What you can wear in summer

The riot of color and colors, shapes and silhouettes - all this gives us an amazing and hot summer! It is this bright period of the year that allows us to fully realize our unusual juicy fantasies and implement fashionable ideas. And although there is still time before the summer season, women of fashion can not wait to learn about the novelties that fashion designers have prepared for this summer.

  • What styles in clothes are suitable for the summer
  • For every day
  • For the evening
  • For work
  • Color gamut of the summer wardrobe
  • Fashion trends
  • Asymmetry on the shoulders
  • Shuttles and ruffles
  • Strips, cage and peas
  • Shiny "scales"
  • Flowerprint
  • Soaring silhouettes
  • Products from jeans
  • Products from chiffon
  • Shoes
  • Accessories

What styles in clothes are suitable for summer

So, what will we wear in the summer? What are the surprises worth preparing for, and what clothes to buy?

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Every day

Summer style for every day is a free, airy, elegant clothes. This is the style of the hippies. He does not recognize any brands, no standard sizes. This style is characterized by the use of bright colors and light materials: knitwear, cotton, linen. Welcome as juicy tones( scarlet, coral, lemon yellow, lime, lilac), and pastel shades with floral ornaments. A necessary component is an abundance of accessories.

For every day the sea style is suitable. It is distinguished by the use of a variety of marine motifs, shapes and shades, but its main goal is to create a sense of summer so that you can see that you have just returned from a yacht or luxury seaside resort. Preference is given to white, red and blue colors, the famous narrow horizontal strip, as well as the elements of gold. Silhouettes are free. Shoes mostly without heels, light and comfortable.

Ethnic style will become more relevant this year than ever. Kimonos, tunics, long gypsy skirts, wide trousers, pants-alladins, dresses and sarafans from light, luminous fabrics are all elements of ethnic style. Its significant features are the use of natural fabrics, characteristic models and prints, as well as a large number of accessories( large bright beads, bracelets of various sizes, rings with large stones).Shoes mostly made of leather and suede.

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On the evening of

All styles of women's evening dresses can be divided into two groups: classic and cocktail.

The selection of evening dress in a classical style requires the observance of several rules, for such dresses are usually worn for serious high-society events. Traditional colors - white, black, gray. Particular attention is paid to the red scale( ruby, burgundy, garnet).The length is "on the floor".Fabrics predominantly flowing, gliding, shining. Fashion any: from an elongated dress-case to a luxurious dress-bustier with a train. Suppressed "candor" is allowed: open can be either a back, or shoulders, or a decollete, but not at the same time.

If you expect the event easier, then here you will come to the aid of an evening dress in the style of cocktail. For such dresses, there is a huge freedom to choose styles, materials and colors. You can choose a model with a lush bottom above the knees and an elegant bodice. Or a fitted model of embroidered lace with a transparent base. The main thing is to match the stylistics of the event.

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To work

Ideal styles will be business or official. These styles are characterized by conservatism, restraint and laconism, everything is strictly and decently.

Advantage is given to natural fabrics. Noble shades of black, gray, blue, brown, beige and white. Silhouettes in clothes are represented by a straight or slightly fitting form. But a limited choice is possible in the use of details of finishes and accessories. Shoes in the summer are worth choosing light tones.

Choosing a more free business style, preference should be given smart casual. This style borrowed the best details of the office wardrobe and combined them with comfortable everyday items. Smart casual combines clear lines of cut, the use of tight fabrics, strict collars, cuffs and stylish buttons with elastic fabrics, knitwear, denim, sometimes with details of a sporting style. Accessories can be different, but thoughtful. As shoes it is better to use shoes with a stud.

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If the dress code allows, then to create a business image, you can try on a convenient and practical style of safari. It combines classical rigor, with military precision and romantic casual.

Learn the modern style of safari is very simple. First, the use of patch pockets and shoulder straps, reminiscent of military uniform elements. Secondly, by the direct cut of clothing and the characteristic color shades. In addition, the safari style denies any use of synthetics, only natural fabrics. As accessories, it is customary to use wide leather belts, as well as a handkerchief tied around the neck.

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The color scale of the

summer wardrobe In current and claimed designer collections, special attention is paid to contrast. Most often in one ensemble no more than three colors and all of them are contrasting to each other.

So, what color to wear clothes this summer?

Fashionable will be metallic shades - platinum, gold, silver, bronze. If earlier they were used as additional, then in the new season they actively begin to play the role of the main ones.

Fans of calm colors will suit all pastel colors - beige, caramel, milk, sand, coffee, peach, pistachio, olive. These gentle shades will make any image feminine, romantic and airy. In addition, they are so universal that they are appropriate for all cases of life and do not have any age restrictions.

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The refinement of nature will help to emphasize all shades of blue: serene blue, turquoise, azure, indigo, electrician.

Rich colors, red, yellow, orange, will help you to realize passionate natures and experiment lovers. And they should give special attention to green, violet and their actual shades: salad, emerald, violet, lilac, eggplant.

And, of course, classic white and black are irreplaceable. After all, they are always harmoniously combined with absolutely all colors and at the same time are simply incomparable solos. These two colors can add freshness to the image and emphasize the necessary contrasts.

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Fashion trends

What makes us happy with the summer season? First, the mixing in one product of different details of cuts and textures of fabrics. Transparent guipure, chiffon and lace - as before in the trend. And also - shiny and corrugated fabrics. The emphasis is on the belts and cuffs, so be prepared to emphasize your waist and your hands! In addition, virtually all as one famous world designers offer fashionable women to wear cute polka dots, an unusual cage, strict strips and ethnic African motifs, add to their image of elegance and femininity, recall the retro style and rummage in grandmother's trunk, get dresses and accessories from there 20-30-ies.

In addition, many designers have again returned to using fabrics with plot images. Cloths with bright paintings literally hypnotize the look, which attracts attention.

The main trend of this season is the predominance of natural fabrics. In demand materials: linen, cotton, silk, cambric, staple, canvas embroidered with smooth.

Now more in detail about what we will wear in the summer.

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Asymmetry on the shoulders

As the fashion shows, the Greek style is again in a trend. And this manifests itself, first of all, in the fashion for asymmetry on the shoulders. It is recommended to wear it in different outfits: both in tops, and dresses, and in sarafans. Even in swimsuits, you can wear one shoulder strap instead of two, freely swinging it diagonally. This trend is quite noticeable in the evening fashion.

Also things in the oversize format are relevant. It will not be difficult to shine with an elegant line of shoulders and feminine collarbones with a light wide sweatshirt or blouse, letting it down on one shoulder. It looks romantic and very sexy.

So if you like asymmetry - feel free to wear clothes of such a cut in the summer season! It is acceptable today in business, and in romantic, and in sports style.

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Shuttles and ruffles

A distinctive feature of the images of the spring-summer season will be the widespread use of flounces and frills. Designers offer to wear them everywhere, from small on body and blouses to volumetric waves on skirts and dresses. This season is quite interesting to look short tops from large ruches. The ideal companion for such a top will be a solid midi skirt or maxi skirt, shorts, in some cases jeans.

Even swimsuit models support this current trend.

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Strips, cage and peas

Strips, cage and peas this season - in special esteem. They are offered to wear such favorites of world fashion, as Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino. Moreover, any bold color combinations and size. Their location on the product is also surprising. The clear trend of this season - the more original, the more fashionable!

Light romantic polka-dot dresses should be worn with ballet shoes, birkenstocks and sandals. Suits of strict business style suit light blouses in the cage and shoes of the boat. And for all other everyday and festive occasions, there are sandals, which this season is usually worn with fishnet socks and pantyhose.

The striped style also helped to restore the sea theme of the 60s of the last century. Dresses in white-blue or white-black stripes are recommended to be worn with a yellow or red strap, as well as with a small clutch and earrings matched to him in tone.

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Brilliant "scales"

Yes, it looks like this summer, charming ladies have a real opportunity to try on a goldfish suit. Brilliant and charming women are invited to fashion designers of famous brands Ralph Lauren, Saint-Laurent and Fendi, and offer for this purpose to wear dresses of glossy fabrics with metallic tint. And also - to decorate their outfits with various decorative shiny elements and paillettes.

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Flower print

Along with graphic drawings, designers offer us not to forget about especially actual summer floral prints. In this summer season, outfits just blossom with a variety of floral patterns. However, even in all this multicolored abundance, one can consider the main trends: oriental motifs and Hawaiian ornaments. These prints will be in the trend in the upcoming season. Therefore, if you want to keep up with fashion, take a look at dresses decorated with fragile lotuses, tender peonies, bright hibiscuses, cherry twigs, images of hummingbirds, sea tropical landscapes and palm leaves. It is these oriental patterns that offer the wearing of Prada, Etro and Emilio Pucci, emphasizing bright red details and pastel delicate shades.

A light floral dress will be complemented by sunglasses, a three-dimensional bag and a straw hat with wide margins.

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Soaring silhouettes of

This year, femininity is returned to fashion, underlined by the style of oversize and light, flowing fabrics. Volumetric air silhouettes can be traced in the collections represented by the main European fashion houses. Therefore, it is necessary to wear free floating things this summer, especially in the evening images. If you want to add such elements to your daily outfit, you should follow the rule.

You should not combine a free top and a volumetric bottom. For a wide loose chiffon blouse, a matching "pair" will be narrowed trousers.

But for oversized shorts and pants oversize top top, t-shirt or tank top will be the best option.

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Items from jeans

It would seem that nothing new can be invented from jeans? But the designers rather radically looked at this material and as a result in the spring-summer season it changed and gained a lighter texture, and instead of the usual jeans from it now they sew dresses with frills, lush skirts and tops.

Particularly interesting was the decision to use denim fabric when sewing summer boots and other shoes.

In many collections this summer, special attention is paid to all possible models of overalls from denim of different shades.

If you are wondering which jeans model to choose this summer? That trend model will be straight, not too wide pants with tucked cuffs. An interesting feature is appliqués from three-dimensional chiffon colors and sparkles. Such an elegant decor will not allow you to think about decorations and wear with a pair of jeans as simple as possible.

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Articles from chiffon

This summer chiffon will become one of the main trends, because it can decorate and give festivities to anyone alongside. And things from this material are simply irreplaceable in the summer heat.

With its help you can create fashionable images even using just one element of the wardrobe. For a girl on a seaside vacation, a white chiffon sarafan should become a must have. And for a lady working in the office in hot weather, a discreet dark blue dress or timeless classic will be very comfortable - a chiffon blouse of pastel tones combined with strict trousers.

This summer, the flowing chiffon capes, which look like a veil, are fashionable. You can wear them on top of any outfit, be it a dress, or sets of pants, skirts, shorts with different blouses and tops. The main trend in choosing a similar thing is the abundance of floral elements and greenery of a light salad shade.

The combination of chiffon with guipure and lace this season is ideal for creating an evening image. Very spectacular in black will be the transparent chiffon dresses of a fitted silhouette with the length "on the floor", especially decorated with embroidery and sequins on the hem, back and sleeves.

Another highlight of the coming season is two-layer materials - black lace on a chiffon base( red or beige).It looks very impressive and unusual.

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As for the shoes, the high studs, the platform and the rounded socks are still popular, but they start to take positions. This season, it is recommended to wear models from natural materials with pointed toe and exquisite heel shape. They are characterized by an unusual design of rhinestones, lace and the predominance of golden, chocolate, beige, blue and mint tones.

Designers of Kenzo named the trend of this summer experimental models, resulting in the crossing of sandals-gladiators and jackboots.

In everyday use it will be most convenient to wear sandals at low speed and stockbrokes.

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Important in the formation of the summer image and accessories. A couple of important details - a handbag and sunglasses.

In the opinion of eminent designers, in addition to the usual light summer bags, the bags-cases on the long chain, bags-easels and bags made of woven leather will be popular. Victoria Beckham in her new collection proposes to carry a bag in the shape of a crescent.

This year, white frames of glasses are considered fashionable, they look quite contrasted against the background of dark glasses. By the way, the shape of the rim can be any.

The size of glasses becomes important, it is again fashionable to wear big glasses. Models that cover half of the face create a special mysterious image and are well protected from sunlight. It is these models with green and red reflective glasses introduced in its collection of Stella McCartney.

Wear this season glasses with colored glasses - pink, blue, purple, but still the most fashionable will be yellow.

As for jewelry, the recognition will be hand-made. It will be fashionable to wear bracelets from large beads or beads, matching the color of at least one element of the image.

Also very relevant fringe in any of its manifestations, as a necklace, bracelet from chains or as a belt.

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