Methods of storing salt

Such a necessary seasoning, like salt, was highly valued at all times. True, recently it was called a white death, and experts recommend reducing its use. However, few people can eat fresh dishes and have fun. Of course, you should correctly use and store this substance.


  1. How to store salt
  2. Features of storage of iodized salt

You need to start with the purchase of the product, which must be dry and have a sealed packaging. If the salt has a loose structure, then it can be stored for years. At the same time, all the properties of the product will be preserved in full.

How to store the salt

To ensure that the salt does not become damp and always has a crystalline structure, it must be stored in an airtight container, preferably glass or ceramic. It is better to put it in a dry and well ventilated place, usually a shelf. Best of all, when the cabinet with spices, which includes salt, is in the immediate vicinity of the plate. Hot air will protect salt from moisture and prevent it from clumping.

For the same purpose, several large grains of rice or a wooden chip are placed in the salt container. They also protect the product from moisture and pressing. You can also use potato flour or a paper napkin.

For serving salt on the table, it is better to choose beautiful wooden or ceramic salt cellars as an additive to food.

Features of storage of iodized salt

Now, due to the fact that people pay great attention to health, it has become popular to use iodized salt. However, this product is even more capricious when stored than conventional.

To protect potassium iodide from disintegration, it is necessary to put a jar with such seasoning in a dark place with a low temperature. Only in this case, iodized salt will be able to maintain its benefits for several months. After the end of this period, the product can also be used, but there will be no active iodine in it.

Therefore, when buying a salt containing iodized additive, it is necessary to check the date of its production. In addition, iodine rapidly decomposes at high humidity and interaction with open air. Hence, buying this product in bulk does not make any sense.

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