How to decorate dishes on the table

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Any dish looks more profitable if it is beautifully and wonderfully decorated. This is a well-known culinary fact. The simplest decorations of dishes can be done with the help of most products, cut into circles, rhombuses, stripes. Also, to make food more interesting and colorful, various berries are often used, such as cranberries, cherries, strawberries and others. Olives and olives are also used.

Decorating dishes with delicious flowers

Another simple way to decorate dishes is to create flat colors. They are simple to manufacture, but at the same time look quite original.

  • Lily of the valley. Boil the chicken egg hard-boiled, cut the yolk into round slices, from which, in turn, cut out the flowers of the lily of the valley with a figured knife. Leaves are made from wide feathers of garlic, and stems - from green onions.
  • Chamomile. The same boiled egg is cut into round slices to leave a yolk in the middle. On the squirrel carefully cut out the petals. From the flowers obtained, we collect the bouquet and use green onions as stems and leaves.
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  • The lotus. To create such a seemingly intricate flower, we will need just an ordinary kitchen knife and two round slices of lemon. From the first slice gently cut the layer of peel to a white shell. From the middle of the slice to its edges make small incisions with a sharp knife, and turn out the resulting triangles outwards. From the second slice, cut out a shape that would fit the size of the core of the first figure, insert it into the center of the first one.
  • Mimosa. To make mimosa, we need canned corn. The feather of green onion is used as a stalk, only to choose young and thin feathers. Further, in checkerboard order, lay out our corn flowers. Mimosa is ready. Zindia
  • .We boil the carrots, cut it into thin circles, use the notch to cut out the outline of the flower. In the middle of crumbling finely chopped egg yolk.

A few more ways to decorate dishes

You can brightly and originally design a dish with the help of patterns from a variety of vegetable figurines. The most commonly used cooked carrots, cucumber peel, radish, oranges, lemons.

Recently, on the tables as a decoration of dishes often began to appear curbs, which are placed on the edge of the dishes "stacks" of various products.

Put half of the cherry tomato with a cut top and put the olive on the rosette on top of the crocheted crocheted circle, then you can get a beautiful decoration of the festive table.

The last and, perhaps, the easiest way to decorate dishes is to use spicy herbs. They can be used as a whole, or in a shredded form.

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