How to care for tulips in a vase

According to popular belief tulips give people happiness. How much joy and delight this spring flower brings! How you want sometimes to please yourself with a wonderful bouquet in a vase! Unfortunately, the torn flower quickly fades. We will disclose some effective secrets, how to take care of tulips in a vase, so that they will gladden the eye as long as possible.

  • How to prepare water and choose a vase
  • Additives for tulips
  • Useful advices

How to prepare water and choose a vase

To create favorable conditions for tulips, choose high capacity. Its edge should be no lower than the middle of the stem of the flowers, otherwise they can bend.

Too narrow a vase also does not fit, tulips will be cramped there.

Capacity of metal for a bouquet is not good. It is better to choose a glass vase. Before use, clean it thoroughly using soda.

Prepare water for it before installing the bouquet. First, boil it, allow it to cool and settle in a cool place. Warm water for tulips is not suitable. So put them better in a cool room. The ideal temperature for a cut bun - 4 degrees. Ice cubes placed between the stem and leaves will help to approximate the ideal conditions. Extend the freshness of the bouquet will help daily change of water and wash the vase.

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Additives for tulips

Some products contribute to the prolongation of the "life" of tulips. To keep the freshness longer, add to the water:

  • a piece of charcoal;
  • 6% sugar solution;
  • Manganese crystals;
  • aspirin, vinegar, citric acid( against harmful bacteria);
  • a branch of thuya, which will prolong its freshness;
  • special means - "Flora", "Bud", "Krizal" and others.
Please note, when it is better to change indoor flowers
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Useful advices

  1. Cut flowers are exposed, the buds of which just begin to blossom. If flowers are purchased, do not buy a full-blown tulips or with green buds.
  2. On hot days, you need to cut flowers early in the morning, so the bouquet will keep freshness longer. When the cloudy, cool weather, the time for cutting tulips does not matter.
  3. Lower leaves from plants should be removed. They contribute to the stagnation of water.
  4. So that the stem of the cut plants does not lose elasticity, wrap each flower with moist paper and hold it for a couple of hours.
  5. The place for the vase should be well lit, but without access to sunlight.
  6. The bouquet should not get drafts.
  7. Periodically cut the tip of the stem, prolonging the "life" of the flowers. Do this with a sharp knife, lowering the stem into the water.
  8. Do not allow a sudden change in temperature in the room where the bouquet is standing.
  9. If the bouquet begins to fade noticeably - it does not matter. Cut off the ends of the stems, wrap each of them in paper and dip into the water. Cover the bouquet with a damp gauze on top. In this case the buds should remain above the surface. Hold the tulips in this form for several hours and return it to the vase.

Compliance with the described recommendations will keep the freshness of the bouquet up to 10 days. So, tulips will continue to give a good mood and beauty.

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