Golden wedding: what to give, how to congratulate

  • Traditions of the holiday and the origin of the name
  • Traditional gifts for the golden wedding to the parents
  • Original presents for the golden wedding for the parents
  • Congratulations on the gold wedding
  • Video greeting to the parents for the gold wedding

Gold wedding is not just another anniversary but a full-blown holiday,managed to live together for 50 years! During this time, the couple managed to get used to the shortcomings of each other and became truly close people. What to present for a golden wedding to parents, what presents will be most relevant? We tell!

Traditions of the holiday and the origin of the name

Ruby, pearl and silver weddings were left behind, and now the couple found themselves before the golden jubilee, a holiday incredibly joyful and important. Why did the 50th anniversary of joint life get the name of a golden wedding?

The fact is that for a long time this metal had incredible value, and in ancient times it was considered sacred. Gold is distinguished by its hardness, incredible beauty and good malleability. Thus, metal symbolizes the strength of family bonds and the ability of spouses to adapt to each other's interests.

The golden wedding should be celebrated in a special way, paying attention to the numerous rites and traditions. What kind of rituals have developed over the long centuries of celebrating this jubilee?

  1. It is believed that on the golden anniversary of the couple must exchange new rings, thus renewing the oaths of loyalty brought to each other.
  2. Another tradition - to throw on the culprits of the triumph of gold in the form of coins or ornaments to strengthen their well-being and feelings.
  3. It is considered a good sign if during the celebration the spouses perform a wedding dance and throw a bouquet of the bride in the crowd of guests.
  4. The house must be decorated in gold colors, and the couple should wear gold ornaments.

Of course, all the rites of the golden wedding are somehow connected with this precious metal. The duty to update the rings of the perpetrators of the celebrations is usually taken over by their children or relatives. This decoration not only has a decent value, but also symbolizes the strength of the union concluded 50 years ago.

Emptying gold coins on the heads of the culprits of the celebration is a wonderful tradition. But finding such coins is not easy, and therefore they can be replaced with confetti of a golden hue or something else. It is believed that such a rite strengthens the welfare of the family, making the union even more durable and durable.

Of course, celebrating such a significant anniversary of the wedding must be done on a grand scale. Usually the perpetrators of the celebrations prefer to organize a large-scale celebration, which means that guests will have to break their brains over what to give to their spouses.

Traditional gifts for a golden wedding to the parents of

Children's presents are always considered to be the most important and touching, so you should think carefully about what to give to your parents.
Usually, adult children of jubilees prefer traditional presentations. Here are only the most popular of them:
  • gold rings, which not only have monetary value, but also help the culprits celebrate renew their vows, consolidating the existing between their feelings;
  • a variety of jewelry made of valuable metal, which you can give to your father and mother;
  • garments of gold color, for example, a beautiful headscarf for the mother and a tie for the father;
  • household utensils of similar color will also be a wonderful gift for the anniversary;
  • to give to the perpetrators of the celebration it is possible and several bottles of good alcohol with aging at exactly 50 years.

The best thing you can give a jubilee is the gold rings. As already mentioned, they should exchange on such an important day to consolidate their own vows and confirm the surviving love feelings.

Children can take care of engraving on the ornaments, for example, with the initials of the spouses or the date of their wedding.

Another wonderful present is the garments of the traditional color for this anniversary. Children can present the older generation with a beautiful scarf, father can also give a tie or gold cufflinks. For the mother, you can choose a beautiful dress or a spectacular blouse that will make the image of a woman vivid, despite her age.

Often as a gift, elite alcohol is chosen with aging in half a century. In passing, children can tell parents a few touching words about how long their love lasts, and that it is stronger even than this alcohol. Drinks with this endurance are worth a lot, so the gift is also extremely valuable.

As an additional presentation, you can choose a bouquet of fifty yellow roses, which will symbolize each year, lived together by the parents. You can present such a bouquet only with beautiful congratulations written by yourself.

Traditional gifts for the wedding is considered and a variety of dishes. For example, you can present a set of plates of gold color or beautiful wine glasses with gold edging.

Original presents for a golden wedding for parents

Many people prefer to present something original and valuable to their parents for a golden wedding at the same time. Choosing such a present, it is necessary to rely not so much on value as on the touchingness and significance of the gift. What can you present to the wedding anniversary for your parents so that it is original?

  1. Abroad trip will become a smart gift for the originators of the celebration, will bring them many impressions and joyful moments.
  2. Another wonderful gift is a touching photo album or collage in which you can reflect the entire history of the couple from dating to today.
  3. Professional photography is another wonderful gift that will help parents get a lot of pleasant impressions.
  4. A small aquarium with two goldfish is a symbolic and very nice gift, perfect for a holiday.

On the wedding anniversary for parents, you can pick up a lot of gifts with different cost. For example, an excellent holiday can be a trip to a sanatorium. Here, in the calculation it is worth taking not only the cost of the gift, but also the health of your parents.

Many anniversaries celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the wedding, no longer have the physical ability to travel far, so it is better for them to choose another, touching and no less significant gift.

For example, children can create a beautiful photo album for their parents, in which photographs of the couple will be collected. Modern programs allow you to make an original film from photos to beautiful music. Such a gift necessarily touches the jubilees themselves, and guests invited to the holiday.

For parents it is possible to order a watch or mugs with their images or presents corresponding to the interests of the couple. For example, if the culprits of the celebration love to play chess, they can present an antique board with beautiful figures made by hand.

Specialists advise to make one common gift, not two separate ones, because a golden wedding is a holiday, which marks an incredible connection that exists between the spouses. A prepared present should additionally indicate it!

Of course, the warmest words and sincere embraces of relatives and children will be the best gift for the jubilee. Such gestures are sometimes even more pleasant and meaningful than any jewelry!

Congratulations on the gold wedding

Anyone can give something to grandfather and grandmother or to mom and dad on such an important day, and for this it is enough to just show imagination and go shopping. It is right to present gifts, say congratulations - this is a whole science, because here it is necessary not only to say pleasant words, but also to show originality. Here are just a few interesting ways to congratulate:

nice lines in verse or prose can be engraved on statuettes or embroidered on pillows, which later will be given to the newlyweds;
  • you can give and a short film, consisting not only of photographs, but also of touching congratulations for the perpetrators of the celebration;
  • is another way to create an original greeting - it is to ask all friends and friends to record video with gentle and kind words, composing them into a single film;
  • children of the originators of the celebration can create a postcard with their own hands, writing gentle and touching words on it.

Video greetings to parents for a gold wedding

To present a golden statuette with a congratulatory inscription to parents is a great way to observe several festive traditions at once. With the help of such a presentation, it is possible to emphasize the special feature of the celebration, and to say tender words. In this case, the jubilee will still be able to look at the kind words carved into gold for a very long time.

You can also give a birthday card and a postcard made by yourself. Such gifts are very beautiful and extremely touching. Decorate the card can be photos of the couple and gentle words.

To write congratulations to parents is better independently, because then they will turn out touching and bright. Their ideal length is 8-10 lines, not more. If the congratulation will be read out and will be too long, it will pretty much tire all the guests, not allowing them to penetrate the meaning of what has been said.

If you do not have enough imagination to write a poem yourself on your own, you can take a basis from the Internet, making your own corrections to it. For example, it is possible to mention in the poetic lines the names of the spouses and the details of their lives. The more individual, intimate will be such a congratulation, the better, because it will certainly cause emotions in the originators of the celebration.

If children want to congratulate their parents in prose, then it is better to do it during the holiday toast. In such a wish, it is worth noting how important this day is to all those present, and as an example of the parents' love it has affected the children themselves.
Correctly composed toast in prose lasts no more than a minute, but it turns out to be very sincere, reflects the importance of the holiday for the person uttering it.

The Golden Jubilee is not just another day in the life of a couple, but a truly grand celebration.50 years, lived together, were filled with love, numerous trials and a feeling of growing friendship. The more touching the gift for parents and the more thoughtful congratulation, the better this holiday will remain in the memory of the jubilee!

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