How long is hemorrhoids treated and what does the speed of the process depend on?

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how long is hemorrhoids treated Hemorrhoids - a disease that is typical for all age groups of people, what period of time is needed to completely cure?

Hemorrhoids will not pass by itself, its therapy needs to be dealt with, depending on the stage of the disease and the method of its treatment depends and how long the patient will need to be treated.


  • Self - choice oppressive and arrogant
  • quickly and efficiently - a complex of medicines
  • surgeon and scalpel in hand
    • Transanal ligation
    • Longo method
    • bipolar coagulation
  • Treatment of acute hemorrhoids
  • Possible complications
  • Preventive measures

Self - choice oppressive and arrogant

ImmediatelyIt should be said that in most cases, self-medication does not bring a positive result.

It is treated without the doctor's recommendations only at the earliest stage of the disease, but usually the first signs of hemorrhoids are difficult to identify and few know.

Moreover, in some cases, treatment with folk remedies can cause severe harm to the human body.
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Therefore, it is not worthwhile to engage in independent treatment without recommendations of a doctor. But for prevention it will be very useful to monitor your diet, exercise and move more.

Quickly and effectively - a set of medicines

Hemorrhoids are external and internal. It is on this basis that doctors choose a treatment option, which in the end will lead to a positive result.

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All medicines are divided into three groups:

  1. Tablets .They are called to eliminate muscle spasms and relieve the patient of unpleasant sensations. In addition, how many days is hemorrhoids treated, some drugs prevent the formation of blood clots and promote a normal blood supply. The most important advantage of this treatment is that the pills not only relieve pain, but also stop the inflammatory process.
  2. Ointments .Help to heal the affected area. Very often enough not more than two weeks for the complete disappearance of hemorrhoids and cracks.
  3. Candles relieve pain, and also stop bleeding. The way relief will come depends on the stage at which hemorrhoids are located. On average, 14 days are enough for a full recovery. Separately, it should be noted that the treatment with candles is more effective than the previous two options.

Surgeons and a scalpel in the hands of

As for the started hemorrhoids, then one can not do without surgical intervention. The task of physicians is to eliminate all available hematomas and thrombi.

In some cases, the affected vein is also removed. The operation usually takes no more than 1 hour, the recovery period is from 3 days to 1 week.

Do not forget about the fact that the sooner you contact a specialist, the easier it will be for doctors to eliminate the focus of the disease and get you back to the old rhythm of life.

Currently, medicine is not known for any way through which you can get rid of such an unpleasant disease. To such it is possible to carry:

  • ligation by rings from latex;
  • removal of hemorrhoids by laser;
  • ligation is transanal.

Some popular methods of treatment are a bit more detailed.

Transanal ligation

before the operation of the doctor This is a treatment option whereby using a special sensor, the doctor reveals the location of the affected veins and arteries. All treatment takes no more than two days.

After this time, the patient has a little more time to stay at the hospital. It is only the doctor who decides how long the inpatient treatment will last.

Separately it is necessary to say that this procedure does not cause pain. Rehabilitation in most cases takes about 2 weeks. During this period it is necessary to exclude weight lifting and physical exertion.

Longo Method

Longo surgery can be offered to the patient, if there is no severe bleeding. Within a short period of time the patient will be able to return to a normal lifestyle.

Of course, no one can rule out relapse, but if you follow all the doctor's recommendations, a repeat of the disease can be avoided.

Bipolar coagulation

The third and even the fourth stage of the disease uses so-called bipolar coagulation. The operation is carried out by means of a specialized apparatus that is capable of affecting human tissues.

The operation itself lasts about half an hour. The rehabilitation takes an average of 2 weeks. The process of complete recovery depends entirely on the stage of the disease.

Treatment of acute hemorrhoids

Immediately it is necessary to say that acute hemorrhoids are not subject to complete cure. This is due to the fact that this disease is one of the stages of the process of a chronic nature.

In such cases it is recommended: pain with hemorrhoids

  1. If a strong pain is felt in the anal passage area and it does not disappear with a change in body position, it is recommended that a damp cloth is applied. Also in the role of the liquid can act diluted manganese, tincture of chamomile and furacilin.
  2. When exacerbated, it is best to take a supine position on the back.
  3. Taking a cool bath will help reduce the inflammatory process and prevent the development of infection.
  4. If there are constipation, then do not push. Otherwise everything will only get worse. If the patient is in an acceptable state, in this case, the enema and proper nutrition will help.

Possible complications of

Not so harmless is hemorrhoids, in particular, the following consequences are possible:

  1. Knot infringement of .Immediately need to see a doctor. It is unlikely that it will be possible to remove the nodes independently and thereby prevent pain.
  2. If you do not take long to treat hemorrhoids, eventually, the mucosal walls will tear, and bleeds .It is necessary to intervene specialists who will do everything to stop blood and prevent infection.
  3. The most terrible complication of hemorrhoids is the steamproject .In this case, the case can reach sepsis. Then even the intervention of doctors can not lead to a positive result.

Preventative measures

In order not to think about how to cure hemorrhoids and how many days it will take, in order to prevent its occurrence, simple rules of prevention should be followed: diet with hemorrhoids

  • a correct and balanced diet;
  • can not be lifted heavy and too heavily physically loaded;
  • reception of baths with herbs;
  • refusal from smoking and alcohol.

In conclusion, it must be said that hemorrhoids are a disease that can and should be treated. Timely appeal to the doctor will relieve the unpleasant consequences and will not make you long to suffer from hemorrhoids, if treated correctly, the disease will recede in the shortest possible time.

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