Documents for changing passports after marriage

If a woman decides to change her surname after marriage, she must change her passport for the new data. Today this procedure, contrary to popular belief, does not take much time and effort, and the registration of the document is regulated by law. Let us consider in more detail what needs to be prepared to replace the passport and which institutions should be visited.

  • Rules and procedure for the exchange
  • List of documents

Rules and procedure for the exchange

By law, after registering a marriage, a woman must submit documents for the replacement of the passport for the next 30 days. Basically, the process of changing the passport is similar to the procedure for obtaining the original document. If after the wedding the woman decides to leave her last name, you do not need to change the document.

When submitting documents later than the allotted time, a fine is charged for the untimely change of the passport after the marriage.

Its size can fluctuate. The maximum amount that can be assigned to the guilty is 3,000 rubles. For capital prices, the maximum penalty is 5,000 rubles.

It is possible to increase the allotted time in exceptional cases. There must be a valid reason for breaking the law. In this situation, the relevant documents are provided, justifying the disruption of the term. At the discretion of the representative of the FMS, applicants who surrendered the documents later but no more than 7 days can avoid the fine.

The period of replacement of a passport after marriage is also regulated by law:

  • if a new document is issued at the place of registration - 10 days;
  • if the place of the actual stay is 2 months.

The time of counting starts from the moment of delivery of all documents.

Registration and replacement of the passport is carried out by representatives of the FMS at the place of residence or actual residence.

Therefore, you can contact the nearest territorial office. There are two options for filing documents:

  • Remote. Translating the documents into an electronic form, they send it through the portal of state services of the Russian Federation. It remains only to provide originals of the necessary documents upon receipt of a new passport.
  • Traditional. Delivery of documents to the representative of the FMS directly when visiting the territorial body.

As the passport is withdrawn at the time of issuance of the new document, the applicant is entitled to receive an interim certificate. For this, in the process of submitting a package of documents, you must provide one more photo. After that the FMS officer is obliged to issue a temporary certificate. It is handed over after receiving a new passport.

Pay attention to the basic documents for the registration of the newborn child
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List of documents

Consider what you need to prepare for obtaining a new passport:

  1. Application. A sample document can be found on the information stand of the FMS or on the official website of the organization. The form can be issued in printed or handwritten form.
  2. Marriage certificate and its copy. The document prescribes the girl's maiden name and acquired after marriage. After the document is issued, the original is returned.
  3. Passport of the bride with a note on marriage. After the replacement it is not returned.
  4. The applicant's photo, corresponding to her current age, is 35 × 45 in duplicate.
  5. Receipt of the paid state fee.

Additional documents for specific cases:

  1. For entering information about minors in the document, it is necessary to provide a certificate of their birth.
  2. The military liable applicants additionally provide a military ticket.
  3. In the absence of registration marks in the old passport, a registration confirmation is provided.
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