Which mattress is better to choose the recommendations of specialists

A healthy sleep is a natural desire of every person, and it can be provided by a mattress that guarantees comfort during sleep. What kind of mattress is able to cope with this difficult task, and which mattress is better to choose among the many proposals in the modern market? Let's analyze the main types of mattresses and customer reviews about them.

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This modern mattresses inwhich are based on fillers, giving them the necessary elasticity, air permeability and elasticity. The main qualities of the mattress largely depend on the filler composition:

  • medium or high rigidity,
  • strength,
  • comfort.
Springless mattresses can be made as a monoblock and consist of one type of filler, and combine several different layers and connecting sections.

Sometimes manufacturers make two-sided mattresses, consisting of two different fillers.

The undeniable advantages of springless mattresses include:

  • increased comfort;
  • high orthopedic properties;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • ability to withstand body weight up to 140 kg;
  • antistatic;
  • noiseless;
  • long service life.

The disadvantages of springless mattresses include:

  • possible formation in the process of exploitation of depressions according to the shape of the body;
  • no swinging effect when driving;
  • hardness and stiffness, especially new products;
  • the difficulty of finding and buying the right type of bed;
  • specific smell of rubber, especially if the mattress is made of artificial fillers;
  • no edge on the supporting edge.

This kind of mattress is ideal for:

  1. Full people with a large body weight.
  2. People who are concerned about pain in the spine.
  3. People with poor circulation.
  4. Children whose spine is forming.
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Spring mattresses are more common for many people. Their main difference is the presence of springs. Depending on their design, spring mattresses are divided into two groups:

  1. Mattresses with a dependent spring unit.
  2. Mattresses with independent spring unit.

Which of these spring mattresses is better? The first type of spring mattresses, called "Bonnel", is created on the basis of a spring unit of continuous weaving. It consists of four or five-turn springs of large diameter, rigidly fastened together and representing a single grid.

Usually there are 100 to 150 large springs per square meter of such a spring unit.

Sometimes this construction is supplemented with inserts of polyurethane foam.

Advantages of spring mattresses with a dependent spring unit include:

  • availability;
  • efficiency;
  • availability of varying degrees of rigidity;
  • ability to withstand heavy loads;
  • simplicity in care and cleaning.

The disadvantages of this type of mattresses are:

  • fragility;
  • rigid reinforced edges;
  • corrosion when ingested;
  • low orthopedic properties;
  • design vibrations during body turns;
  • creaking when driving;
  • accumulation of dust over time.

Such mattresses are suitable:

  1. As a guest or country option.
  2. People who have no problems with the spine.

The second, more modern type of spring mattresses - with an independent block of springs.

The design of this mattress is a set of small, independent of each other springs, dressed in individual cases.

These springs are in a special case of fabric with holes and work autonomously.

To advantages of spring mattresses with an independent block of springs it is possible to carry:

  • the raised comfort;
  • uniform load distribution;
  • no structural vibration;
  • noiseless;
  • good orthopedic properties;
  • is an ideal value for money.

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The disadvantages of spring mattresses with an independent spring unit are:

  1. The probability of damage due to jumping or walking.
  2. Inconvenience of storage and transportation - exclusively in a horizontal position.
  3. Corrosion of springs when ingested.
  4. Accumulation over time of a significant amount of dust inside the springs.
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For the newborn

The main criteria in choosing a mattress for a newborn are:

  1. Level of rigidity. Here everything is simple: the smaller the child, the stiffer the mattress. Accordingly, the newborn should have the maximum rigidity.
  2. Orthopedic effect. A mattress for a newborn should have ideal orthopedic properties and ensure the correct position of the child's body.
  3. The size of the mattress. It should clearly correspond to the size of the crib.
  4. Hypoallergenicity. It is best provided by coconut coir.
  5. Environmentally friendly filling. A mattress for a newborn should only be made of natural and environmentally tested materials.
  6. Hygiene. The mattress should be easily washed, ventilated, quickly dried.
  7. High quality cover and mattress cover. The cover on the children's mattress should be quilted and contain natural layers of cotton and wool. Best of all, if it is with a zipper - this will allow it to be easily removed for hygienic treatment. Universal version - waterproof cover on a mattress made of natural cotton with antibacterial coating.
  8. Air permeability. Good breathability of fillers of children's mattresses will ensure compliance with the temperature regime, maximum hygiene and absence of unpleasant odor.

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When choosing a mattress for a newborn, it must be remembered that a too soft mattress combined with poor ventilation can lead to difficulty breathing the baby when he sleeps on his side or on his stomach.

Taking into account all these criteria, the best mattress today for newborns are:

  • springless with coconut filler, as well as made of coconut coir in combination with natural latex;
  • spring with independent blocks of increased rigidity.
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Spring and springless mattresses can include various fillers. In the spring mattresses they are between the spring blocks and upholstery fabric, and in the springless form the basis of the mattress. Their task is to promote the correct redistribution of loads and to give the mattress the necessary level of rigidity.

Let's see what kind of filler for a mattress is better. Types of fillers and their properties:

  1. Felt - traditional filler, which is a latex-clamped cotton layers. Its merits include: ecological compatibility, practicality, durability. The only negative - high-quality felt is quite expensive and is often replaced by a thermo-pressed loose felt, which quickly falls down.
  2. Batting is also a traditional natural filler. Its main advantage is environmental friendliness, and the main shortcoming is fragility. In the process of operation, it quickly gets into clots.
  3. Seaweed is an excellent natural material. To fill the mattresses they are dried and weaved into a net. Advantages of such filler: increased comfort, an average level of rigidity, enrichment of the body with natural iodine, favoring an increase in immunity, promoting good relaxation. Disadvantages: a rarity in the mattress market, high cost, specific smell.
  4. Horsehair is a natural material derived from horses 'tails and horses' horseshoes. Usually used in combination with latex impregnation. Advantages: good air permeability, durability, elasticity, strength, elasticity. The main drawback - can cause allergies.
  5. Cotton - a natural filler, created on the basis of pressed natural cotton. Advantages: good air permeability, high degree of comfort during rest, regardless of the season.
  6. Sheep wool is a natural filler. Advantages: it warms well, absorbs and gives off moisture. Disadvantages - may be the cause of allergies.
  7. Coconut Coir - very popular in recent years, a natural, rather tough material, made from fibers of the pericarp of coconut. Its main advantages: nontoxicity, durability, resistance to wetting, the ability to quickly dry out with moisture, practicality, hypoallergenicity. Disadvantages: stiffness, high cost.
  8. Natural latex is the most popular mattress filler for today. It is produced by foaming the juice of a rubber tree( Hevea).Its advantages: comfort, high elasticity, sufficient elasticity, anatomy, ability to withstand heavy loads;recovery after loads of the original form;convenience in operation. Disadvantages - high cost.
  9. Artificial latex is a modern safe filler produced by foaming polymers. Its advantages: environmental friendliness, elasticity, ability to withstand heavy loads, affordability, sufficient rigidity. Disadvantages - a specific rubber smell.
  10. Foam( foamed polyurethane) is a rather popular artificial material. Its advantages: hypoallergenicity, moderate level of rigidity, moisture resistance, durability, environmental friendliness, elasticity, good value for money. Foam of economy class does not meet these parameters.
  11. Struttofiber is a modern artificial material, foam rubber substitute, which is a homogeneous fabric, consisting of two reinforcing layers and one carrier. Its main advantages: good orthopedic properties, high level of comfort, good elasticity, ability to retain heat, ability not to accumulate static electricity, anatomical, low cost. Disadvantages - deforms faster than other fillers.
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The task of the cover is to protect the mattress against contamination and excessive moisture. According to their functional qualities, mattress covers can be of two types:

  1. Non-removable - covers, manufactured using a special technology, which allows the material to fit tightly to avoid twisting.
  2. Removable - covers for mattresses, which can be removed, for example, with a zip.
For the manufacture of covers are used as natural fabrics - linen, cotton, wool, and synthetic.

The first provide comfort and high thermal conductivity, the second - easy maintenance. Ideal is the combination of natural and synthetic fabrics in a ratio of 60% to 40%.And the best for cases are recognized jacquard fabrics.

Used by manufacturers and special impregnation for covers, which:

  • repels dust;
  • increases the moisture resistance of the mattress;
  • have anti-allergic properties;
  • increase the strength of covers;
  • help mattresses last longer to maintain an attractive appearance.
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Firms manufacturers

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A well-known Belarusian mattress manufacturing company, founded in 1997.The merits of Vegas products include: high quality, manufacturing of non-standard mattresses, coating products with a special cloth "anti-stress", helping to remove static tension. Disadvantages - a high price.

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Russia's largest mattress manufacturing company with 25 years of experience. According to the results of nationwide voting among Russian consumers, "Ascona" received the national award "Mark No. 1" in 2011 and 2013 in the category "Mattresses for healthy sleep."Especially popular among consumers are protective covers produced by Ascona on mattresses.

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The Russian company Ormatek has been operating on the market since 2001.The company is among the top three leaders in the manufacture of mattresses in Russia and produces about 20% of the total number of all manufactured Russian sleeping products. Such solid leading positions were occupied by the company due to a wide range and variety of characteristics of the products.

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Italian company producing some of the best orthopedic mattresses in Italy. Working on the market since 2002, the company has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of quality products, as evidenced by the warranty period for orthopedic mattresses - 12 years!

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Studio-Moderna, which manufactures mattresses of the world-famous Dormeo brand, was founded in Slovenia in 1992.Thanks to the production of inexpensive mattresses from artificial high-tech fillers, the Dormeo brand is known to millions of consumers in 20 countries of Europe. Dormeo mattresses are an excellent ratio of reasonable price and high quality.

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The Atmosphere factory has operated in Russia since 1992.Its main feature is the production technology, combining advanced scientific developments and an invaluable experience of manual assembly. Atmethrotic mattresses are manufactured using modern, environmentally friendly European technologies, using only natural materials. An important advantage of the company is the production of exclusive mattresses designed for the weight of the buyer.

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A multi-branded Ukrainian company based in Dnepropetrovsk. The company MatroLuxe is foreign investments, the latest European technologies and a wide range of products. For today 15 unique author's collections of spring and springless mattresses, including non-standard forms are presented.

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Ukrainian company for the production of spring mattresses, founded in 2008.Orthopedic and anatomical mattresses Sonline of various designs are created both on the basis of traditional spring blocks such as "Bonnel", and on the basis of independent spring blocks "Pocket spring" with filling from high-quality artificial and natural materials and strong upholstery fabrics.

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The leading Ukrainian firm for the production of spring blocks and mattresses, founded in 1993.In 2005, the company's products are certified by the European Center for Marketing Technologies and, accordingly, meet international standards. In 2008, the company in the nomination "Spring mattresses" became the winner in the rating of "100 best goods of Ukraine" Gospotrebstandart of Ukraine.

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Famous Russian brand for the production of mattresses, which annually produces more than 900 thousand items. Specialists of the "Consul" holding constantly develop and implement their own technologies, as evidenced by the receipt of 11 patents in the category of production of sleeping products, confirmed by state certification. The only drawback is the high price of products.

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The Russian company "Toris" was founded in 1992, and since 1998 has started the production of its own mattresses. During this time the company has managed to establish itself as a manufacturer of quality products at reasonable prices. Today, the company "Toris" offers more than 150 different models of mattresses, including mattresses of unusual round shape.

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Useful advices

  1. Test at least three mattresses of different series - lie on them in thatposition, which you sleep, turn over several times.
  2. When choosing a mattress, consider the position of your body during sleep. If you usually sleep on your back - give preference to the mattress, on which your buttocks sink inwards, and the hips remain in their natural position. If you usually sleep on your side, choose a mattress on which your shoulders and hips sink inwards, and the waist gets the necessary support.
  3. Take into account the mattress size matching your dimensions. So, the length of the mattress should be more than your height at least 15-20 cm. To check the correct width of the product, you need to press your hands against each other in the abdominal area with your fists. In this case, the distance between the elbows and the edge of the mattress should be at least 15 cm.
  4. Pay attention to the weight of the mattress. If your weight is more than 90 kilograms, you can use a spring mattress with a reinforced block or a universal springless mattress that can withstand heavy loads. As an option - a special mattress for non-standard weight.
  5. If you choose a mattress for people with different height, weight and physique, it is better to choose two different single mattresses, taking into account the individual characteristics of each.
  6. When choosing a mattress, consider the age of the sleeper. It is believed that the older the person, the softer he needs a mattress.
Of course, taking the final decision, you must rely on your personal feelings of comfort and convenience.

However, it does not hurt and study the feedback of other buyers.

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