Curls for medium length hair, styling methods

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  • Why curls?
  • Create Hollywood curls( there are videos)
  • Romantic light waves( instruction and video)
  • Bold large curls( tips and video instructions)
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All owners of curly hair want to make them smooth and smooth, and those who get straight, want to have wavy or curly hair. But anyway, neat, well-laid curls always look elegant and feminine. How to style curls on medium hair to look stylish and modern? How to make a beautiful Hollywood, large or easy perm at home? Let's see what the stylists recommend.

Why curls?

Before proceeding to the hair styling methods, I would like to analyze the advantages of curls on the average length of the hair:

  • curls will be appropriate on a date in combination with a romantic dress, and at a party with friends complete with jeans, and at a social event, andeven in the office or at a business meeting;
  • wavy hair always look more voluminous and lush, so this styling is ideal for owners of not very dense hair;
  • on medium length hair will look good and hold any curls, which can not be said about short and long hair;
  • correctly designed hair style with curls can hide most of the shortcomings of the shape or features of the face and neck.

And perhaps most importantly: laying medium-length hair in curls does not take much time and effort, it does not require any kind of supernatural skills.

Create hollywood locks( there are videos)

Most girls have often admired the chic waves of brilliant curls of Hollywood stars on the red carpet. It looks very feminine and romantic.

There are several options for making hair in such locks at home:

  1. Curlers. This method is more gentle compared to the curling iron, so it is suitable for thin and over-dried hair. Use curlers need a diameter of at least 4 cm so that the curls do not turn out to be too small. Well suited for this laying large diameter bobbins - hair curlers, on which strands are wound spirally and fixed with a special rubber band or clamp. You can also use grandmother's termobigudi, which will take a little time.
  2. The most popular and convenient option - soft curlers, loksy. Depending on the thickness of the hair, 10 to 30 lokas are required. To achieve maximum volume and excellent fixation, you can wind hair before going to sleep, as these curlers are very soft and do not cause any discomfort. To do this, damp hair must be carefully combed and divided into small, identical strands. On the future curl, we evenly apply a styling product, wind it and fix it. If there is no time to wait, we dry the curl with a hairdryer.
  3. Conical curling iron. Before proceeding to laying with a curling iron, the washed hair must be dried with a hairdryer, using a means for the root volume. Then the hair needs to be divided into small strands and wound on a curling rod in one direction - from face to neck or vice versa. Try each strand to keep the same amount of time - 15-20 seconds, depending on the thickness of the hair. Then curls can be combed with fingers or a comb with wide teeth.
  4. If the curling irons and curlers are not at hand, with the help of ironing, you can also decorate beautiful curls. After the hair is washed and dried, we separate the front strands from the main mass - we'll take care of them last. A small strand is fixed between the plates of the styler at the roots or a little lower and wound on the iron. After slowly pulling the iron on the resulting loop, fix the hot curl with a clamp. After all the strands are wound and cooled, you can remove the clamps and form the remaining curls in the face.

To Hollywood tresses look perfect and well held shape, you should evenly fix the finished hairdo with hairspray. Excellent for this is suitable varnish with a flickering effect. Another secret to creating an impeccable Hollywood styling is a small nap in the occipital part of the head and above the ears.

Romantic light waves( instruction and video)

It's very feminine and natural to look light ringlets. To create them, you will need a large diameter hair curler or forceps.

  1. To decorate beautiful waves with a curler, wind a slightly dried strand on the growth and dry it with a hair dryer. If used, they should completely cool down. To curls looked neat, you should wind strands of the same thickness and in one direction. In order to give a beautiful volume, curls you need to scratch a little on the vertex and fix it with lacquer. If the hair is thick and poorly laid down, you can use mousse, but it's important not to overdo it so that the hair does not look stiff.
  2. Another simple way to create light waves - forceps for styling. To curls turned out neat, you need to fix a small strand at the roots of the hair and evenly extend the forceps to the very tips. The smaller the snooze will stay in one place, the softer the curl will turn out.

These curls do not need to be left loose. You can fix the front strands above the ears or behind them, on the crown or back of the head. Another romantic and bold option is to stab the shovel on one side or plow the spikelets over the ear. In the summer to decorate such a haircut on one side can be a beautiful hairpin in the form of a flower.

Brave large curls( tips and video instructions)

Elastic and large curls are ideal for medium length hair. This styling will be appropriate at work, walking and even on vacation. To make your hair look perfect, you should have patience and little tricks:

  1. To create three-dimensional curls, you need a curling plate with a large-diameter nozzle. Well-washed and blow-dried hair combed and divided into identical strands. On each strand should be evenly applied special styling means with thermal protection to create curls. After that, turn the lock on the curling iron and wait 20-30 seconds, depending on the temperature of heating and the type of hair. It is important to wind all the strands in one direction and keep the same amount of time on the curling plate so that the laying looks neat and keeps the shape well.
  2. To create three-dimensional curls it will take about 10-15 curlers of the same diameter, depending on the density of the hair. To curls turned elastic and well held shape, you need a tool for laying a strong fixation. Strands should be wound on the growth of hair from the roots to the tips in one direction. If you use foam rubber curlers, you can wind hair before bed and fix everything with a light kerchief or cap. Thus, curls during sleep will retain their shape.

Doing laying of large curls on the hair of medium length, it is worth remembering that this hairstyle does not really go to the ladies of short stature, as the magnificent mop makes the silhouette visually lower. Girls of a lean physique are important not to overdo with the volume, otherwise the hair will look inorganic.

For dry, thin and discolored hair, it is better to choose a stiff with light waves, because usually they do not hold the shape well and in a few hours may look untidy.

How to be with a bang?

Often you can see girls with good make-up and chic curls, but their bangs at the same time looks inappropriate and even ridiculous. How to lay hair of medium length in elegant curls, so that the bang would look organically and not get out of the picture?

  1. The owner of oblique elongated bangs was most lucky: it perfectly fits into the overall styling and even emphasizes and corrects, if necessary, the face oval. If a curl or iron is used for laying, the bangs should be wrapped from the face in the same direction as the front strand. When using hair curlers, you must be careful not to wind a bang on a full turn and do not get curls instead. If the hair fits into the light waves, then you can beautifully pin it back, thereby creating an additional volume.
  2. Straight fringe can be well "ironed" and left perfectly flat. In combination with the curls, this image will look very shockingly and boldly.
    • The second variant of laying a straight bang: divide it into a parting and slightly comb, so that the entire hairstyle is equally voluminous and lush.
    • Quite extravagant and at the same time gently look and bangs, wrapped in large curls along with the rest of the hair. This laying is especially suitable for light and red hair.

When stacking a bang, you need to remember that this can both hide the shortcomings, and emphasize them:

  • For example, curvy curls will help to hide a long nose, and strands and bangs wrapped outside, on the contrary, visually extend it.
  • Also, the strands unfurled outward will make the lean oval of the face more round and regular.
  • Smooth fringe helps to hide the high forehead.

When choosing a medium-length hair styling method, it is important to pay attention to the structure of the strands and their condition:

  • Dry, damaged hair will not hold elastic, strict curls, so it is better for them to choose a styling in soft, calm waves. Also, such hair, especially the tips, must be constantly moistened and nourished with special means to make hair look healthy and fresh. For styling it is better to use modern curlers, because they give the necessary form and do not harm the hair.
  • For heavy and thick hair, styling can fit into large, three-dimensional curls. Beforehand, they should be properly trimmed and profiled. With a light wave and artistic disorder, such hair looks inorganic and unnatural. In order to keep the mold well held, special styling products with thermal protection and moisturizing effect should be used.

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