List of 15 best creative professions

Creative professions directly relate to art and culture, they require a creative solution to any problems, as well as non-standard thinking. It is these qualities that must necessarily be present in representatives of the following creative professions.


Translated from Latin, "actor" means the performer. The actor is a master of reincarnations, he must necessarily possess such qualities as:

  • artistry;
  • emancipation;
  • creativity.

The actors always have a good memory and a clear diction. This profession requires a lot of effort and daily work on yourself.


In English, "design" means to conceive, to design. Designers are people who have artistic abilities. The compulsory qualities of the designer include such character traits as:

  • communicability;
  • creative and imaginative thinking;
  • a creative approach to solving any problem.

Today in the design there are a dozen different directions.


The main task of the illustrator is to create an image based on history or written text. In addition to artistic skills, illustrators possess:

  • developed fantasy;
  • creativity;
  • assiduity.

This profession is in demand in advertising campaigns, editions, publishing houses.

Fashion designer

Fashion designer - the main profession in the field of clothing. The duties of the designer include:

  • design development;
  • creating patterns;
  • selection of materials;
  • the organization of displays.

The high-end specialist possesses such qualities as:

  • imagination;
  • assiduity;
  • creativity;
  • artistic skills;
  • skills of cutting and sewing.

Fashion designers are always in demand in fashion houses, boutiques and garment factories.


The main task of the director is to manage all creative processes in the cinema, theater and on television. It is the director who interprets the script, communicating the main idea of ​​the author to the actors, and then follows the implementation. The director must have such personal qualities as:

  • born leadership;
  • creativity.

The director for today is one of the highly paid creative professions.

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Animator is a person who skillfully combines the child's perception of the world and adult professionalism. Multipliers combine the role of both the artist and the director. They are engaged in creating a plot-scenario line of animated products, as well as creating a visual series. A good specialist should possess such qualities as:

  • developed fantasy;
  • creativity;
  • assiduity.

The workplace for multipliers can serve as an advertising agency, a web design studio, as well as animated studios.

Gallery owner

Profession gallery owner is very similar to the profession of art. On the shoulders of the gallery owner is the presentation of exhibits for the purpose of demonstration and subsequent sale. In addition, it provides the organization of advertising, presentation and sale of masterpieces. This profession is suitable for creative people with:

  • good memory;
  • analytical mind;
  • communication skills.

The work can be found both in the museum, gallery, and independently open their own business.


The main task of the photographer is to capture the bright moments of life with the help of special equipment. This is a creative profession, which is at the intersection of technology and art. A specialist in his field must possess:

  • rich in fantasy;
  • aesthetic taste;
  • feeling of composition;
  • with patience.

Photographers are in demand in newspapers, magazines, photo shops, design companies.


The main task of a hairdresser is to create hairstyles and hair care. These specialists make coloring, different types of haircuts, styling, and also are engaged in hair treatment. A professional hairdresser needs qualities such as:

  • tactfulness;
  • communication skills;
  • delicacy;
  • patient;
  • sense of style;
  • neatness.
  • loading. ..

Good specialists are always in demand in beauty salons, hairdressers, schools of stylists.


Work stylist is to create a bright and harmonious external image. During the creation of an individual style, they are repulsed both from the external data of the client, and from his character, aesthetic tastes and activities. In order to become a stylist you need to possess such qualities as:

  • tactfulness;
  • developed intuition;
  • communication skills;
  • creativity;
  • analytical abilities.

Stylists can find a job in beauty salons, photo studios, image agencies, television.

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The work of a jeweler is to create artwork from stones and precious metals. During the jewelry work, such techniques as casting, forging, artistic chasing, embossing, engraving, etc. are used. To become a good master, you need to skillfully combine both artistic skills and scrupulous technical work. The jeweler must possess such personal qualities as:

  • assiduity;
  • creativity;
  • painstakingness;
  • good fine motor skills;
  • neatness.

Jewelers, as a rule, in demand in jewelry shops and pawnshops.

Make-up artist

The main task of the make-up artist is to create an image and to correct the appearance with the help of decorative cosmetics. This profession is ideal for people with the following skills:

  • sociability;
  • creativity;
  • assiduity.
  • loading. ..

Stylists, as a rule, work in modeling agencies, in theaters, beauty salons, television studios, photo and filming.


The main task of a writer is the creation of a verbal product that is intended for public consumption. For the writer is characteristic:

  • developed fantasy;
  • is a humanitarian mind.

In addition, he must perfectly master the language, as well as be able to clearly, accurately and figuratively state all his thoughts. Typically, the writers work at home.


Animator is a specialist who conducts celebratory events, and also speaks to the public in order to create a good mood and entertain. This profession is ideal for people who possess:

  • artistic skills;
  • with a loud voice;
  • with clear diction;
  • positive energy.

Animators find their use in nightclubs, restaurants, amusement parks, kindergartens and holiday management agencies.

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