Is it harmful to look at the moon - speculation and facts

There are people who like to look at the Moon, others write poems about her, others do not miss the opportunity to walk in the moonlight. But there is an opinion that you can not enjoy the moonlight at all. Back in antiquity, some nationalities, who knew absolutely nothing about science and the cosmos, believed that the Moon exerts a negative influence on all living beings and other objects, because of this lack of education they often attributed to it magical properties.

  • Mystery and beliefs
    • Mystery and beliefs
    • Folk signs
    • Scientific grounding
    • We dispel myths
    • Moon is not for sleepwalkers
    • Moonlight leads to madness
    • Effect of phases
    • Young month
    • First
    • Second
    • Full moon

    Mystery and beliefs

    Its dubious reputation in the pasttimes the moon received due to some factors:

    • its shape and color is constantly changing;
    • on the surface of the Moon from time to time there are different spots;
    • its light changes the outlines of objects, which, naturally, seem more creepy.

    People understood that the sun shines and it's nice, light and warm, but why the moon shines at night was not clear to them, so they considered it a source of evil and black power. Wizards and witches of many nations used the night light actively, they filmed and imposed curses and spoils, guessed for the future, performed rituals of love-turns and so on. And ordinary people in every way hid from the moonlight, so that its light does not fall on their sleepers, they even tried not to go out on the street, especially on the full moon.

    Our ancestors believed that the light of the moon changes the world and badly damages health:

    • from the depths of reservoirs, mermaids come out to the surface;
    • in the forest are activated;
    • werewolves turn into animals in the moonlight;
    • The moon pushes people to show aggression and commit crazy acts.

    The traditional church also did not like the heavenly body, because it considered it the property of the forces of otherworlds, which together with light can penetrate into the human consciousness.

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    Popular signs of the

    Even in antiquity, many identities of the Earth-related earth were formed, some of which people still believe.

    1. Especially negative influence is rendered by moonlight, as our ancestors believed, walking with it can bring on a person illness, trouble and unhappiness. They preferred to not raise their eyes to the sky at all during the full moon period.
    2. The light of the moon can take away female beauty, if the rays fall on the face of a sleeping girl.
    3. The red( bloody) Moon is considered a messenger of great troubles, people often associated it with death.
    4. To incur a disease or a series of failures a person can, if he will point to the satellite with his finger or hand, especially, it concerns the first full moon of the year.
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    Scientific rationale

    The modern man of the Moon is not afraid, because he knows well what the satellite is like, why it changes shape and color. By its influence, this heavenly body not only causes ebbs and tides, it can affect mental health, but it concerns people with a weak nervous system.

    People without any mental aberrations can safely enjoy the moon, but its transition to the full phase contributes to the overexcitement of the nervous system, which in turn can play a cruel joke on people who are prone to fits of hysteria, easily suggestable and weak psyche orexperience a lot of stress. Such figures among the entire population of the planet are approximately 25%.

    Scientists claim that moonlight really activates the simplest bacteria and viruses, multiplying, they can cause stomach diseases or food poisoning. During this period, doctors note frequent manifestations of side effects of drugs and reducing their impact on the human body. Hence the superstition that the moon contributes to disease.

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    We unleash the myths of

    An unprecedented interest in the satellite created some not entirely grounded myths about its impact on the human body.

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    The moon is not for sleepwalkers

    Sleepwalking - somnambulism is a disease that manifests itself in the unconscious waking of a person during a dreaming period. This ailment is not connected with the Moon in any way, since it can manifest at any time of the day. People who are especially sensitive to this disease are exposed. The brain of the patient does not rest as expected, when he sleeps. Such a person can walk around the room, dress and even say something, but if he is awakened he will not remember what is happening, as his consciousness was asleep at that moment.

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    The light of the moon leads to madness

    The moon really has some influence on the person, and this is due to the gravitational forces that are present between it and the Earth. Usually the strange impact of the celestial body is felt by particularly sensitive individuals, easily excitable and nervous people. But this feeling does not depend on whether a person will look into the sky or not, everything else is self-suggestion against the background of bad thoughts.

    There is no logical evidence that the Moon can cause madness.
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    Effect of

    phases The lunar month is divided into 4 phases, each flowing for about 7 days.

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    Young month

    The period of the new moon is usually manifested for the person by the weakening and loss of strength, the energy resource of the organism is at a minimum. This period on men is more reflected, rather than on women, they can show rudeness, aggression, nervousness. All this is due to the increase in the gravitational properties of the Earth satellite, the bulk of liquids moves to the lower part of the body, the mass of a person decreases, the metabolic processes of the organism are accelerated.

    It is best in this period to treat beriberi, to increase weight or to cleanse the skin.

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    This period is considered favorable for new undertakings. There is an activation of the cerebral cortex and organs that are located in the upper part of the trunk.

    This phase is favorable for strengthening immunity, it is possible to start the fight against bad habits, it is necessary to influence the muscle mass and flexibility of the spine.

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    The second

    At this time, the gravitational processes between the Moon and the Sun are intensified. The Moon actively influences the energy centers, which are located in the chest area. In this period, existing diseases of the cervical and thoracic spine and respiratory organs can arise or worsen.

    During the period of this phase, it is better to cleanse the kidneys and intestines.

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    Full moon

    This is a period of exacerbation of emotions and feelings, when the human psyche shows considerable vulnerability. Usually women on a full moon react more strongly than men.

    In this period, you need to reduce physical activity and violent activity, because they cause the opposite effect and the person does not feel energized, but fatigue, which is manifested by a spoiled mood and irritability.

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