Piglets like a baby: effective recipes

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The warm season is traditionally accompanied by the demonstration of beautiful female legs, which is helped by short skirts and stylish sandals. But open shoes can expose unattractive heels, which over the winter have become dry, cracked, hardened. Such a stroke will spoil even the most spectacular image, so it is so important to put them in order. But is it possible to make heels like a baby at home without going to the salon? Of course! Traditional medicine and natural cosmetics will always come to the rescue.

There's always a way!

With the dryness of the heels, perhaps, every woman faces. The cause of this unpleasant phenomenon can be:

  1. Insufficient skin hydration, improper care.
  2. The lack of vitamins.
  3. Uncomfortable shoes.
  4. Fungus of the foot.

Revealing the cause is very important, because you can not get your heels in order at home, if the problem is not only external. Be sure to consult a doctor who, if necessary, will prescribe the appropriate drugs for fungus or beriberi.

If there are no serious problems, then making the heels like a baby at home is a feasible task. Help as all kinds of graters, saws, polishes, and good moisturizers, including those prepared according to folk, proven recipes.

Where to start?

Care for the heels and coarsened skin of the legs is simply necessary. Let this part of the body is not always in sight, but, for example, a beloved man is much more pleasant to caress a soft heel than something resembling a crusty crust. And the woman herself is more often than not in the joy of taking care of herself, supporting her youth and beauty. And do not need to run around the salons every time to expensive procedures, because everything you need is always at hand, it would be only time and desire.

You need to take care of your heels correctly, but many girls do not get tired of making the same mistakes, after which the situation is only aggravated.

But it's so simple:

  • To remove the coarsened skin from the heels of , use a special float or pumice stone, by no means cutting it with a razor. The latter will lead to an accelerated growth of coarse tissue.
  • Do not use the grater immediately after the bath, wait until the skin dries completely, otherwise you can remove young ones with the old dead cells, and the heels will become coarse even faster.
  • Daily morning and evening moisturize, nourish the skin of the heels, apply emollients. But the effect of them will be only after the procedure to remove the coarsened layer, apply cream on top of it - no sense.
  • Make the heels soft and smooth will help regular grooming procedures - peeling, baths, massage, masks.

Soothing baths

The first task is to soften the heels. But than it to make in house conditions? The best means - all kinds of trays with the addition of salt, medicinal herbal decoctions and other products.

During the procedure, it is recommended to put glass beads into the container with the composition, with which you can simultaneously do foot massage - a real spa procedure!


In 0.5 l of heated milk stir 1 tbsp.a spoon of a shaving of children's soap, to dip heels in the received mix, to hold, while she will not cool down. After the procedure, rub the heels with a scrub and soft movements to treat them with pumice stone.

After it is necessary to rinse your feet with slightly warm water, dry with a towel and immediately moisturize with a fat cream or rub olive oil. For greater efficiency, it is recommended to wear cotton socks, preferably - at night, this will help make the heels smooth.


To soften heavily coarsened heels, a soda-based bath( 0.5 cup) and the same amount of soap chips will help. Ingredients should be poured into a basin with very hot water, immerse the feet and steam until the solution is barely warm.

After the bath immediately apply on the heels of a scrub, mixing in equal proportions any cosmetic oil with a large sea salt. Gently walk on rough areas with pumice stone, then rinse your feet with cool water, dry, lubricate with softening cream.


Softens rough skin, eliminates small cracks in the bath with glycerin( 1 tablespoon) and apple cider vinegar( 3 tablespoons).Components should be dissolved in a liter of water, lowered into the foot, and kept for about 15 minutes. At the end, polish the heel with pumice stone, rinse and apply cream.


For soft heels, a bath is recommended based on a decoction of medicinal herbs: lime flowers, marigold and althea. For 2-3 tbsp. Spoons of each herb pour boiling water, insist about 20 minutes, drain, add hot water. Keep the feet to the full cooling of the composition, then apply a scrub, massage with pumice stone. After drying, lubricate the feet with a nutritious cream.

As a scrub, you can use a mixture of rice flour( 3 tablespoons) with the same amount of honey, apple cider vinegar. It is also recommended to add a little olive oil, so that the consistency of the composition was like a thick paste.

On the basis of salt

To soften rough heels and parallel to strengthen the nails on the legs will help the bath of sea salt with soap shavings( 0.5 cup each), diluted with hot water.


Beautiful heels are as much an integral part of appearance as a well-groomed face, hands or hair. Therefore, it is so important to use all kinds of masks for care.

Masks should be kept on the feet for at least 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water, apply a normal moisturizer, paying special attention to the heels.

Socks will help to strengthen the effect. Before applying the mask, the skin of the heels should be steamed and processed with a scrub.


  1. Well softens, moisturizes the rough skin on the heels of a mask of apricots. They need to be mashed to a puree in a metal or glass bowl, put on fire and heat.
  2. Do not wait for a boil, pour a teaspoon of corn or olive oil, stir and remove from heat.
  3. Cool the mixture to a tolerable temperature, put on the heels. Top with a wrap film of food, put on thick socks to warm your feet. Leave for at least 30 minutes.

From zucchini

Pulp zucchini crushed to the state of gruel with a blender or on a fine grater, add a tablespoon of olive or almond oil. The resulting mixture with a thick layer to put on pieces of folded several times gauze and attach to the heels.

This mask softens the heels well, makes the skin smooth, soft.


Blender the whole apple with the seeds( preferably sweet) with a blender, add as much rye flour as to obtain the consistency of the elastic dough. Apply the mixture on the heels, pressing the gauze bandage on top, wrap the food film, warm it with woolen socks. It is recommended to hold the mask for about an hour.

Express recovery

Express care for heels and skin on your feet will help in those cases when there is absolutely no time, and the result is needed right away. Replace these procedures with a full-fledged care should not be, it is better to resort to them from time to time, because frequent use can damage:

  • Depilatory cream( any), apply a thick layer on damp heels, put on cotton socks and leave for 15-20 minutes. After this time, rub the skin with pumice stone, rinse with water and apply the usual cream.
  • Make a concentrated solution of sea salt, dissolving it in hot water. Hold the feet for 5 minutes, then add 3 tbsp.spoon of hydrogen peroxide and wait for the same amount of time. Dry the feet, grind the heels first with a grater, then with a small pumice stone, then apply a greasy cream. This method allows you to whiten your heels, make the cracks less noticeable.

Get rid of cracks

Such defects on the heels cause many women to abandon the open shoes, cause discomfort, leave hooks on pantyhose. To get rid of them simple, accessible ingredients will help:

  • A mixture of glycerin and vinegar is effective for treating deep cracks on the heels. In a pharmacy vial with glycerin, add the acetic essence to the top, the mixture received every morning and morning in the cracked skin. The effect is visible already on the 4th day, but the course should be brought to the complete elimination of cracks and a noticeable smoothness of the heels.
  • A bath of sea salt, lemon juice and glycerin( 1 tsp), rose water( 2 tsp), added to warm water, will help to get rid of even deep cracks. Keep feet in it should be about 20 minutes. Then you should apply on the damaged skin a mixture of an equal amount of glycerin with rose water, lemon juice, put on the xb socks, leave for a couple of hours, preferably overnight. Do this procedure should be a day before the full disappearance of signs.
Foot cream based on olive, almond or jojoba oil, in which a few drops of essential oils of lemon and lavender are added, effectively softens, nourishes the skin of the feet, prevents the appearance of cracks.

If the mass is dense, it can be diluted with warm water. Apply daily as a regular care cream.

A mixture of vaseline with lemon juice, applied to the steamed skin of the heels at night, will help even in neglected cases. The best tool works if the feet are warmed with a food film with warm socks, leave for the night.

Before going to bed it is recommended to make a paraffin mask with the addition of coconut oil. The mixture must be heated to make the paraffin melt, then apply to the feet, wearing thin socks.

How to make the heels smooth and soft - video

Daily care

Simple daily procedures that do not take a lot of time, quickly bring your heels in order, make them beautiful, well-groomed, soft, like a baby. Such gentle heels want to show all around, besides there will be an excellent occasion to buy new sandals.

All you need:

  • Moisturizing or soothing foot cream.
  • Special grater-grinding( only not metal and not pumice).
  • A little water and free time.

The procedure itself is extremely simple:

  1. Lubricate the foot with cream, wait until it is completely absorbed.
  2. Beat a bit of warm water with warm water. Quick movements begin to handle all the problem areas. Process until the skin becomes smooth, if necessary, wet the instrument.
  3. The first time the procedure takes about 5 minutes, the following days can be limited to 1 minute. Within 4-5 days the results will be pleased. In the future it will be enough to repeat the procedure once a week, then the heels will become soft and smooth, like a baby!

Masks and baths are recommended for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, so that the skin on the feet is always sufficiently moisturized, gentle.

Be sure to take care of comfortable shoes that will not rub. And also revise your diet, include in it more food rich in vitamins A and E, all kinds of oils, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts.

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