List of products that can not be eaten by losing weight and why

The desire to lose weight makes you change your views on nutrition and lifestyle. Revision of the diet and the rejection of harmful food will provide the necessary loss of kilograms on the way to the ideal weight. It is important to understand immediately what products are contraindicated in losing weight and exclude them from the diet.

  • Alcohol
  • White rice
  • carbonated drinks, juices, coffee, tea
  • Fat meat
  • Potatoes
  • Confectionery
  • mayonnaise and sauces
  • Macaroni
  • Dairy products
  • Flour
  • Nuts
  • Semis
  • Seasonings
  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Fast food
  • Chips and crunches
  • Smoked, salted and preserved


It's not for nothing that diets and proper nutrition exclude alcohol from the diet, because ethyl alcohol makes such drinks very muchaloriynymi - 200 kcal / 100 ml. In turn, the beer contains only 40 kcal / 100 ml, but it is used in larger volumes, which means that the final level of energy value will be higher.

Semi-sweet and semi-dry wine is also not recommended. Under the ban - liquors containing a large amount of sugar, and cocktails. The best option is a glass of good dry grape wine. It is recommended to drink daily, it allows you to digest heavy food.

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White rice

Low calorie content - 120 kcal in 100 grams of the finished product, can lead to wrong conclusions about its dietary characteristics. In fact, white rice has a high glycemic index( more than 70%), that is, glucose in the blood rises faster, thanks to the simple carbohydrates that it contains.

When choosing a rice diet, it is better to use brown rice.

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Carbonated drinks, juices, coffee, tea

Sweet carbonated drinks have an average calorie content of 50 kcal per 100 ml. For digestion in the stage of losing weight - this is a serious load. Especially gases cause bloating and slow down its performance. It is almost impossible to quench your thirst with these drinks. Concentrated juices also adversely affect the course of the diet. The reason is sugar. The stronger the juice is concentrated, the more sugar is contained and the fat burning process is inhibited.

Coffee is allowed to drink only black, boiled in a Turk. From frapuchino, cappuccino, glasse, latte and "americano" with milk you need to be, they are quite caloric. Use tea, but without sugar.

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Fatty meat

Meat products with a diet are necessary - it is rich in proteins. But fatty meat brings useful properties to nothing. For example, pork contains 100 grams to 33% fat, and proteins are half as much. Losing weight should choose beef and turkey, containing about 190 calories per 100 grams.

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On a diet, do not sit on the potato, as its caloric content varies from 60 to 200 depending on the way of cooking. The main substance in the potato is starch, it is easily converted into sugar because of its chemical characteristics, the worst enemy of losing weight.

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Sweets are too high in calories. Any candy is a step back in losing weight, as sometimes in a candy can be up to 50 kcal. A huge amount of sugar and fat in the composition of sweets, makes these products a champion in the category "Reason for overweight".The amount of energy that they will bring after consumption, work out will have a long and diligent. If this is not done, then the energy will turn into additional folds on the sides.

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Mayonnaise and sauces

They consist mainly of fats, carcinogens and excess salt. Even from home-made mayonnaise it is better to refuse, since its basis is vegetable oil with a calorie content of more than 800 kcal per 100 grams and fat content of 99%.Mayonnaise and sauces are products that are contraindicated in losing weight.

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Macaroni - not the best option for a diet( 115 kcal / 100 grams).But this does not mean that they should be abandoned. Choose macaroni from durum wheat, they are rich in fiber and vitamins. But we must remember that the main ingredient in the composition of pasta is flour, so their calorie content is initially high.

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Dairy products

Milk and dairy products contain sugar and fat, which are absolutely superfluous when losing weight. Caloric content of individual dairy products can be 300 kcal per 100 grams. Milk will not save in this situation, as it contains more sugar than usual. Another not very pleasant side effect of dairy products - it is able to hold back excess water in the body.

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A large number of varieties of flour allows you to choose the most useful and less-caloric option. In wheat and rye flour there is a high amount of gluten and carbohydrates, which by their structure quickly decay and are easily absorbed by the body. And digestible carbohydrates are successfully deposited in undesirable places in the form of fat. Also, at the moment of losing weight, you should refuse to bake and bread. The high content of flour, yeast and sugar will not benefit the ideal figure.

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Fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants that make up nuts make them useful, but very fatty. Caloric content of cashews and walnuts reaches 700 kcal per 100 g of product. They are difficult to digest by the body, and with some diseases of digestion they should not be consumed at all. When dieting is to limit the use of nuts to 10-15 pieces per day, and it is better to exclude altogether.

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Semi-finished products

Ready cutlets, nuggets and sausages save time for cooking - this, of course, is a plus, but then some minuses start to come. Unfair producers, minimizing the cost, often add to the meat fat and pruning, and this increases the caloric value of the final product( from 250 kcal per 100 grams) and reduces its usefulness. In addition, semi-finished products can be stored for a long time, which indicates the high content of various additives. An additional minus is the cooking process, most of these products require frying in vegetable oil.

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Adding natural dried herbs to the dishes, nothing bad will happen. If you prefer a variety of broth cubes and a mixture of seasonings, which include E-ingredients, then they should be discarded immediately. They contain a lot of salt, which adversely affects the fight against kilograms.

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Sugar is the most forbidden product in losing weight. Almost 400 kcal per 100 grams is a pure carbohydrate. It is absorbed by the body with lightning speed, but it does not carry any useful substances in itself. The feeling of hunger will disappear only for a short time, which for a slimming person is fraught with a constant desire to eat. Refusal of sugar will help to lose a month to several kilograms. With a strong sugar dependence, it is better to use it in moderate doses up to 12 o'clock in the afternoon.

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Natural oil( 750 kcal / 100 grams), produced from good milk, contains many vitamins and fatty acids useful to humans. But a high percentage of animal fats leads to increased cholesterol and obesity. When losing weight, do not abuse this product, especially use it as an oil for frying.

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Salinity of salt tends to zero, but it participates in maintaining the water and salt balance in the body. This property can play a decisive role in getting rid of excess weight. Excess consumption of salt in the food leads to increased stress on the kidneys. And this can cause swelling and stagnation of fluid in the body.

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Fast food

This food is considered very harmful. Burger gathered in himself all the forbidden foods: a roll of wheat flour, fatty fried meat, mayonnaise and sauce. For one use of such a heavy dish in the body comes from 300 to 900 calories, which is half the daily allowance needed by man. Regular use of fast food necessarily leads to excess weight.

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Chips and crackers

This kind of snacks is harmful regardless of whether you have extra weight or not. Caloric content of 500 kcal per 100 grams speaks volumes. All due to the fact that the chips and crackers are prepared in deep fat with the addition of various artificial flavor enhancers, causing diseases of the digestive system and obesity.

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Smoked, salted and preserved

Products treated in such ways are deprived of useful properties.using them, a person saturates the body with a large amount of salt, it delays water, which prevents effective weight loss. The use of jam, jam and jam is also not useful because of the high sugar content.

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