List of the best foreign melodramas about love

Do you like to spend evenings watching an interesting movie? List of the best overseas melodramas about love will help to choose a film for family viewing. Learn the stories of the heroes romantic, sad and touching. Casual encounters, unusual adventures and mesmerizing scenes will help to survive the storm of emotions.

Shafer for rent

Hero of the melodrama "Shafer for rent" Doug is a successful businessman. He is planning a wedding with the girl of his dreams. But there is one problem - Doug has no friends at all. He goes to the agency to provide the best man for rent. But Dagou needs not one but seven friends. The owner of the agency Jimmy organizes everything, but does not promise that everything will go smoothly.

Adventure time

In the melodrama "Time of adventure" girl Alex tries to achieve success in acting career. Therefore, the heroine daily moves from Calais, where he plays in the theater, to Paris, and attends various screen tests. One day, Alex met a stranger who fascinated her at first sight. In it it attracts everything: eyes, conversation and even a smell.


The hero of the movie "Spring" having lost loved ones, goes on the first plane to Italy. There he meets an insanely beautiful girl. But she repels the guy, which causes even more interest. The hero is to learn the terrible secret of the beauty and decide whether he is ready to face the dark side of the beloved.

Burning blue

The film "Burning blue" tells about the life of gay pilots. As a result of the incidents that occurred on board the aircraft carrier, the pilots were killed. To understand the situation and exclude repetition of the tragedy, a government agent comes. He learns that he is one of the best non-traditional pilots. For three friends, this situation becomes a turning point in their lives.

He and she

In the film "He and she" is told about a young man who lived more or less calmly until he met her. He is a simple guy and a novice screenwriter. She is a young, charming and reckless girl. When they met, his life was filled with adventure and chaos. But this did not stop the guy from falling in love and upset when she disappeared.

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Flight home

The hero of the picture "Flight home" Colin is a young corporate raider. Once, in order to get a rich client, he enters into an agreement. If Colin succeeds in persuading the master of the dove-champion to sell the bird to the sheikh, he will conclude an agreement with the company. To accomplish this, Colin arrives in Flanders, where he meets Isabel.

The wandering harlot: The Revenge of

Marie is the heroine of the film "The Traveling Whore: Revenge", trying to enjoy life with her beloved Michel. But he does not forget about his enemies who walk around in freedom. Suddenly, her husband has to go to the service of the king and leave Marie alone. To parting with your beloved are added dangerous adventures, which the woman had to face.

Road romance

Melodrama "Road romance" is a story about a meeting of two people. Anu is a beautiful student of one of London's universities. Once her father gets injured and the girl has to go to India. Arju - works as a DJ and lives in the same city where Anu studies. He also needs to go to India to resolve the issue of selling a house to his parents. Acquaintance of the heroes of melodrama will happen on the train.

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Nine Lives of Christmas

Two young people from the melodrama "Nine Lives of Christmas" live each with their own lives. Marilyn studies and works, so she does not have enough time for her personal life. Zachary works as a firefighter and often makes pleasant acquaintances. Perhaps they would never have met, had it not been for the homeless cat. An unexpected meeting of young people grows into something more.

Velvet waves

Voitu - the main character of the film "Velvet Waves" failed to realize the dreams of his parents. He did not become a virtuoso pianist, as mom wanted, and a champion in swimming, as his father wished. Voight grew up a good person. In many ways, his character was influenced by the red-haired sorceress - Elia. In the life of Vojta there were many interesting and fascinating adventures.

Cherry Tobacco

Laura - the heroine of the movie "Cherry Tobacco" does not like relationships with people around. The seventeen-year-old girl is annoyed by her mother, does not care about playing with her friend Merit, getting to know guys with peers. Once Laura decides to go hiking with Josep - a local connoisseur of nature. With him, the girl also had a strained relationship at first. But everything changes.

Forgive for the Love

"Forgive For Love" - ​​a film about the love of a thirty-year-old man to a young girl. Alex - a successful businessman, a man. His chosen one Nicky is a seventeen-year-old fussy girl, their romance is developing rapidly and swiftly. Because of different views, Alex and Nicky often quarrel. Can they overcome all obstacles and keep tender feelings?

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Be my Valentine

The hero of the movie "Be my Valentine" after the death of his wife has to independently raise a son. Dan, working as a fireman, comes somehow to a call and gets acquainted with the mistress of the flower shop, which is surrounded by fire. Kate attracts him at first sight. They get acquainted and fall in love with each other. But then there is a former guy Kate, who is going to marry her.

Woman in the courtyard of

Hero of the melodrama "Woman in the yard" Antoine is a forty-year-old man. He decides to complete his musical career and gets a job as a concierge. Matilda, who lives in the house where Antoine works, discovers a crack in the wall. This is her concern. A former musician tries to make friends with a woman and reassure her.

One meeting of

Melodrama "One meeting" tells about the events that followed after a chance meeting between Pierre and Elsa. She is a divorced successful writer, he is a married lawyer. Elsa does not meet with married men, but in that case nothing can be done about it. Sometimes you can not guess, it's all reality, or just the fiction of the main characters. What will end this novel?

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