators, actors and fans, as well as materials about filming, creating special effects and many other interesting details and facts that simply can not leave true fans of "Doctor Who" indifferent.

Out of suspicion

The story tells of the young and ambitious Anna Travis, who serves as a police detective. She works on wear and tear, is constantly on the verge of tension, quickly moves up the career ladder and all this for the sake of one goal - to become as successful a detective as her father. Anna takes on her first serious and dangerous business - searching for a brutal serial killer maniac. She is ready for anything, even become a bait for him.

Empty Crown

The TV series "The Empty Crown" is a film adaptation of a series of works by William Shakespeare. It includes historical plays "Richard II", "Henry IV.Part 1 », Henry IV.Part 2 "," Henry V ".All these pictures tell about political and family intrigues, the period of the reign of the three kings and how their fates influenced history.


The series is based on the famous cycle of the novels of Arthur Conan Doyle "Sherlock Holmes".London, 2010 year. Dr. Watson, who has gone through Afghanistan, returns home and is looking for a roommate. So he gets acquainted with a mysterious, but kind of brilliant counseling detective and enters the house on Baker Street 221-b. At this time in London, inexplicable murders begin to occur and the Scotland Yard police seek help from Sherlock.

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The historical series is based on the life of real people who worked in the era of the industrial revolution of the XIX century ontextile factory. Cheshire textile workers have to work tirelessly, besides, tolerate ill-treatment on the part of the guards. Once in the factory an accident occurs, which results in the death of the apprentice boy. The workers of the factory face a difficult choice: either to close all eyes again and continue to suffer violence, humiliation and hard labor or decide and tell the whole truth of the commission.


The heroes of the series live in a typical British small village in the early twentieth century. The life of ordinary farmers and impoverished aristocrats, for various reasons, lost their condition, is measured, simple and unremarkable. Often, they are not even interested in what is happening behind the outskirts of the village. But sometimes the outside world breaks into their quiet life. That's exactly what happened when the First World War broke out on the mainland.

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The events of the detective-drama series "Endeavor" occur in the 60s of the last century. The protagonist Endeavor Morse is busy searching for the missing girl and the evidence leads him to Oxford - a place that will soon become fatal for him. He takes part in a large-scale investigation into the murder, which is led by Chief Inspector Fred Tyuzdem. However, here he encounters complete opposition from the representative of the law and now he will not only have to triple efforts in finding the missing girl, but also to understand the problems that come from his complex past.


The quiet British Cranford is a secluded provincial town in the south of England. Here, nothing can be withheld, any, even the most insignificant event in the life of citizens, immediately becomes the subject of discussion. Even a slight smile of a man to a lonely lady is interpreted as the news of an imminent wedding. It is not surprising that the appearance of young doctor Harrison in the city brings revival into the measured life of the townspeople and he becomes the object of live observation by unmarried women.

Mr. Selfridge

The series is set in London in 1908, when, during his first visit to the capital of England, American entrepreneur Harry Selfridge is convinced that there are no sensible shopping centers in the city at all. Already in 1909 he opened the first such institution. So began the era of the heyday and fall of the empire of Selfridge - a businessman-revolutionary, stretching for three decades. In the center of the plot is not only the entrepreneur himself, but his entire family, including his wife Rose Selfridge.

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The British family travels to France for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. During the general turmoil and bacchanalia that took place on the streets of the city in connection with the finals, they lose their little son. This tragic event destroys their marriage and soon the wife creates another family. The father of the missing boy can not accept the loss of a child and hires a French detective. And after eight years, new evidence is emerging, indicating that the child is alive.


In the center of the plot is the legendary graphic novel "Experiments of Utopia", written by a deceased person under mysterious circumstances schizophrenic. According to rumors, "Utopia" predicts the most terrible catastrophes of our century. By coincidence, the book was in the hands of regulars of the forum of comic book lovers. Now the lives of five unfamiliar people are threatened by danger, as the book is hunted by the ruthless organization "Net", which is not going to stop at anything.

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Ripper street

The action of the series takes the viewer to the gloomy streets of London of the eighteenth century. In the city, everyone is just talking about the high-profile killings committed by Jack the Ripper. But he is not the main figure, which is being hunted by a team of detectives. Every day they investigate crimes and, in passing, try to calm the panic of the people of the East End.

Black Bookstore

Black Books is the name of a small bookshop in central London. The owner of the bench is Irishman Bernard Black. Perhaps, he is the worst seller of books: he does not want to sell anything, likes to drink, closes the store when he likes, and besides, he is also rude to buyers. Help him in this "hard" work saleswoman Fren and clumsy assistant Manny.

Royal hospital

In the last century, the London hospital was considered the most progressive hospital in the whole of Britain. Only good people could get here for treatment. However, over time, people have changed, and the hospital has become the last hope for slum dwellers. Only due to strict discipline the patients were treated the same way as to the crowned individuals who had previously been treated in this hospital. The series "Royal Hospital" tells about the daily work of doctors in 1909.

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