How to keep a relationship at a distance

Today, more and more couples are forced to build relationships at a distance from each other. Study, service, work and other reasons ruthlessly divide people into different cities, and sometimes countries. Faced with such a problem, many begin to wonder how to keep the relationship from a distance, because living away from a loved one is difficult. Here are some useful tips for those who have to learn the features of relationships from a distance.

Advantages and disadvantages of the

relationship Those who have fallen far from being loved can be afraid of the prospect of a break in relations. Many do not know whether any relationship is possible at a distance, and how to support them. But, just because it's a certain risk and complexity, does not mean that relationships are not possible at a distance. A simple correction of your way of life, perception of the situation and behavior will help to preserve love.

In addition, relationships at a distance have some advantages. For couples who seldom spend time with each other, much longer in relationships there is a passion and freshness of feelings. They are trembling to the time that they spend together, so they try to fill every moment of intimacy with romance and variety. People who are in a relationship at a distance are less likely to be influenced by a partner. They are more individual, independent, they have more freedom and opportunities for self-realization. This is often not enough for those couples who live together all the time.

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Of course, love has a distance and flaws, and they are obvious. Lovers constantly miss each other, and this longing affects their emotional state, overshadowing every new day. Another drawback - this is heightened jealousy. One does not see how he spends the other, and can not control it. There are suspicions, which may well be unreasonable, but at a distance it is difficult to understand. Accordingly, there is a misunderstanding and there is a growing likelihood that lovers on this ground may begin to distance themselves from each other. Such a relationship will quickly become obsolete, and everyone will go their own way.

How to support

If you want your relationship at a distance to expect more rosy prospects, then a few simple but very effective tips will help you keep your love and no kilometers will not be a hindrance.

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  1. Communicate with each other as often as possible. Since you are separated by some distance, your task is to keep an emotional connection between each other. Fortunately, we live in an age of advanced technologies and such means of communication as a telephone, Skype, all kinds of chat rooms and instant messengers are available to everyone. You do not have to hang hours online, but try every minute to spend time talking with each other. Tell us about your small victories and defeats, ask for advice and are interested in the affairs of your partner. To alleviate a little anguish, buy a webcam, so when you communicate, you can see each other. Calls, letters, short sms of informative nature( "today I fell asleep on the bus and drove two unnecessary stops" or "we have a fever at work today) seem to blur the boundaries and create a sense of the real presence of a person.
  2. Do something together. Although you are in different cities, but this does not prevent you from doing something together. For example, play online games, read the same online magazine or watch TV shows and movies and share your opinion in real time. Also, you can try to cook the same dishes, while commenting on the sequence of their actions. Even if your guy does not know how to cook, he will be interested in making the same purchases as you. As a pair, at a distance, you just need such joint actions. Having created the effect of the presence of a partner in your life, you will not feel lonely.
  3. In case of disagreement, immediately disassemble them . Relations at a distance are very complicated, there may be suspicions, misunderstanding, jealousy, and unjustified offense. From quarrels no one is immune, but think about whether they are worth those feelings that you are trying to keep with all your might. Therefore, always understand the reasons for such disagreements, but do it carefully, without hysterics and exits to offline. Remember that your reproaches cause the suffering of a loved one who is away from you far away from the world, where it is not easy for him to be without you.
  4. Maintaining relationships at a distance will help to talk about a joint future. Understanding that in the end you can be together will once again remind you and prove to you that your virtual relationships are not a dead end, and all your efforts and experiences are worth it. No matter how hard it is, you must talk to with your about your move. Perhaps he is not yet ready for this, but still you must understand what to expect. Discuss your actions in the future - decide which of you will move, what kind of business he will be engaged in, discuss the approximate time of moving. You must clearly understand what awaits you in the future, in order to understand what you are fighting for.
  5. Use every opportunity for real meetings. Unfortunately, not a single relationship can endure separation without meeting. Therefore, plan visits to stay together for at least one or two days. Yes, there are endless transfers, railway stations, airports, but without this it is impossible to do. But it is these moments that will be the most valuable in the relationship, they will be your anchor, which will keep your love afloat. And then, when you live together, this period of your life you will remember, as the most romantic, filled with sincere feelings, time.
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Relations, regardless of whether they are built at a distance or not - this is a difficult job. However, history knows millions of examples when people overcame and not such barriers and were together. If your relationship is true love, then no kilometers to it is no obstacle. Think positively, trust your half, talk about your feelings, appreciate each other and you will overcome all obstacles!


It's also important to have a common passion. Nothing brings them closer, even at a distance, as a common cause. You can do anything. Photography, music and more. Household hooks are often bored. But the common thing is never.

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