How to clean your sheepskin coat at home

A warm and practical sheepskin coat is an indispensable type of clothing in the cold season. However, from improper care and prolonged wearing, the sheepskin loses its original gloss, becomes covered with stains and dirt. To return the sheepskin clean and fresh, you need to properly clean it from dirt. This procedure can be entrusted to dry cleaners or run independently at home.


General cleaning instructions
  • Dry cleaning methods
  • Wet cleaning of sheepskin coats
  • How to brush fur on a sheepskin coat
  • General cleaning instructions

    To perform high-quality cleaning of sheepskin coats at home, carefully study the labels on the clothes and determine what material is made of sheepskin coats, because for different materials there are different means and methods of cleaning:

    • suede is cleaned by dry method;
    • laser coated products are well tolerated by the wet cleaning method;
    • skin is cleaned in a dry and damp way.

    Before cleaning, always clean the cleaner in a small area of ​​the product. If you use it to remove the stain, treat it with the entire contaminated surface of the sheepskin coat.

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    Do not wash suede or leather products in washing machines. After such a procedure the sheepskin will lose shape and decrease in size. The surface of the product will become dull and stiff.

    If the sheepskin is soaked in the rain, hang the product on its hangers and leave it to dry at room temperature.

    After the end of the winter season, it is not recommended to put the sheepskin coat for long storage in a bag made of artificial fabrics. The most rational option is to pack the product in a cover made of cotton material. In a bag put a sprig of lavender or a napkin soaked in lavender oil.

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    Dry cleaning methods

    Suede clothing looks always expensive and elegant. However, suede things quickly become dirty, losing their velvety and glossiness. When purchasing suede sheepskin coat, consider that this material requires delicate care and regular dry cleaning.

    If the sheepskin coat is not heavily soiled, use ordinary salt to remove small stains and restore the lost velvety. To do this, apply salt to the surface of the contaminated areas and rub it lightly with your hands or with a rubber brush. The main condition - do not overdo it so as not to damage the texture of the fabric and not cause "baldness" of suede. After the disappearance of dirt, remove the salt from the surface of the sheepskin with a dry sponge.

    For sheepskins made of leather, dry cleaning with salt is not recommended. On the surface of the skin, salt leaves ugly stains and changes the color of the product.

    If on a sheepskin formed strong dirt and grease stains, use the following cleaning methods:

    1. Cleaning semolina. All contaminated areas of sheepskin coat sprinkle with semolina. Then put on the mittens from the fabric and rub the dirty areas on the sheepskin coat. Your movements should be directed from the edge of the dirt to its center. After the main stains disappear, perform the same manipulation on the entire surface of the sheepskin, using a brush with a hard nap or fine-grained sandpaper. If you do not have a manga, use starch to clean it.
    2. Gasoline cleaning. With the help of gasoline, grease stains are easily removed from the sheepskin surface. For cleaning, soak a piece of sackcloth in gasoline and rub it gently with a greasy stain. Do not use gasoline cleaning for sheepskin coats made in light colors.
    3. Drying dried bread crust. This method of cleaning is considered the most sparing for products with small impurities. To perform the procedure will require several bread crust, which need to vigorously rub spots. Tear off the brush with a soft bristle.
    4. Cleaning with tooth powder. Greasy places on the pockets and on the collar effectively cleans tooth powder. This tool is applied to the contaminated areas with a rubber brush.

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    Wet cleaning of sheepskin coats

    Leather sheepskin coats and coated products are well tolerated by wet cleaning. In this way, it is most rational to purify strong contaminants. Consider the most effective ways of wet cleaning of sheepskins:

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    1. Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. This cleaning method is effectively used for white sheepskin. To prepare the whitening mixture, dissolve in a warm water of 200 ml volume one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and the same amount of ammonia. The resulting solution is mixed and applied with a soft sponge to the contaminated places of the sheepskin coat. Handle stains with a solution until the color is completely restored and the contaminants are removed.
    2. Cleaning with ammonia. Strong dirt is removed from the surface of the sheepskin with ammonia, which must be diluted with water in a 4: 1 ratio. With the solution obtained, soak a soft sponge and wipe all the dirt on the product. Then quickly remove the remnants of ammonia with a sponge soaked in water, and then wipe the sheepskin with a dry rag.
    3. Cleaning with soda and milk. First remove dust with a brush from the sheepskin coat. Then in warm milk with a volume of 200 ml, dissolve 10 grams of soda. In the resulting solution, moisten the cotton disc and treat them with greasy stains on the sheepskin coat. Cotton discs should be replaced with clean discs. Then wipe the surface of the sheepskin with a soft cloth, which is impregnated with a weak solution of vinegar. After the procedure, wipe the surface of the sheepskin with a dry sponge.
    4. Cleaning with soap and ammonia. In warm water with a volume of 200 ml, dissolve 10 ml of shampoo and 5 ml of ammonia. The resulting solution soak a soft sponge and treat it with dirty places on the sheepskin coat. After the initial treatment, prepare another mixture, which consists of 500 ml of water, 5 ml of borax, 20 ml of glycerin and 15 ml of ammonia. With this mixture, treat the surface of the entire product. Then leave the sheepskin coat on the shoulders.
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    How to clean fur on a sheepskin coat

    To effectively clean fur on sheepskin coat, use the following tools:

    1. Wheat bran or sand. To perform fur cleansing, heat bran or sand in a frying pan and then apply light "massaging" movements to the surface of the contaminated nap. Remove the remains of sand or bran from the pile with a brush with a stiff bristle.
    2. Shampoo for bathing cats. Dilute the shampoo in warm water and beat it to a thick foam. Apply foam to the contaminated fur with a sponge and leave for a few minutes on the surface of the pile. Then gently rinse the remaining foam with warm water, trying not to soak the skin of the sheepskin coat.
    3. Ethyl alcohol and vinegar. Mix in equal proportions alcohol, vinegar and water. Apply the resulting solution to the fur with a sponge. Then wipe the fur on the sheepskin with a clean cloth. This way you can not clean artificial fur.
    4. Lemon juice. Apply a soft sponge with lemon juice and apply juice to the surface of the fur. After the procedure, comb the fur carefully with a comb.
    5. With starch and gasoline. Prepare a mixture of starch and gasoline, and then apply it to the contaminated fur and allow it to dry completely. Then remove the remnants of the mixture with a brush.
    6. Pounded chalk or powdered baby powder. These remedies remove fat stains from the surface of the fur. Apply chalk or powder to contaminated areas, and then remove the remnants of the substance with a brush.
    7. With ammonia and salt. To remove contaminants, prepare a solution of ammonia 5 ml, a salt of 30 g and water of 500 ml. With the resulting solution, treat all stains on the fur, and then wipe the fur with a damp sponge.

    After long socks, the fur on the sheepskin tarnishes and loses its own shine. To fur again glistened, use for its cleaning a mixture prepared from 12 drops of ammonia, 100 g of animal fat and laundry soap weighing 10 g. Mix the ingredients and dissolve in a liter of hot water. Cool the resulting solution and apply a sponge to the surface of the fur. Remove the remnants of the mixture with a damp brush.

    White fur on a sheepskin coat will help clean hydrogen peroxide. In a liter of water, dissolve hydrogen peroxide of 5 ml. The resulting solution is poured into a spray gun and sprayed onto the fur. Post the sheepskin coat to fresh air until the fur dries completely. Then, comb the hair with a brush with a stiff bristle.

    Ways to clean the sheepskin coat at home are large quantities. If you wear a sheepskin coat carefully, properly take care of it and remove contaminations in a timely manner, it will last you for many years and will always have a presentable appearance.


    Thank you! It is interesting and useful, especially when you want to do everything yourself.


    I brushed my husband's suede sheepskin coat with semolina! The effect is stunning! Stains from juice, champagne completely gone. Sheepskin coat is now new! Thank you very much for useful advices)


    I tested two ways of cleaning sheepskins - ammonia with water and alcohol, vinegar with water. I have two sheepskins - white and blue. Since sheepskins are light, they periodically have to be cleaned. While I do without dry cleaners - blue sheepskin with impregnation, I cleaned ammonia with water. Those places on the sheepskin coat, which had become stiff and darkened, brightened before our eyes and the dirt remained on the sponge. Pollution is not instantly removed, you need to try, but the method is very good. I am a liquid ammonia with water once and a fair fur on a sheepskin cleaned - the result was satisfied. Only a sponge is often washed from the remaining dirt on it. And with ethyl alcohol with vinegar and water I quickly cleaned white fur on a sheepskin coat. By the way, fur after such cleansing becomes soft and shiny, and the smell of vinegar and alcohol quickly disappears. Both methods were prompted by my mother, who also tried them.

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