Documents for the registration of a newborn child

Even a newborn baby is provided with rights. He is a citizen of the country, as well as an adult population. Therefore, any child has the right to register. For this, parents need to collect the necessary documents and register a residence permit. In this case, the residence of the parents or one of them may be determined as the place of residence.

  • List of documents
  • Rules for registration

List of documents

Required documents for propiska that must be provided:

  1. Form with the application of the parent, at whose address the registration will be made.
  2. Birth certificate of the baby and his copy. In the case of a foster child, an adoption document.
  3. Marriage certificate, if any. Parents' passports and their copies.
  4. Extract from the house book.
  5. If parents are registered at different addresses, you need a certificate stating that the baby is not registered at another address.
  6. If the parents live separately from each other, the consent of one for the permission to register the baby at the place of residence of the other is required.

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Rules of registration

Consider the important points when registering:

  1. In the lawthe registration of the newborn does not specify the maximum period for processing the documents. Therefore, a fine for delay is not provided.
  2. When registering a newborn child under the age of one month, the mother's statement is sufficient. At registration of the child is more senior, the certificate from a residence of the husband is required.
  3. Miscellaneous residence of spouses, in case of registration of the baby from the father, requires the permission of the mother, notarized. The reverse situation does not require the consent of the mother.
  4. One of the parents can process the documents. The presence of both parents is necessary in case of residence in the place of residence of the father, if the parents are not registered.
  5. Insufficient housing space can not serve as a refusal to register a child.
  6. Parents who are not owners of housing have the right to register a newborn once without the owner's consent. The same goes for registration in a privatized apartment.
  7. If the parents have a temporary residence permit, then the child is registered for the same period.

After collecting the required documents, all should be provided to the passport office. While the registration process continues, they will be there. Usually the term of registration is several days. As a result of registration of documents, data on the newborn are entered in the house book.

To continue to be able to issue child support, you need to get a certificate. The document certifies the actual residence of the baby with the parent or guardian. Child registration is not subject to duty, so this procedure is free.

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