How to choose a bra for feeding before delivery

Breastfeeding - a kind of "foundation" for the health of the baby and the full development of its organs and systems. Nevertheless, many women prefer the adapted mixtures, fearing that feeding will have a detrimental effect on the shape of the breast and its attractiveness. But this choice is not at all justified: thanks to the specialized underwear intended for lactating mothers, the breast during the feeding period of the baby will not be affected at all, and after the end of the process it will get the same look.

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Advantages of

Often young mothers neglect the bra for feeding, considering its purchase in vaina waste of money. Nevertheless, in comparison with the usual, specialized underwear has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • The material from which the bras are made for feeding is so elastic that it "adapts" to the volume of the breast, which varies depending on the tides of milk and the emptying of the chest duringall day.

  • Thanks to the drop-shaped shape and wide straps, the bra perfectly supports the chest, does not allow it to "fall" forward, thus preventing its deformation and the formation of stretch marks, does not overload the back.
  • Unlike conventional linen, feeding models assume that the cups are cut in such a way that their edges are located in places where the milk ducts do not pass. This is done for the prevention of mastitis, which can occur when the chest is squashed.
  • In the bras for feeding, the calyx completely covers the mammary gland, preventing its hypothermia and the occurrence of colds.
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Kinds of

Three kinds of fabrics are often used to sew specialized underwear:

  • Cotton , which is very pleasant to the body, does not cause allergic reactions, but at the same time is not particularly durable, quickly loses color and dries long.
  • Microfiber is an innovative wear-resistant fabric that does not electrify, retain color and is very elastic.
  • Elastic lace is a material that allows you to "embellish" models for feeding, giving them femininity, but stretching in only one direction.

Models of postnatal nursing bras are divided into species depending on the location of the fasteners.

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With the fastener between the cups

This model supports the breast well thanks to the fastening in the form of hooks or buttons that are located between the cups. Before applying the crumbs to the chest, it is sufficient to unfasten the fasteners and release the necessary chest.

The disadvantage of the model is that during breastfeeding, both mammary glands are automatically exposed, the "free" breast is not fixed in any way, and the staying milk can simply flow out of it. In addition, the process of unfastening hooks can take a certain amount of time, which is not very convenient when the baby cries and "asks" for the breast.

More recently, a fairly handy button model has appeared, allowing you to bare only one necessary chest.

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With zipper fasteners

This kind of bras is distinguished by a special design of cups, which are unzipped with lightning, in the direction from below to the side. Thanks to this fastener, the breasts can be opened just enough so that the child can grasp the nipple without exposing it completely. This criterion is especially useful if there is a need for feeding in a public place.

The only drawback of the model is the coarse seams in the area of ​​lightning. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear it under tight clothes.

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With a fastener on the shoulder strap

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This is, perhaps, the most successful model, which has no shortcomings. Cups in it are fixed by fasteners, which are located on the strap in the place of its connection with the cup itself. If necessary, feed the crumb, the buckle is easily unfastened for a couple of seconds even with one hand, releasing only the desired breast.

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This type of linen is characterized by the lack of fasteners, thanks to the elastic material, which allows you to reach the chest, only pushing the cup off the necessary side. Even being seamless, such a nursing bra is comfortable for women and with a large breast size - it perfectly supports and does not crush. One nuance - too "frank" exposure of the breast during feeding.

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In the first months after the birth of the baby, breast fixation is a necessity even at night, due to the tides of milk, painful sensations and the need for frequent baby attachments.

Night bra is specially created for mothers sleeping with the baby. It is sewed from lightweight breathing tissues, almost not felt, but, at the same time, well fixes the breast at night. As a rule, in this model there are cups, which are crossed at the front and from above fixed by fasteners. But, unfortunately, mummies with a "fluffy" chest, he does not fit.

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How to choose

Already in the last weeks a pregnant woman can safely go to the store for a special linen for feeding. In order not to get discouraged when choosing the "right" accessory, it is important to remember the basic details that you should pay attention to.

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  • To pick a bra should be very carefully, without hurry, because this subject of "toilet" the future mother after the birth of the baby will have to wear quite a long time.
  • The fabric of the product must comply with all necessary norms( if you want, you can ask for a quality certificate), be pleasant to the body, it is good to stretch, fix and support the chest.
  • The seams should be smooth and neat, no sticky threads or frayed parts. At the same time, the presence of an internal seam is allowed - during the feeding it will hide the liners in the bra.
  • The feeding bra should have wide straps and a base with a margin of up to 2 sizes, so that the load on the back and shoulders is uniform. The bra should not "hang", but also pressing its elements into the skin and rubbing is also unacceptable.
  • It is preferable that the strap length adjuster is in front( not behind), which allows the woman to independently and quickly set it at the required level.
  • Fasteners fixing the cup, should be strong and easy to unfasten even with one hand( the second, as a rule, the mother always holds the crumb).
  • When choosing models for sleep, it is worth opting for seamless options that can be easily adjusted to the comfortable position of the breast at night.
  • For owners of large breasts, there are models with bones that are different from the usual depth of planting. When choosing the right size, this bra does not put pressure on the milk ducts and allows better support of the mammary glands due to the maximum pressure( but not squeezing) of the bra to the body.
  • Recently, bras with a so-called growing cup have appeared on the market - a model designed in such a way to change and "grow" together with breast enlargement. Such a bra can be easily purchased "for growth" provided the correct selection of the original size.
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Size chart

Correctly matched and quality bra is an important component of successful and comfortable breastfeeding.

Trying on a bra, it's important to make some simple gestures: turn around, sit down, raise your arms, bend over. In the absence of any discomfort, a suitable model can be easily acquired, and at least in 2 copies.

If you can not try on a bra, you can determine the size of the table using certain measurements:

  • girth under the chest;
  • girth at the highest points.

After this, it is necessary to subtract from the larger value less - the result obtained will correspond to the "fullness" of the cup. Next - look at the table:

Difference in girth, cm Cup size
10-12 AA( 0)
12-13 A( 1)
13-15 In( 2)
15-17 With( 3)
18-20 D( 4)
20-22 DD( 5)
23-25 ​​ E( 6)
26-28 F( 6+)

As a rule, when choosing the size, 2 indicators are taken into account: volume( girth) under the breast and the "fullness" of the calyx.

Bra size 70 75 80 85 90 95
Girth under the chest, cm 68-72 73-77 78-82 83-87 88-92 93-97
Breast circumference, cm
AA and A 82-84 87-89 92-94 97-99 102-104 107-109
In the 84-86 89-91 94-96 99-101 104-106 109-111
With the 86-88 96-98 101-103 106-108 111-113
D and DD 88-90 93-95 98-100 103-105 108-110 113-115
E 90-92 95-97 100-102 105-107 110-112 115-117
F 92-94 97-99 102-104 107-109 112-114 117-119
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Rating of the best

Choosing underwear for nursingmoms, it's important to remember that a quality product can not cost a "penny".At the same time, manufacturers are constantly striving to improve models, trying to optimize the price and quality indicators so that every woman during breastfeeding feels comfortable.

In demand and popular is the following feeding brands:

  • FASTA brassieres meet all the criteria for quality underwear: perfectly support the chest, made of natural fabric, equipped with convenient fasteners and adjustable elements. Some models are available in a variety of shades, so that every woman can pick up the clothes "in color" of their mood. At the same time, in the process of socks, there is a strong stretching of the tissues and loss of shape after frequent washing. Bra for breast «Bliss» .Thanks to a wide size range, it is possible to choose comfortable underwear even for those who own a large enough chest. Bras are made from natural cotton with the addition of elastane and perfectly support the chest, fitting it inside the product fairly tightly, while still stretching well.
  • Anita bras for have models with a "growing cup", which allows you to buy clothes in the last weeks of pregnancy and enjoy its comfort until the end of breastfeeding.
  • Bras for breastfeeding "Milavitsa" .A budget variant of specialized underwear, with wide straps, solid base, quality cotton in the composition, and well supporting the chest. Nevertheless, some mummies note the inadequate convenience of fasteners fixing the detachable cup, rapidly stretching rubber bands and the loss of color after a few washings.
  • Emma jane bras for breastfeeding is a comfortable, soft, breathable, quick-drying microfiber product, especially suitable for women with a supersensitive chest. The only drawback is the high price.
  • "Medela" brassieres is made from high-quality polyamide, which stretches well, "adjusting" both for tides and low tides of milk in the chest, very quickly dries. Unfortunately, nursing mothers with rather "magnificent" forms note that such underwear very poorly supports it, and, rather, will suit the owners of a small breast.
  • Bra for feeding "Mom comfort" brand "Our mother" .A quality cotton accessory that contains all the necessary elements. Pleasant to the body, does not rub, gently and well supports the chest, perfectly worn and carries washing. The only nuance - in some models, women have an uncomfortable clasp.
  • Mothercare bras for - pleasant to the body, soft and comfortable, will please the young mother with a variety of colors and a sense of comfort during the baby's feeding. The high price is compensated by frequent sales of this brand's underwear.
  • Bras for breastfeeding "Bogema" .Lingerie for women who are accustomed to a combination of femininity and comfort: soft, breathable, elegantly maintains even a full chest, nowhere pressing or rubbing. The price category is affordable among expensive. Unfortunately, rarely found in stores.
  • Bras for feeding "Cache coeur" is a real find for lovers of exquisite, beautiful and high-quality linen that combines femininity and convenience, allowing a young nursing mother to choose between a chic ordinary bra and an accessory for feeding. The only drawback is the high price.
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