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Celebration begins with a feast! And with this, no one will argue with this. We have long been accustomed to immediately recall food, drinks and desserts, when talking about the past holiday.

If a celebration is being prepared, also first of all think about the festive table, various dishes. But also the decoration of the table, the arrangement of dishes also play a huge role!

Beautiful table setting of the festive table can completely transform the holiday, bring the event to a completely different level. At the same time, it is not necessary to place dishes, lay out forks and spoons in a random order. It is important to know a number of nuances.

People for many years have already managed to bring out the original "formulas", observance of which provides comfort for the festive table for all. Serving is a real art. Remember the basic nuances to make your table really smart. Several interesting ideas for decorating a festive table are also always useful.

The basic rules of serving the festive table

Immediately note a few nuances. These rules are universal for any table layout, regardless of the reason for the holiday. It is important to pay attention to the choice of serving items. They should reflect the thematic focus of the feast, fit into the interior and design of the premises as harmoniously as possible.

It is necessary to choose dishes, napkins, plates and cutlery according to color, shape and materials, design, so that all objects create a single ensemble together. It is advisable not to allow dissonance. It is necessary to consider the color of textiles: tablecloths, napkins.

It is worth remembering that serving a festive table is needed not only to create a pleasant atmosphere, a special festive mood, but also to provide comfort. Each guest should be comfortable to use dishes, appliances, napkins. For this purpose, the placement of all objects is thought out, the optimal distances between them are determined.

There is also the traditional sequence of , in which a festive table is usually served.

  1. First spreads the tablecloth. It should be perfectly clean, ironed. Under it you can transparently lay the film. Look great tablecloths of contrasting shades, catchy colors, beige and cream.
  2. Then the plates are placed. Here you already need to calculate the distances so that the guests are comfortable at the table.
  3. On the festive table place cutlery. Their number and set are completely dependent on the menu, the variety of dishes. Place the complete set of instruments on the table. For example, if you do not feed the fish, you need to do without fish knives and forks.
  4. Then comes time to arrange glassware. Vases, plates, glasses and wine glasses not only become decoration of the festive table, but also perform specific functions.
  5. When dishes, plates and appliances appear on the table, you can place napkins. It is desirable to fold them figuratively. It is worth remembering that napkins will need two types: tissue and paper.
  6. Spices also take their place on any table. Guests should be able to complement their meals to their liking. The table without salt, pepper and vinegar in free access can already be considered incomplete, serviced incorrectly.
  7. Cold snacks are usually put on the table last.
Vases with flowers will be a worthy decoration of any festive table. Even at business lunches and formal receptions, they are mandatory elements of table decoration.

Remember that appliances and glassware should not just be clean. On a properly decorated festive table, these items necessarily shine. To do this, they are first washed, then thoroughly dried, after which they are polished with napkins until they shine.

Plates for serving the festive table

Please note: the plates themselves can be real works of art, true table decorations. Sometimes they determine the thematic focus of the feast. Therefore, go to the choice of plates and services deliberately. For a solemn event, you can purchase dishes separately.

Of course, it is important to remember how correctly place plates in the process of table layout.

  • Smooth the tablecloth again, make sure that it does not have wrinkles, litter. Begin to arrange. Before each guest should stand plates. You can not put them on the very edge of the table. The approximate distance from the plate to the edge is usually two centimeters. Professional waiters immediately determine the desired distance from the edge of the table, placing between it and the plate the middle and index fingers.
  • When the case is solemn, it is worth using the so-called "double plates".You first put a small dining room plate, and already on it you establish a snack bar. Since the plate should not slide, it is necessary to lay a napkin between the dishes.
  • There are also special patties that are placed to the left of the main plates. The distance from the patty plate to the snack bar should be 5-12 cm.
  • If the feast is especially solemn, all the edges of the plates are placed on one line, clearly. So build small and pirozhkovye plates.
The centers of all plates necessarily have one line.

Arrange the dishes correctly. Be sure to keep in mind that on the table there will be vases, salad bowls, and appliances. Each guest should feel comfortable, be able to move calmly, without touching the neighbors on the table.

Cutlery for laying the festive table

Now it's time to learn how to properly place the cutlery for the festive table setting. In ordinary life, we are used to reducing the number of forks and spoons to a minimum, putting the instruments in a random order. But with the festive serving, this approach should be avoided. Remember all the nuances.

  1. When laying the table, the knife is placed to the right of the plate. With a blade, the knife must turn to the plate. Knives can be several, so you should pay attention to the order of their location. The table knife should be closest to the plate, at the furthest distance lies the snack knife, and the fish knife lies between them.
  2. Usually, when laying a table, a spoon is placed between the knives. When there are no fish dishes in the menu, it will be easy for you to place a spoon between two knives. Put it with a spout upward. If a fish knife is needed, it is already lying on the table, the spoon should be between it and the snack knife.
  3. Traditionally, when serving a table, the fork is placed only to the left of the plate. They are placed in order: dining rooms, fish and snack bars. They should be put upside down. It should be noted and the approximate distance between the instruments, the dish and the instruments. It is about half a centimeter.

It is not necessary to lay out all the devices in a row. If there are only snacks in the menu, you will not need cutlery. They are only needed for second hot dishes.

All appliances must be perpendicular to the edge of the table, parallel to each other.

When dessert appliances are required, they should be spread out before the dish. First a knife, then a fork and a spoon. The fork handle turns to the left, and the handle of the spoon and knife - to the right.

Tableware for serving the festive table

Glassware plays a huge role on every table. Tall wine-glasses and glasses decorate the table, become catchy details of the decor. In this case, their practical function is also important. For example, the shape of the glasses can greatly affect the comfort of the guests. Of some models it is uncomfortable to drink, some badly lie in the palm of your hand.

Learn how to properly place glassware.

  • You can arrange glassware in the center, to the right of the plates. If the glass is placed in the center, it should be behind the plate. When they want to put the wine glass on the right, it should be placed in the place where the end of the first knife intersects with the top edge of the plate. This wine glass is poured with mineral water, juice.
  • For mors, kvass it is necessary to put a mug. Turn the knob to the right.
  • A glass, a glass for alcoholic drinks is placed to the right of the main glass. When the assortment of drinks is large, the wine glass should be placed on the left, and all glassware for alcohol should be placed to the right of the plate.
  • More than three items in one row should not be set. This already creates discomfort, looks ugly.

The distance between glasses, glasses should be about one centimeter.

Glasses, wineglasses, wine glasses for serving table

The capacity and type of glassware depends on what kind of drink will be in it.

In accordance with the rules of etiquette, it is customary to take a separate glass for each drink.

For vodka put a normal glass, for fortified wine - Maderna. A separate glass is used for white dry wine. Champagne is poured into wine glasses, the capacity of which is 180-210 ml. If a red dry wine is served, there must be a special glass of wine to it. Juices, water poured into a glass, the capacity of which can be 250-350 ml.

It's great if all the glasses, the wine glasses will be in harmony with each other.

Napkins for serving the festive table

The table napkins also occupy a prominent place in the table setting. They are able to give the whole table a special look, create a thematic design. It is interesting that folding napkins is a whole science. You can create from them peacocks, water lilies, candles and ties.

It is important to choose napkins in color, size, so that they are in harmony with the tablecloth, dishes, interior of the room in which the solemn event is held. Then the feast will be magnificent. It is believed that when serving the table, you should always use cloth napkins.

Well, when they are in harmony with the tablecloth color and texture. Sometimes they immediately acquire kits, which include textiles for serving. However, original design solutions are also in demand. For example, napkins and tablecloth are contrasted. But with dishes, vases or plates, napkins should still be combined.

Napkins are clean, starched. Usually a napkin is put on a plate, you can put it on the right.

It is not customary to wipe your mouth with cloth napkins. These accessories perform a decorative function, sometimes they are put on their knees.

For hygienic purposes use paper.

Ideas for serving the festive table

Serves the tables in different ways. Any festive table can be given an extraordinary, memorable view, make the decor thematic.

Special attention deserves the table setting for a romantic dinner .A woman will be able to impress a loved one if she creates such a small miracle on the table. It is better to avoid too bright tones, stick to a few basic colors.

For example, with red glasses, red dishes, napkins, flowers and candles of the same shade will ideally blend in. In this serving the decorative heart, golden tablewares, white plates and transparent wine glasses, a white vase for flowers perfectly fit.

The table setting in the marine style looks very original. It is suitable for lunch with family friends, New Year's breakfasts. In the center of the table is placed an ornamental light-colored tree in a blue vase, with a soft blue cloth forming the surface of the table.

Transparent glasses perfectly in harmony with white plates and glass vases for dessert, light napkins. On the plates are small plates of bright turquoise color in the form of shells.

Original design and festive table for the New Year. If the friends decided to have a snack before the New Year's Eve , you can limit the arrangement of the main instruments, white plates and transparent glasses. The main adornment will be gifts in translucent fabric, placed on napkins in plates, and a festive composition of red candles and artificial needles.

The New Year's table is successfully decorated, when the shades of brown, beige and green are contrasted in the serving. Bright Christmas balls in a white plate can become a real decoration of the table. Napkins are sometimes put in the form of wallets. So accessories become symbols of prosperity in the coming year.

Christmas table , even very modest, also wins harmony. Plates can be placed directly on the table, when it is so beautiful, made of natural wood. Red fabric in the center becomes a bright detail, on it lie balls, there are herringbones. Elegant rustic style conquers at first sight.

You can come up with your own ways of serving a festive table. Consider all the nuances, remember the rules. Then any solemn feast will pass perfectly.

Master class - how to properly arrange a festive table:


Serving of a festive table
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