How to permanently get rid of cockroaches at home

Cockroaches - the neighborhood is not just unpleasant, but also quite dangerous. No wonder many people are afraid of these insects. There are several good reasons for this concern. Cockroaches are carriers of eggs of helminths, various microbes and pathogens of allergy, typhoid fever, diphtheria, dysentery. They spoil things with their excrement and traces of reproduction, can lead to malfunction of household appliances and get into the nasal or ear passage, cause inflammation. There are several ways to get rid of unwanted guests.

  • Properties of red and black cockroaches
  • Folk remedies
  • Recipe poisons with boric acid and egg
  • Ammonia
  • Borax
  • Feverfew
  • Kerosene
  • branches geranium
  • Essential oils
  • Freezing
  • traps
  • Industrial means
  • Gels
  • traps
  • Aerosols
  • Crayons
  • Houses
  • Special services

Features of red and black cockroaches

In nature there are not one hundred varieties of cockroaches, but in our area there are twospecies - red, called the Prusaka and black, the so-called kitchen. They live in apartments, dormitories and private homes, poisoning our lives with their presence and making us wonder how to get rid of unwanted guests forever? To answer this question, you need to know the characteristics of red and black cockroaches.

Red cockroaches are small insects, 1-1.5 cm in size with long, sensitive mustaches and paws, equipped with spikes and tenacious claws with suction cups, due to which they easily move along an inclined surface. Red cockroaches have large wings covering the back surface, due to which they plan to fall off the wall.

Black cockroaches differ from the red with a darker color and large sizes.

Adult black cockroach reaches a length of 3 cm. It has shorter legs and wings than the cockroaches. Therefore, they can hardly move on vertical surfaces. In addition, representatives of this species are less hardy than their red relatives, and it's easier to get rid of them than from the Prusak.

There are important points that combine these two types:

  1. Survival conditions. Both black and red cockroaches require warmth and moisture for life. Without water, they will not live a week, and when the frost is below -8, they immediately perish.
  2. Habitats. Both of them live everywhere where there is water: in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets.
  3. Omnivorousness. As food for cockroaches, there are also food rests, and paper, and skin, and tissue, and pieces of human epidermis, and hair.
  4. Endurance. Without air cockroaches can live 45 minutes, and without food a whole month. They are not affected by radiation.
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Folk remedies

Thinking about how to get rid of cockroaches, you can try using folk remedies. These options are environmentally friendly and harmless for humans.

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Recipe for poison with boric acid and egg

The most popular recipe for folk remedies from unwanted guests is a mixture of boric acid and egg. For its manufacture it is necessary: ​​

  1. Combine one boiled or raw chicken yolk with boric acid powder( 25-40 g) and mix. The mass should be thick.
  2. Download small balls from the received mass.
  3. Allow the balls to dry.
  4. Decompose the balls in the places of congestion of cockroaches.
  5. Block insects with access to food and water.
  6. After 3-4 weeks to wait for the result.

As evidenced by the reviews, the effect of the poison produced under this recipe may last 2-3 months.

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Ammonium alcohol

The action of this folk remedy is based on the aversion of insects to sharp smells. Ammonia alcohol has a sharp and unpleasant odor. For the expulsion of uninvited guests, you need to regularly wash floors and kitchen furniture with water and add it. To achieve the effect of scaring off insects into the water, it is enough to add 1-2 teaspoons of ammonia to 5 liters of water. The resulting solution is ready for use.

It is important not to overdo the concentration of the solution, since inhalation of ammonia alcohol vapor can lead to reflex stopping of breathing in humans.

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The drill

The drill( sodium salt of boric acid) is one of the safest and most effective folk remedies for cockroaches. There are several recipes for producing borax poison:

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  1. Mix borax powder( 200 grams), sugar powder( 60 grams), starch( 60 grams), vanilla sugar( 30 grams) and add water to the mixture.
  2. Mix the puree, made from medium-sized potatoes, crushed egg and a spoonful of borax.


  1. From the mixture obtained by the first or the second recipe, small balls must be rolled.
  2. Wipe dry the sink and sink so that the insects do not have access to water.
  3. Spread the balls under the sink, near the trash can, under the sink in the bathroom and near the toilet.
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An excellent folk remedy for cockroaches is pyrethrum - a natural harmless insecticide powder made from dried chamomile inflorescences. The way of using pyrethrum is quite simple: it needs to be scattered in places of congestion and possible appearance of insects.

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The smell of this nuclear substance cockroaches can not stand and leave the room. Undiluted kerosene is applied to the plinth, wallpaper. A day later the cockroaches leave the apartment, but there is a chance that they will return again, since kerosene does not kill insects.

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Geranium branches

Geranium is an excellent option for preventing the appearance of cockroaches. Insects do not tolerate the smell of the branches of this houseplant and are unlikely to want to settle in your apartment again, feeling the sharp aroma of geranium.

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Essential oils

An excellent repellent for cockroaches are essential oils. Best for this purpose are oils suitable:

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  • eucalyptus,
  • geranium,
  • lemon balm,
  • citronella,
  • lemongrass,
  • vetiver.

Their use has several advantages:

  1. Harmless, including for small children.
  2. The duration of the effect.
  3. Low cost.
  4. Ease of use. To repel insects, it is enough to wipe the kitchen and other surfaces where insects can appear, with warm water with the addition of a few drops of essential oil.

The only drawback of this tool - essential oils do not destroy, but only repels insects. When combating the global invasion of insects, they will not help.

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To get rid of cockroaches in a private house, you can use the method of freezing. Cockroaches are heat-loving insects, so that even when the frost is below -8 degrees, they die, and at -10 their larvae die. Therefore, you just need to lower the temperature of the air for a few hours to the specified level. But with the return of warm temperature there is a chance that the insects will return again.

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Traps can be easily manufactured by yourself. For this you need:

  1. To paste with the help of superglue on the can of paper, so that the cockroaches can crawl over it, pour beer or honey into the jar. Lubricate the edges of the trap with vegetable oil, so that cockroaches can not get out, leave it for the night in the habitats of cockroaches. In the morning, it will only be necessary to destroy the insects caught in the night.
  2. Stick a wide strip of adhesive tape on a piece of cardboard with a sticky side up. In the middle of the scotch place bait( honey, smoked meat, other food) and put the bait in the habitat of insects. Some of them will adhere to the scotch.
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Industrial tools

If you have time to mess with folk remedies, you can use the industrial means of fighting cockroaches.

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The most popular of them:

  • "Raptor",
  • "Dohloks",
  • "Globol",
  • "Killer",
  • "Liquidator".

Method of use of gels:

  1. Wash thoroughly and dry the table, kitchen furniture, floor and other surfaces where you apply the gel.
  2. Hide food products.
  3. Block the access of insects to water.
  4. Apply the gel with small drops around the perimeter of the treated area with a distance of 10 cm.

Advantages of using such a tool:

  1. It is convenient to apply them.
  2. They are immediately ready for use.
  3. Fast effect - after 3-7 days.
  4. One tube is enough to process a 2-room apartment.
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Externally, the traps are boxes with several inputs. Their action is based on the desire of insects to hide in the daytime. There are several types of industrial traps for cockroaches:

  1. Trap catchers for cockroaches, from which they can not escape.
  2. Electric traps, getting into which insects are exposed to an electric shock and die.
  3. Velcro traps, of which insects can not escape. Traps of the pseudo-feeder with poison bait.
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Aerosols are the most effective and fastest means of fighting insects. They process cracks, jambs, ventilation ducts and other places of congestion of cockroaches. Insects begin to die immediately after spraying a poisonous substance, but it is also harmless for humans and animals. Often do not use aerosols. In addition, insects very quickly adapt to chemicals and stop responding to them.

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Special chalks are a rather popular means of fighting cockroaches. They are easy to use, their cost is low and they are quite effective. There are several ways to use these chalks:

  1. Wash and dry the habitats and movement of insects - plinths, ventilation ducts, areas under the sink, behind the refrigerator and apply a thick layer of chalk to these areas.
  2. Carefully crush the chalk and scatter the resulting powder in hard-to-reach places.
  3. Dilute chalk in warm water( 5-7 liters per chalk) and rinse with the resulting solution of the surface of the kitchen, bathroom and toilet room.

Regardless of the chosen method of application, with regular processing of chalk cockroaches disappear within a month.

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Houses are sticky traps designed to detect and catch insects. Outside they are cardboard, and inside - sticky. In the center of a very sticky base inside the house is a bait. Such houses are effective and safe for people and animals.

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Special services

If the aforementioned means of fighting cockroaches are ineffective, contact a special service. Especially if you live in a hostel where you can not get rid of cockroaches on your own.

The fact is that you can fight any number of harmful insects as much as you like, but if the neighbors do not do the same - the efficiency is reduced to zero.

Involvement of special services for disinsection, which include specialists from SES, guarantees a good result, because pests will be destroyed in the whole house. The main thing is to coordinate this issue with the tenants and withdraw the people and pets from the building on the day of disinsection. Naturally, after treatment you need to carefully clean and ventilate the room.


Hello! Our relatives also had cockroaches. A nightmare!!!.Nothing helps. Virtually none of the tools are worth attention. Especially if there are animals, then it's very difficult to get cockroaches. Neither phones, nor microwave ovens and other equipment destroy them. There used to be a powder that was extracted at the factory "KAUCHUK" or at rubber plants, where rubber was poured from some insects. Sprinkle and for the rest of your life enough. Cockroaches first crawl up to the top, and then they fall dead already and never come to the apartment again. The neighbors have cockroaches, but we do not. Then it was very difficult to get this "magic" powder, but now probably not at all possible. Powder is odorless, white, but probably very toxic to cockroaches. For a man I do not know. We poured this powder and about poisonings from anybody never heard. Unfortunately I do not know the name of this powder. At us of 30 years, as there are no cockroaches, as a powder showered in the cornfields and did not clean up till now can be in this way they are not present. If someone knows the name of this powder or knows where it can be purchased please inform. To you I will be grateful. Thank you!

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