How to choose the right hair clipper

If you are tired of constant trips to the salon, it's time for you to choose a household hair clipper that will allow you to easily put yourself in order at any convenient time. About what types of machines are offered by manufacturers, what features should be taken into consideration when selecting which products of the manufacturers have the best characteristics, we will discuss in the next article.

  • Types of hair clippers
  • Universal hair clippers
  • Universal trim tabs
  • Hair cutters for whiskers and beards
  • Hair clippers in the ears and nose
  • Hair clippers
  • Tips for choosing a hair clipper for hair
  • Typepower of the machine: stand-alone or from the network?
  • Charging time and battery life of the machine
  • How does the machine operate: vibrating or rotary?
  • Motor speed
  • Number of nozzles
  • Length adjustment and number of length settings
  • Minimum and maximum length of cutting
  • Working knife width
  • Weight of clipper
  • Cord length
  • Useful functions of hair clippers
  • Charging indicator
  • Charging stand
  • Rubberizedinserts on the body
  • Self-sharpening knives
  • Accessories complete with clipper
  • Manufacturers of cutting machines

Machine typesto hair clippers

All clippers are divided into five types of functionality:

  • universal machine;
  • universal trim tabs;
  • machines for cutting the mustache and beard;
  • trimmers for cutting hair in the ear and nose;
  • sets for a hairstyle.
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Universal hair clippers

Perfectly suitable for household use as they perform all the necessary functions( hair cutting, trimming of beards, beards and whiskers) due to the presence of a large number of baits and possible modes of use.

Advantages of the universal clipper:

  • multifunctionality;
  • availability( the most common type of hair clipper);
  • large selection of modifications.

Disadvantages of

Among the shortcomings of this type of machine can be called a fairly high cost, especially if you give your preference to a well-known manufacturer. At the same time, this defect is fully compensated by the opportunities that you will get from using this device.

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Trimmers are compact devices for trimming hair on any part of the body.

Advantages of universal trim tabs:

  • the ability to quickly give hair, mustaches, beard a neat look;
  • ease of use;
  • compactness.

Disadvantages of

The disadvantages of universal trimmers include limited functionality. Using a trimmer, you can only trim your hair for a certain length, you can not make a haircut using a trimmer.

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Machines for cutting the mustache and beard

Special device that is used for cutting beard and mustache. Its main difference is the smaller width of the knife compared to the universal machine, as well as the smaller teeth of the cutting edge. Advantages of the machine for cutting the mustache and beard:

  • compact size;
  • the ability to accurately simulate the shape of a mustache or beard due to the small size of the blade.

Disadvantages of

The main disadvantage of this machine is its lack of functionality. Use it for hair cutting is impractical, because doing this will be quite inconvenient.

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Trimmers for cutting hair in the ears and nose

The trimmer is a small device that is equipped with a single, non-removable nozzle made in the form of a cone. The design of the trimmer head allows the painless and quick removal of unwanted vegetation in hard-to-reach places.

Advantages of trimmers for hair cutting in the auricles and in the nose:

  • affordable price;
  • usability;
  • safety and high efficiency.

Disadvantages of

This device can not be used other than for hair cutting in the nose and in the ears, respectively, to create a hairstyle you will have to buy a separate device.

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Hair cutting kits

Combine all the above types of cutting tools. The kit can consist of a clipper with a large number of nozzles, including a trimmer for hair cutting in the auricles and nose, a nozzle for trimming the mustache and beard, and even shaving attachments. The completeness of the sets may vary considerably depending on the manufacturer, as well as the cost of the kit.

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Advantages of sets for hair cutting:

  • maximum functionality;
  • possibility of fast carrying out of all procedures on bringing the hair in order, it is enough just to replace the nozzle;
  • is a complete package( in addition to attachments, the sets include, as a rule, stands, storage bags and other accessories).

Disadvantages of

Among the disadvantages of the sets is a fairly high price for them. On the other hand, by purchasing a kit, you can save considerably by eliminating the need to purchase each device separately.

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Tips for choosing a household hair clipper

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Machine power type: stand-alone or off-line?

Presented in the modern market, hair clippers can work:

  • only on battery;
  • only from the network;
  • and from the battery, and from the network.

The cheapest and simplest models of machines work exclusively from the network. Some models of machines can work exclusively autonomously( from batteries or a normal battery).Note that the presence of a battery contributes to a significant increase in the mass of the device, so be sure to make sure that it is convenient for you. Of great importance when choosing a battery machine are also such parameters as the charging time of the device and the time of its autonomous operation.

The most expensive models of clippers have a dual power supply.

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Charging time and battery life of the machine

This parameter is relevant only to battery clippers.

The total running time of the device without recharging can be from twenty to one hundred and eighty minutes. The time required to fully charge the battery can be from a few tens of minutes to ten or sixteen hours. The battery can be charged via a power cord connected to a special connector of the machine, or by installing the device on a special platform.

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How does the machine operate: vibratory or rotary?

Vibrating machines

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Machines with a vibrating engine are considered the most budgetary option, which has a number of important disadvantages, including low power, as well as a high level of vibration and noise. Virtually all models with a vibration motor are equipped with knives of non-removable type, which significantly complicates the process of cleaning and caring for the machine.

Rotary Machines

Models with a rotary engine have a higher price, but high cost is due to higher quality. Clippers with a rotary engine practically do not create vibrations, they are durable and comfortable. Due to their advantages they can be used professionally.

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Motor speed

Manufacturers offer models with a motor speed of between two and ten thousand revolutions per minute. The speed of the turns depends on the time of the haircut and its accuracy. The higher the speed, the faster the blades move, therefore, it takes less time to create a haircut.

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Number of attachments for

The more attachments, the more functional the clipper is. The main purpose of the nozzles is to adjust the length, the possibility of a more accurate cutting( for cutting the beard and mustache), the hair milling. Clippers can be completed with one or several nozzles( up to 10 pieces).

Among the most popular - a nozzle for hair milling, which allows you to give the haircut a more natural look, and if necessary, make a smooth transition between the strands. Using such a nozzle, which has guide stops, you can cut the tips of the hair at different levels.

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Methods for adjusting length and number of length settings

Adjusting the length of hair can be carried out in different clippers in different ways. In inexpensive models with a small number of length settings, adjustment is usually achieved by moving the slider or turning the regulator on the body of the device.

In more expensive and functional models that have a wide range of settings, the length is adjustable with removable headers. Each nozzle has its own level of cut height. Nozzles can be either one-sided or two-sided.

The number of installations can be from one to almost two hundred. This criterion has a great influence on the cost of the device.

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Minimum and maximum length of haircut

The vast majority of buyers prefer machines that are able to do haircuts of minimum length. If the machine will be used frequently and by several users, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the minimum, but also to the maximum value. The minimum length of the haircut is 0.1 millimeters, while the maximum length in some models is 70 millimeters.

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Working knife width

Most machines have a standard blade width( from 35 to 45 millimeters), which is considered optimal for fast and accurate cutting. Special purpose machines( for example, designed exclusively for cutting the mustache and beard) can have a narrower edge of the knife, which allows them to be used with greater accuracy.

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Weight of the machine for a haircut

This criterion is rarely paid enough attention, but it costs, because the weight of the machine depends on the comfort of its use. Manufacturers offer their customers both ultralight machines weighing only a few tens of grams, and quite heavy variations weighing 600-700 grams.

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Cord length

The length of the cord is important for those machines that operate solely from the network. Experts recommend to focus on models with a cord length of at least two meters.

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Useful functions of the

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Charging indicator

The charging indicator can only be equipped with a battery-powered model of cutting machines. This indicator will allow you to timely charge the device and determine an approximate remaining time.

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Charging stand

Convenient and functional additional device that can be used not only directly for recharging the machine, but also for storing it.

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Rubberized inserts on the case

Use models with rubberized inserts, much easier, more comfortable and safer. They prevent the device from sliding in the hands.

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Self-sharpening knives

Some of the models of cutting machines have blades of special design, due to which they remain sharp for a long time and do not need sharpening. The multi-layer construction contributes to the uneven grinding of the cutting edge, which allows the blade to remain sufficiently sharp for a long time.

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Accessories complete with clipper

Accessories facilitate the process of cutting, as well as storage of the device when not in use.

Hairdressing scissors included in the kit, will help to equalize the shortcomings in case of their occurrence.

The package may also include a case with covers for the machine and each accessory.

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Manufacturers of cutting machines

When choosing a clipper, give preference to models from well-known manufacturers who specialize in the production of such products:

  • Braun;
  • Moser;
  • Valera;
  • Philips;
  • BaByliss;
  • Gillette
  • Panasonic;
  • Rowenta.

Stop your choice on a quality model with enough for you a number of functions and opportunities from the mid-price category, then you will be assured of its long service life and impeccable form of its haircuts.

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