How nice to serve pancakes with caviar

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Original Russian treat - pancakes - are served in different types, with different fillings. In fairness, the best combination is pancakes with butter and honey( sugar), good with jam, and with caviar - excellent! Of these, you can create a great snack, especially if served in a suitable, mouth-watering design.

  • It's simpler to simply bake pancakes according to your favorite recipe and add them up on a festive dish. Next, place a bowl or ceramic stylized barrel with caviar: black or red. To the pancakes must serve butter and butter. About the knife to butter and a spoon for caviar, too, do not forget. So each guest makes the proportions of food: how much to take.
  • Serve pancakes to the table and immediately stuffed with caviar. This can be done in different ways. On the plates spread the pancakes, folded 4 times. There are 4 of them per serving. For each you can lay a spoonful of caviar neat hill. If not on pancakes( so as not to be poured), then between them - it also looks nothing. As an option, you can limit the decoration of several scattered pancakes "beads".The rest is attached in a separate small plate.
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  • To make it more convenient for guests to take pancakes with caviar, it is wrapped inside. For each baked pancake lay a strip of caviar. Gently fold into the tube. It can be tied with a leaf of green onions, and if you attach each such "roll" with a skewer( or toothpick), you can lay them out as a well. And a little more caviar in a cup to put in the middle of a log-house - it will be unusual to look.
  • Pancakes can also be folded in 4 times, resulting in a "strip" twist into a kind of "bowl".And fill it with caviar.
  • If pancakes were baked small, almost like pancakes, then from above decorate them with black caviar and thick sour cream in the form of yin-yang symbol.
  • Another unconventional way of serving pancakes with caviar is to roll them into rolls, filling with stuffing, and then cut across. It turns out something like a sushi in a pancake performance.
  • Hot pancakes can be filled with caviar and folded in a kind of kulechka so that the filling was partially visible, but that it does not pour out of the pancake.
  • From a pile of pancakes you can create a whole cake, smeared with each butter and sprinkled with caviar. From the same caviar on top create an ornament, adding to the decoration of greenery and a couple of tomatoes.

Very tasty pancakes are obtained when a small amount of salmon is added to the caviar.

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