Desserts for the New Year

The logical conclusion of each New Year's Eve dinner is dessert. Desserts for the New Year should not only be tasty and beautiful, but also light, original, because from this holiday everyone expects something fabulous and unusual, so why not present a piece of a sweet miracle in the form of a dessert to guests?

We decorate the New Year's fairy tale

New Year's can make any dessert, the main thing is to correctly and competently approach the issue of decoration and decor of sweet dishes.


It is very important, in which dishes will be served dessert. Sweets are served after all other dishes and utensils have already been cleaned. A beautiful dessert vase, a crockery or a plate can completely transform any dish. For each type of dessert choose their dishes.

Pies, cakes and rolls are pre-cut and served in a large plate, guests take pieces with a shovel or special tongs, eat them with a dessert fork or spoon. For cakes, there are also special pies, where you can also serve cakes.

For serving fruits, use beautiful vases, sweet sauces are poured into special saucepans.

Vase-kremanki used to give portioned desserts, mousses, puddings, jelly and ice cream.

Cookies, muffins, buns and gingerbread are laid out on a large plate, they are taken by hand.

Bright colors

To make desserts more vivid and colorful, dyes are often used for their preparation. Opponents of chemical food colors can use for this purpose fruit and vegetable juice, for example, from spinach, raspberries, beets and cherries, but strongly bright and saturated color should not be expected.

Form New Year's desserts are often shaped like fir-trees or fairy-tale characters, it's easy to do. In order to give sweets the shape of Santa Claus, they use red berries for a fur coat and hats, curd cream for a beard.

You can make snowmen from candy with coconut or almond shavings, however, as from any round candies sprinkled with powdered sugar, and cookies cut out in the form of New Year's characters and Christmas toys.

You can make a cake in the form of a Christmas tree, cakes are triangular, put on each other and decorate with mastic, with the help of a cream, decorate a Christmas tree with New Year's toys.

The original way of feeding fruit in the form of hedgehogs. Use for this purpose a toothpick, berries and a pear. The pear is peeled off, the toothpicks are stuck on which berries, grapes, pieces of canned peaches and pineapples, or other fruits, if desired, are strung. From olives or dark grapes make a hedgehog spout.

Very nice will look like a strawberry with cream in the form of Santa Claus. To do this, cut the strawberries in half, put whipped cream or cream cheese between the halves, use sesame seeds or ordinary seeds for the eyes, put a little cream on the top, also in the form of a cap.


To decorate desserts, you can use coconut shavings and powdered sugar, or whipped with sugar proteins instead of snow. From multi-colored marmalade to cut out stars and toys.

The simplest decoration will be berries and fruits, as well as sauces and jams.

Involve all members of the family, especially the smallest ones, in registration, and then the desserts will always look festive and family-like.

The most favorite desserts

The New Year's table is distinguished by an abundance of all kinds of salads, appetizers, hot dishes that are served late at night, so there are limitations for desserts for this holiday. It is unlikely that guests after a lot of goodies will be pleased with a nice, but too satisfying cake with a fat cream, despite the fact that you spent a lot of time and effort on preparing it.

To avoid this situation, you need to think about preparing light, simple desserts using spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, vanilla and orange or lemon peel. Mousses, puddings, tiramisu, parfait and soufflé, all these are recipes for delicious light desserts, which will please the guests on New Year's Eve.

New Year's desserts can be divided into separate groups.

1. Fruit

Fruit desserts are among the most useful and light.

It's enough to put a vase of your favorite fruit on the table or make a slicing. But you can show imagination and surprise guests with an unusual fruit salad, dressed with ice cream, yogurt or honey. Very delicious and festive look at the table fruit in chocolate.

Fruit canapes decorate any table and disperse instantly. Make them simple, cut into a banana, grapes, strawberries and marshmallows of small size( marshmallow) and thread them on a skewer or toothpick.

2. Jelly

A plus of jelly dessert is that most of the time it prepares itself. While the jelly is frozen, you can do other dishes. You can make a jelly cake of sour cream and fruit, blancmange or panna cat. Or cook and beautifully decorate fruit, cream, caramel or citrus jelly.

Chocolate jelly will become the highlight of the table. Here is his recipe.500 ml.milk boil, 10 grams of gelatin soak in warm water, so that it swells. Pour in hot milk, warm, not forgetting to stir the mixture with a spatula.120 grams of dark chocolate dissolve in milk on the stove. Pour into the molds and put in the refrigerator.

3. Home sweets

Homemade sweets are prepared quickly, they are tasty and useful. They can be fed separately or used as a cake decoration. This is a very successful completion of the festive meal. Prepare sweets from dried fruits, cookies, nuts, cocoa, butter and milk.


Ice Cream Despite the winter season, hardly anyone will refuse a cold ice cream for dessert. It is enough to spread out the sweetness over beautiful creams, pour it with syrup, jam or honey, decorate with fruits and chocolate, or make a whole festive cake of ice cream.

5. Gingerbreads, muffins and biscuits

Glazed honey gingerbreads, chocolate oatmeal cookies, aircakes with various fillings are guaranteed to provide guests with a festive mood.

6. Cheesecake

An alternative to a cake or pie will be a light airy cheesecake. A variety of options amaze, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, berry, lemon, the list can be continued for a long time, and the taste is invariably stunning.

7. Cakes

If you do not represent a New Year's table without a beautiful cake, then prefer cakes of biscuit, unleavened dough, meringue or marshmallow with cream based on low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt.

Excellent option will be a strudel, apple or cherry, the finest dough with a juicy bright filling, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Your guests will appreciate this dessert.

A cleverly decorated, light and festive dessert will be an excellent end to the New Year's feast!

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