The essence of SELFI or SELFI and how to call a stick for SELFI

There are many Anglicisms around Russia today. One of them is the slang word "selfie", formed from the English word "self", that is, "self".It turns out, this is the name of photographing yourself on a smartphone or camera, than our modern youth has been selflessly engaged in recently. Let's see what kind of "salfi" or "selfie" is called a new trend in photo-art, and as an add-on we will tell you what is called a stick for this "SELFI" itself.

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  • Popular name of the holder for SELF
  • How does
  • work? How to make your own hands

What is SELFI

So, the correct name for this kind of photography is SELFI.It means photographing yourself either on an outstretched hand, or using a mirror, or using a special stick, which we will discuss below. Anyone who does not like new-fangled English words, calls selfy - "self-pitying", "self-shot", "self-image."

Today, the global network is simply filled with selfies of all kinds.

A special popularity for such photos arose immediately after the advent of the social network Instagram.

And surprisingly, but its accounts in it have created world stars, famous politicians and other famous personalities who do not hesitate to regularly post their selfies on the network.

Some psychologists say that such a hobby indicates a psychological disorder or a complex of narcissism. Others believe that Selfie is a way of self-expression, a desire to tell the world "here it is I".People put the selfie to pay attention to them, appreciate them, praise them. What is true and what is not - it's hard to say, but it's safe to say that such photos develop creativity. Any SELFI, even the simplest, includes an idea, a theme, an expression and an implementation. Creating your own image requires creative effort, because each photo must be something new, unique.

And how to make selfi that it was original and inimitable? Simply, if you have a special holder, invented to create selfies.

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Popular name of the holder for SELFI

Fans of "scoffers" believe that a stick for self-photo is simply a genius invention of mankind. With its help, you can take pictures from a longer distance, which allows you to expand the frame and accommodate more people in the photo. The names of this invention are numerous:

  • monopods for selfies;
  • stick for Selfie;
  • handle for selfie;
  • self storage tripod;
  • telescopic stick for selfie;
  • telescopic monopod;
  • "magic wand of narcissus";
  • universal self-stick.

Made such a design of plastic or metal. Monopod for selfie is a folding stick( in the decomposed state up to 110 cm, folded - about 20), one end of which is equipped with a special socket for a telephone or a small camera.

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How it works

It's very easy to use such a device as a stick for Selfie - we insert the phone or camera into the socket and make the most original and interesting photos. But let's take it all in order. In general, a three-type tripod is of three types:

  1. The simplest stick for Selfie is a monopod that acts as a simple holder. To use it to take a picture, you need to set a timer on the phone or camera, push the tube apart and wait for the shutter to work.
  2. Bluetooth is a monopod. A stick equipped with a bluetooth keyfob works just fine - a bluetooth connection is established between the photographing device and the keyfob, after which the pictures can be taken by pressing the button on the keychain.
  3. Monopod, equipped with a cable that plugs into the smartphone into the headphone jack. A stick with a built-in cable also allows you to do a self from a distance. The plug of the wire is inserted into the headphone jack of the smartphone and photos are taken by pressing a button on the handle of the monopod.

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How to make your own hands

Those with whomThere is no opportunity to buy a stick for Selfie, they can quite build a similar design with their own hands. For this you will need:

  • ski stick;
  • hacksaw for metal;
  • ruler;
  • piece of cloth;
  • alcohol solution;
  • protective gloves;
  • scalpel or sharp knife;
  • newspaper;
  • adhesive tape;
  • 2 plasticine-rubber packages Sugru;
  • mount GoPro.

Measure the ruler with the required length of the future monopod. The optimal size is 25-30 cm from the base of the ski stick handle.

Use the metal hacksaw to cut off excess material.

Fill the hole with pieces of newspaper.

Gently remove the rubber from the plastic attachment of GoPro with a knife or scalpel.

Wear protective gloves, soak a piece of cloth with alcohol and degrease the mounting surface.

Decide which side you will mount the camera to.

Take one bag of Sugru, smash it in your hands, form a pyramid and attach it along the entire length of the mount.

Connect the attachment to the ski pole.

Make sure that the mount is centered.

Take the second bag of Sugru, smash it in your hands and wrap it with the base of the stick.

Make your fingers completely smooth and make sure there are no sharp corners left.

Fix a monopod on the table with scotch tape. During the day Sugru must dry and harden.

Enjoy great pictures!

Self-made stick made by hand, comes out easy, practical and cheap. Its only drawback is that the homemade monopod is monolithic, and this indicates possible difficulties in its transportation. But for lovers of original selfies, such inconvenience should not become an obstacle to the creation of masterpieces of photography.

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