Chinese plaster 38 Fule Vasculitis will relieve of varicose veins and vasculitis

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38 fule vasculitis Pain and heaviness in the legs, swelling, unsightly vascular asterisks - all these are indicators of varicose veins.

Every fifth inhabitant of the planet, faced with a similar disease, dreams to find a means that can restore health and beauty to the feet.

Someone rushes for help to doctors and agrees to an operation when the disease reaches a difficult stage. And maybe it makes sense to prevent the development of such a dangerous pathology and take up treatment, while the disease is in the initial stage?

Moreover, a very effective and effective method appeared - the Tibetan plaster for varicose veins and vasculitis 38 Fule Vasculitis.


  • Eliminates the cause, not the effect
  • Composition of the miracle-tool
  • Therapeutic and cosmetic effect of the plaster
  • Advantages of the plaster
  • Who will be useful?
  • It should be remembered
  • Instructions for use
  • From the practice of doctors
  • Varicosity will recede - they have already seen this
  • Price of issue
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Eliminates the cause, not the result

The current plaster 38 Fule Vasculitis, created specifically to eliminate the root cause of varicose veins.

Excellent reputation in foreign markets, this miracle product has reached our counters. It is convenient and easy to use, does not require special attention and easily hides.

The drug was tested in the best world clinics. Based on the results of testing, he was awarded the GMP Certificate. This means that this product is manufactured in accordance with all the necessary standards for pharmaceutical companies.

The award of such a certificate gives a guarantee that the product is produced in a company whose activities are not in doubt, and not somewhere in underground organizations.

External patch is used. The therapeutic effect is carried out by the composition applied to the tissue base.

plaster from varicose veins 38 fule vasculitis

Composition of the miracle-remedy

A unique composition of the medicinal preparation that contains exclusively natural components contributes to the release of the unpleasant disease.

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All ingredients are quickly absorbed into the blood through the skin due to the fact that they are crushed to the smallest nanomolecules.

The plaster contains 10 herbs, which Chinese medicine uses traditionally:

  • sage removes inflammation, cleanses the vessels;
  • pseudosensitivity helps to eliminate stagnation of blood;
  • red beans - a component that strengthens the vessels;
  • the logistics is able to block pain and benefit the blood;
  • Clematis has an antioxidant effect, takes care of strengthening the vascular wall;
  • safflower dye is responsible for the elasticity of blood vessels, normalizes blood flow and nourishment of the skin;
  • mulberry white has anti-inflammatory effect, improves skin condition;
  • angelica Chinese blocks the spasms of blood vessels, improves blood flow, reduces the viscosity of the blood;
  • brown oak bark - an excellent antiseptic, which removes pain and inflammation, and improves blood circulation;
  • The purpose of the sparing is the role of the component with an anti-inflammatory effect.

The content of special active substances Azone and Borneo is necessary to achieve high penetrating ability of other components and improve the work of the heart.

Therapeutic and cosmetic effect of the patch

The patch is, as a rule, where the varicose node is located.

After a few minutes after gluing, the active ingredients in the product begin to penetrate through the skin gradually.

Once they have all reached the vessel wall, their active action starts. Usually this happens only 15-20 minutes after application and lasts exactly as much as the patch will be on the body of

. You can fix the improvements after 3 days of using the remedy. Edema decreases, and sometimes even completely pass, the manifestation of painful sensations goes on recession, and the existing inflammation begins to disappear on the sly.

Unseemly convex veins on the skin of the legs are reduced, usually after two courses of treatment.

triple action 38 fule vasculitis

Advantages of

patch Advantages of this product in comparison with analogues can not be argued:

  • is generally available;
  • is safe;
  • does not cause an allergic reaction;
  • has an immediate impact;
  • contains exclusively natural ingredients;
  • is quite easy to use;
  • acts purposefully on problem areas, eliminating not only symptoms, but also causes;
  • is inexpensive.

Who will be useful?

Chinese miracle plaster 38 Fule Vasculitis is recommended for those who have at least one of the following signs:

  • periodically or constantly there are pain and heaviness in the legs and hands;
  • pains aching pain in areas where there are veins;
  • lower limbs swell;
  • there is a feeling that the legs are getting cold, which is a clear sign of a lack of blood circulation;
  • on legs you can see a noticeable varicose vein;
  • develops thrombosis;
  • if the doctor has already diagnosed you - vasculitis or varicose veins.

The Chinese plaster improves the nutrition of blood vessels, helps to repair their walls, helps to isolate blood clots, favorably affects blood circulation, restores normal functioning of valves, prevents the stagnation of blood, relieves itching and pain, prevents relapse.

pluses 38 fule vasculitis

It should be remembered

Despite the fact that the product can boast the presence of only natural ingredients, allergic reactions are very rare, but still possible.


  • is not recommended for use by people who are allergic to any of the components that make up the product;
  • if after the sticking of the strip there was a sensation of itching, burning, then the patch should be removed immediately;
  • can not be used on sites that have ulcers;
  • Pregnant women should consult a gynecologist before using the plaster.
In any case, before using the product, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Instruction for use

Easy application is one of the main advantages of the Chinese product.

To improve the condition, it is enough to take a course that includes 10 procedures. To achieve the most positive result, such treatment should be repeated every 6 months, or at least once a year. If there are no signs of the disease, then it is possible and less often.

Immediately before using the plaster, the place where you plan to glue it should be thoroughly washed and treated with soap( for degreasing).Prepared on the body place well dry and only then paste the adhesive and press, thereby strongly fixing.

It takes 48 hours to pass this medication. During this time, it can not be removed or wetted. At the end of the allotted time, remove the adhesive tape carefully, and rinse the adhesive area and apply a new one. Thus, the course of treatment will be carried out without interruptions.

For those who suffer from vein thrombosis, it is recommended to glue such a plate on nodules that are easy to grope. With generalized swelling, the product is applied to the hips. In cases of dilated veins on the legs, the patch is glued to the problem area.

How to apply triple action 38 fule vasculitis

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. The opinion of doctors. .. "

From the practice of doctors

The reviews of practicing specialists about the patch 38 Fule Vasculitis are given below.

I have been working as a surgeon for more than a year now. I want to note that the treatment of patients with the problem of varicose veins has recently become more frequent.

I, as a doctor, recommend that everyone more carefully monitor their health, do not bring to extremes and even at the first signs of the disease take action. Go to a specialist, consult with him.

In my opinion, a good remedy is the Chinese plaster 38 Fule Vasculitis. It is inexpensive and efficient. It's easy to use it in your home environment.

Elena Druzhinina, 46, Volgograd, Surgeon

It's a pity to see young and beautiful people with mutilated varicose legs. This disease is getting younger. Honestly, such a disease is not treated.

But if you start taking measures already at the initial stage, then stopping its development and eliminating the symptoms is quite realistic. I advise you to try special Chinese plasters. It will not be worse, but it's worth trying.

Nikita Ignatievich, Moscow, phlebologist

Varicosity will recede - they have already seen this

I know about varicose veins firsthand. Aching pain, swelling often. The daughter knows about my suffering and recently brought me the Tibetan plaster 38 Fule Vasculitis.

I did not believe that some band-aid could help, but I still dared to try it. And not in vain. The remedy really helped! Now I recommend it to everyone.

Natalia Ivanovna, 56 years old, Krasnodar, pensioner

I have vasculitis. I've been using Chinese patch for three months now. I want to share the result. Most importantly, the pain left. The net of veins decreased somewhat. Although the disease did not recede at all, but I, having been suffering for 8 years already, are happy with this result. I will continue to continue treatment.

Marina Igorevna, seller, 41 year

Ask price

Buy adhesive 38 Fule Vasculitis from China can be ordered on the Internet. The current special price for our visitors is 990 rubles.

In order not to run into scammers and not to buy a counterfeit product, you should order only from official representatives with quality certificates.

To distinguish a fake, you should pay attention to the packaging of the goods. It's a red and white coloring with Chinese characters

The doctors called this amazing product the medicine of the future, although it has been actively used by Tibetan 38 fule vasculitis plaster monks and Chinese healers for more than one century.

Unique tool Celestial combined ancient prescriptions and achievements of modern medicine. As a result, a miraculous composition was obtained, used both at home and during treatment in clinics.

Now people with varicose veins and vasculitis have an excellent opportunity to restore health and beauty to their feet.

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