Multicolored manicure

  • Basics of color combinations
  • French multicolored manicure
  • Gradient manicure is the most fashionable variant of nail design
  • Colorful drawings on nails
  • Color manicure using sparkles

Many different nails can not be afforded by every woman, because such a manicure is very difficult to combine with the everyday way. This design option is popular with young people who want to stand out from the crowd due to a bright combination of colors on their nails. Can a manicure using different colors look reserved, even in a classic way romantic, and what color combinations are considered the best? We tell!

Basics of color combinations

The combination of colors on nails is the main thing that a girl needs to pay attention to. Not having thought out a gamut of used shades, she risks to make the kind silly and shouting. So, how to choose the color range for the original manicure?

  1. Always pay attention to different shades of the same color, for example, blue or red, as they fit well in any combination.
  2. Juicy, bright colors( orange, yellow, light green) should not be combined with restrained and bedding( pale pink, dark green, wine).
  3. Using glossy varnishes for base painting, it is not worth mixing them with matt ones, because at a riot of colors such a combination looks at least strange.
  4. When combined, always remember the spectral proximity of colors( a simple rainbow will help in this).Shades that are close in the spectrum to each other, look good and within the range of manicure.

Having stopped on this or that color scale, you can start creating a picture. Now you can give preference to even the most intricate design with an abundance of various drawings. And yet, colored nails look at times too bright, so they do not need supplements of rhinestones, sequins and volumetric drawings. Having preferred the design in the style of "expensive-rich", and even with a mass of colored details, the lady risks falling into absolute bad taste.

French multicolored manicure

Who said that the colorful design of nails should always look very bright and literally flashy? For ladies who want to bring a riot of colors into their lives, but do not want to take too much risk, there is a colorful coat.

It is created in the same way as the usual French manicure, but the tips in this case are not colored white, but in different bright shades. Here are just the most interesting variations on the theme of a colorful jacket:

  • staining each hole in its color, for example, under all the colors of the rainbow - an excellent creative option for bold girls;
  • , many ladies prefer color manicure, in which the tips are painted in the now popular matte pastel colors - beige, pale pink, light brown, the color of coffee and so on;
  • another version of the creative design - a sloping line of color staining, in which the hole on the top does not round the nail, but has the form of a diagonal line;
  • Another popular design is geometric patterns made on each nail, but only in the tip area and in varicolored varnishes.

If a girl prefers a restrained design, but wants to experiment with flowers, she should refer to a jacket using pastel tones. For its creation, it is necessary to paint the nails with a transparent varnish, and then apply the lines with varicolored varnishes of the preselected gamma. It's great if each nail is painted in its own color, but you can give preference to 3-4 colors, which will be repeated all the time.

If a woman is not afraid of experiments, then she simply has to think about the shape or color combinations of the French manicure. Today, geometric patterns in the form of broken lines are very popular, and they can decorate their French manicure. After the transparent base dries, you need to carefully apply a few colors on the nail, mixing them in the form of bizarre geometric shapes. When all the colors are blended together, each nail will turn into a tiny artwork.

Such creative manicure, in which 3-4 completely different shades can coexist on one plate, looks only within the framework of a jacket. If a girl wants to decorate with colored geometric figures the nail along the entire length, the manicure will turn out to be too flashy.

Gradient manicure is the most fashionable variant of nail design

Colored nails, painted in a gradient technique, are not without reason so popular. It's all a matter of the fact that such a manicure looks very unusual, and the nuances of its execution can be significantly different. How can you paint your nails in a gradient technique?

  1. The easiest option is to paint the first nail with a bright tint( for example, red), which on all the following plates will change the shade to either a darker or a light one. The result is a gradient gradient staining.
  2. A more complex variant involves horizontal or vertical mixing of two colors on one plate with a smooth transition from one shade to the next.
  3. It looks very interesting when in the framework of the gradient coloring the color varnish and the sequins that surround the ends are combined.
  4. Another way to make such a manicure interesting is to complete it with a drawing on top of several layers of lacquer.

The combination of colors of nail polish in the framework of gradient manicure is worth considering carefully, because here you can very easily slide into bad taste. Most often, fans of gradient coloring refer to similar shades of color, for example, to yellow and orange, blue and green, and so on. Sometimes you can find more original combinations, for example, a smooth transition from black to red, which looks extremely unusual and bright.

If a lady chooses gradient staining on each nail plate, she will need a sponge:

  1. First, paint the lower part of the nail with one varnish.
  2. Then go on to decorating the top. The transition can be done with a few touches of a small sponge, which will help to merge the two colors together.
  3. This unusual design can be decorated and patterned on top. For example, choosing yellow and orange as colors for gradient staining, girls often supplement the design with a drawing of a palm tree, which is additionally reminiscent of a long-awaited vacation. The combination of red and black can be complemented with spectacular lace or floral pattern, but it is important not to overload the design. To place images it is necessary only on several plates that the manicure did not look too intricate.

Colorful drawings on the nails

Color nails in different colors, creating a creative design, it's easy, but playing a bright picture - the task is much more problematic. It is important not only to show your imagination, but also to observe the border that separates the bright style from complete bad taste.

Here are examples of the most common color drawings with which you can diversify your manicure:

  • bright flowers, completely covering the nail plate, as well as a variety of floral ornaments;
  • abstract drawings depicting geometric shapes, multicolored stains and lines;
  • to decorate the pre-painted marigolds with multi-colored dots;
  • animalistic print, imitating animal color - also a fashion trend, has long been popular.

Of course, the most common design option is a variety of flowers, leaves and plants. Two-color design of nails within the framework of such manicure looks especially actual and is created by means of a one-color painting of the plate and applying over a complex pattern. For example, a girl can paint the nails themselves in a pale green color, and on top put an image of blue roses, cornflowers or any floral compositions. Especially bright this design will look, if the lady decorates the entire nail plate with small flowers and leaves.

Another way to stand out from the crowd at the expense of colorful drawings is to put points of different sizes on the nails. Such points should be in a chaotic order and have a completely different color. Before you start decorating, the plates themselves must be painted in some bright color, for example, in yellow. Next, you'll need to take a needle or toothpick and use it to start applying a bright and original pattern. The resulting design will be very original, but decorating all the nails is not worth it. Much more interesting this manicure looks, if the points are only on two or three nails.

Color manicure using sparkles

It has already been mentioned that with the help of a brilliant varnish it is possible to design a gradient staining, but this is far from all its possibilities. Sparkling sequins of different colors can become the basis of design.

  • For example, now a huge popular manicure, in which the nail itself is covered with a bright color, for example, blue, and on it are applied stripes of multicolored sequins. The resulting design will look very bright and especially suitable for those girls who like to be in the center of attention.
  • Another way to profitably use sparkles is to apply a pattern to them. For example, in pre-painted yellow or green nails a lady can paint flowers with a shiny varnish or a variety of curls.
  • You can also create the drawing itself with a transparent lacquer, applying on top of it friable sparkles. Working with such material is not difficult, and the resulting effect of roughness will be to the liking of creative fashion-conscious women.
As the brilliant manicure, moreover and in a combination to bright varnishes, looks very originally, the girl should not additionally address to pastes or various granules. Such drawings and so look very difficult, and do not require additional creativity.

A bright manicure can become the basis of an unforgettable female image or become the cause of the failure of all onions. It is important to know in advance the ideal color combinations, remembering the sense of proportion. Observing all the fashionable laws of modern nail design, a girl can make her manicure very beautiful.

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