How to Starch a Lace Napkin

Lacy napkins give the house grooming, coziness and some originality. Going into, decorated with lace, the house does not remain doubts about the homeownership of her mistress.

The beauty of lacy napkins, not least depends on how beautiful you will be able to starch them. It is possible to starch lace napkins using the following materials: starch, sugar, PVA glue, gloss-starch. Starch lace napkins can be starved as very weakly, hardly noticeable, and strong enough.

How to starch a napkin with starch?

To starch a lacy napkin using starch, a solution must be prepared beforehand. The degree of rigidity of the finished product will depend on the concentration of the starch solution. For a weak stiffness in one liter of water, dissolve 1 teaspoon of starch, for medium hardness - one and a half teaspoon of starch, for strong stiffness - two teaspoons of starch. In boiling water it is necessary to pour the starch solution diluted in cold water in the necessary concentration, stirring carefully, to exclude the appearance of lumps in the solution. To starch lace napkins, it is dipped in a cooled solution, squeezed and spread on a flat surface, giving it the necessary shape.

How to starch a napkin with sugar syrup?

To starch a lace napkin in sugar syrup, you need to prepare the solution according to the following recipe: in 200 ml of water, add six tablespoons of sugar and bring to a boil, add the starch solution. This solution must be brought back to boiling, cooled and used for starching lace napkins.

How to starch the napkin with PVA glue?

You can start the lacy napkin with a solution prepared using PVA glue. To prepare the solution, you need to dissolve 100 ml of glue in 200 ml of cold water.

How to starch the napkin gelatin?

If you starched a lace napkin using gelatin, the napkin will not crumble, will keep the shape until the next wash. To prepare the solution, you need to dilute one tablespoon of gelatin in 100 ml of cold water. After swelling gelatin, the resulting volume should be brought to 200 ml and put on medium fire. The solution, in order to starch a lace napkin, it is necessary to cool, and after that to dip the product into it.

How to starch a napkin with a gloss effect?

Also, the lace napkin can be starched using glossy starch. This kind of starching will give a shine to the surface of the finished product. To prepare the solution, you need five tablespoons of rice starch, three tablespoons of talc, one tablespoon of borax powder.

Ingredients should be mixed, thoroughly diluted in cold water. To starch lace napkin it is necessary to soak it, soaked in a solution with a cloth, followed by ironing with a hot iron.

After starching, it is important to give it the final shape when drying the product. Napkins, shawls lay out on a flat surface, for example on a sheet, fixing openworked ends with the help of pins or thread, knitted lace vases are put on a suitable bottle in shape.


I have not heard about some of the methods before. Be sure to try to starch the napkin gelatin.

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