A list of goods in Russia that can not be returned or exchanged in a store

Often buying a particular product in the store, people do not think about whether they will be able to return this item or product in case of a mismatch. For example, under the law, a discounted product is subject to return only if its shortcomings were not specified, and the custom goods are not subject to return or exchange at all, since its characteristics have been changed exclusively to certain parameters. In order to require the return of your funds by law, you first need to examine what kind of goods can not be returned.

  • List of goods

List of products

This list includes the following products and products:

  • products used at home for the treatment of various ailments and their prevention: hygiene products and sanitary items made from different materials, eyeglasses, medicines, Medical devices and equipment, instruments, oral hygiene products, childcare items;

  • perfume and cosmetics;
  • means, which refer to personal hygiene: hair curlers, combs, hairpieces, wigs, toothbrushes, hairpins and the like;
  • textile products - woolen, linen, synthetic, cotton and silk fabrics, non-woven materials( braid, lace, ribbons), which are sold for a yardage;
  • knitted and garments( socks, stockings, underwear);
  • objects and materials used for finishing and construction - film, laminate, linoleum, various carpeting and so on, various cords, wires, cables, which are sold for a distance;
  • materials and products that are used to interact with food products( for single use, from polymeric materials): tableware and kitchen accessories and dishes, packaging materials for the transport or storage of products;
  • household chemicals, various agrochemicals and pesticides;
  • furniture used in everyday life: various sets and sets;
  • jewelry made with the use of precious stones or made of precious and expensive metals, faceted precious stones, products with inserts of synthetic or semiprecious stones;
  • cars, trailers, numbered aggregates, motovolotovary, means of agricultural work of small mechanization, pleasure craft and other boats;
  • firearms, which are used for official and civil purposes and its components, as well as cartridges;
  • household goods in a technical sense complex with the established terms of the guarantee: machines with which to handle metal and wood, film and photographic equipment, electrical household appliances and machines, multiplying, computing and radio electronic equipment used in everyday life, telephones and fax machines,electronic musical toys and instruments, gas technical equipment and devices;
  • plants and animals;
  • non-periodical publications: calendars, brochures, booklets, music editions and maps, books, albums, publications that can be reproduced using technical media.

When making a purchase and specifying from the seller whether the goods are subject to return or exchange, the latter is always obliged to give an exact answer.

To return or exchange it is necessary to save checks, original packaging, if any, documents, coupons and all that you were given at the time of purchase. Otherwise, it is impossible to return or exchange.

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