Valuable advice how to become self-confident girl

The lack of faith in yourself is one of the most common complexes that you need to fight. Uncertainty in their abilities leads to a variety of other problems in relationships, at work and at home. In fact, to overcome their fears and become a confident girl is quite simple. Below are valuable tips that will help you build relationships with yourself.

  • Self-esteem
  • Self-realization
  • Striving for self-confidence
  • Working on shortcomings


No matter how you treat yourself, try to look at yourself from the friendly understanding and think about those things in which you have been successful. Focus on your best qualities, and so you can distract from your shortcomings, revive self-esteem and you will surely get self-confidence. Look closely at yourself and for sure you can find something good in your appearance, or maybe you'll remember your long-forgotten talents, but most importantly - think about what kind of person you are. The following tips will help you to regain self-esteem:

  • Remember what compliments you have received from outsiders. People around us always mark attractive external or internal features, which we ourselves can not notice or recognize. For example, you could be praised for being calm and collected in a stressful situation or celebrating your charming smile. Such compliments say that you have something to respect yourself for.

  • Keep in memory your past achievements. Perhaps earlier you won some competitions or olympiads, were a star in the school or at the institute, or changed someone's life for the better. Remember this, because you are worthy of respect!
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Self-realization is a very important condition in the life of a happy and confident girl. Think about your vocation in life, about what you would like to do. To achieve harmony with yourself, you need to do the work in which you have the best talent available. Analyze your life path, and you will find a skill that stands out among the rest.

Do not go straight for a big deal, try yourself in different areas and somewhere you will like it most. Perhaps in order to find your place in life, you will have to change the profession or go to additional courses.

Do not be afraid of this, because changes are always for the better - this is new knowledge, new acquaintances, a new field of activity. Develop in a professional way, and you will surely gain not only confidence in yourself and your strengths, but also will achieve great success in your work.

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Striving for self-confidence

In every life there are periods when faith in oneself weakens. Believe me, even the strongest, self-confident and independent women sometimes have doubts. You should try to not allow such moments in your life with all your might, and if they do happen, you must be able to fight them quickly and effectively. To strengthen the belief in yourself will help what you know how to do best( you must think so), for example, read aloud your favorite verse with an expression. Is not it true that you are just born to declare poems? Try it, and you will feel how this simple device returns faith in yourself.

Also think about the qualities that you would like to have. Ideal people do not exist, but persistent and regular work on yourself allows you to develop your inner world, make yourself better and more confident. Such qualities as honor, dignity, selflessness, kindness, responsiveness require constant self-improvement. And if you seek to improve your character and personal characteristics, then you can become a confident person.

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Working on shortcomings

The main problem for almost all insecure people is ignorance of their own merits and demerits. Therefore, work on yourself must begin with the study of yourself. The following simple tips will help you not only understand your negative qualities, but also understand how to increase self-esteem and acquire new virtues.

  1. Take a pen, a sheet of paper and write 100 of your positive qualities and 100 negative ones. Opposite the shortcomings, write down what new merits you would like to replace them with. Then start to work on yourself, not forgetting to mark the changes in the list, gradually filling in the shortcomings with advantages.
  2. Continuing to work on your negative qualities, create a "Success" magazine, in which you try to write down at least one successful case every day. Such a simple method is very important if you want to become a self-confident girl, as re-reading your small victories in hard times, you will strengthen the spirit of the winner.
  3. Eliminate all negative aspects from your life. Control that you look, read, communicate with whom. If possible, try to communicate less with people who do not believe in you, and you will not have time to notice how they will be replaced by people who will help you not only struggle with your shortcomings, but also develop self-confidence.
  4. Take care of a business that will bring you pleasure, for example, sports or creativity. If you are a creative person, then go on vocals, dances or to a theater studio. If you all can not stop being embarrassed and, accordingly, have no talents in yourself yet, choose a sport. Start with an elementary 15-minute run and gradually increase the load. In the first and second case, the main thing is the systematic nature of the classes and you will not notice how, from a fast, disillusioned girl, you will turn into an interesting, energetic, confident person.
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And lastly, do not forget that gaining self-confidence is not a meaning in life, but much depends on it. Do not rush to extremes, change gradually, step by step. Adjust your thinking to a positive mood and the first changes will give you the first confidence.

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