Why a man ignores a woman

Not all pairs have perfect relationships. Often the partners conflict and ignore each other. Usually tactics of ignoring adhere to the man. The woman, in turn, is concerned about this behavior of her companion. She's going through, she's thinking of non-existent problems and trying to figure out why a man ignores her. Let's try to understand the reasons for this male behavior.

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Reasons for

Before you start to understand the reasons, you need to understand what feelings a man feels for you. Sometimes a person can behave so simply because he does not want to give false hopes for a deeper relationship. But, if there is almost no doubt, and the man ignores the woman in whom he is in love, then the reason for this behavior is as follows:

  • Robustness. Perhaps he is too unsure of himself, afraid to admit his feelings, and his "ignoring" is just a defensive reaction. Agree, any man will be unpleasant to get a refusal from the girl interested in him. This behavior, most likely, is a consequence of the already experienced similar situations. In this case, you need to show attention and let the guy understand that you do not do this. But, there are men for whom uncertainty is the norm of life. If you happen to be like this, then think about whether it's worth to win his interest, if he at the very beginning of the relationship decided to abandon you?

  • Stocks himself a price. Often a man ignores a woman, guided by the saying "The less a woman we love, the more we like her."This is their psychology - to elevate themselves in the eyes of the girl interested in them. If you like to play cat and mouse, then boldly enter into the game, but if you want certainty, then just talk and find out the relationship.
  • Waits for the initiative from you. Perhaps a man just is not sure about your response feelings and he just waits for you to give him some special sign. In this case, you should not take the initiative completely in your hands, it's enough just to cheer up a bit or clarify the relationship.
  • Not sure about the woman. Maybe the reason for this behavior is that a man simply is not sure that you are the one "unique and unique".Then he does not hurry to develop relationships, looks, evaluates. And you just have to have patience and do everything to dispel his doubts.
  • His heart is occupied by another. Contrary to the opinion that all men are polygamous, there are rare specimens that can only be betrayed to one woman. Perhaps you misinterpreted his usual for communication signs of attention and took them for a tender sympathy for your persona? In this case, the man could quite change his behavior to let you know that there can not be anything more between you than friendly relations.
  • Your behavior is unpleasant for a man. It may well be that the main reason that a man begins to ignore a woman is her behavior. Something in your manners of communication, character or behavior repels the man. To understand what exactly became a stumbling block is very problematic. This can be anything: smoking, loud voice, obscene or incorrect speech, slovenliness and much more. If you are ready to change for the sake of the person, then find out what exactly and why he reacted so, and start working on yourself. But keep in mind that another whim can follow after one whim, and will it be right for yourself to become one that you really are not?

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What to do to a woman

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Whatever the reason for ignoring, in the end, it turns out, women should remember that:

  • You should never doubt yourself. What is not arranged in you one, be sure to like another. Perhaps it's just not your man.
  • Do not try to stay in touch with the man who avoids you. In most cases, this does not lead to anything good. Usually, if a woman likes, then the rushing feelings cause the men to do the boldest deeds, but not ignore them.
  • Such situations should be treated philosophically. Set yourself up in a positive way, raise your chin proudly and confidently walk towards your happiness, which will not exactly ignore you.
  • Extract from the current situation a useful experience, understand your mistakes and recognize them. Each person comes into our life for a specific purpose, try to understand why this person appeared in your path.
  • No man likes excessive attention. Do not try to meet him "accidentally" on the street and do not call, so you just push the man away from you. If he really likes you, then in the near future he will necessarily start to work for you.
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In any case, do not fixate on the object of lust. Distract from thoughts about him, go to a beauty salon or do useful household chores.

Remember that confident, happy women have a very special aura that can attract the opposite sex. And therefore, if one man could not appreciate your merits, then you can always attract your attention to another admirer with your positive and easy attitude to life. And who knows, maybe it will be your "one and only", which will never make you think about its contradictory attitude.


Very often men eschew women who behave too aggressively, not like women, but as men. A man in such a woman sees a man-rival, not a woman. To attract men, women should cultivate femininity and gentleness in themselves, and not build themselves "iron ladies."


And if this man in his own words and vulgar allusions himself provokes a woman to behave aggressively and like an iron lady?


It seems to me that a man does not need to pay all his time and attention not to be intrusive Who likes when he gets peeped Ignore maybe tired of idle talk it's better to talk to his friends different so as not to be a burden to one personpeople get tired of strong communication

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