How to get a stain out of red wine

The spot from the red wine is best to bring out fresh, if it is old, then it will be very difficult to remove it. Because of this, if there is a trouble, you must immediately start removing stains.

First you should see the instruction for using the thing - what is said about the possibility of washing it. Fabric, which can not be washed with machine or hand-washing, it is better to give a dry cleaning, after having wet the soiled place with a paper napkin. On the fabric that is to be washed, you can try to remove the stain from the red wine at home.

Before applying any prescription for removing stains, especially for colored fabrics, it is necessary to test it on any unobtrusive place of the thing - seam, underside, hem. Before trying to remove a stain from red wine, it is necessary to put paper napkins under the product or a small plate wrapped in a white cloth. To improve the quality of the stain from red wine, we recommend that you first turn the fabric inside out. Clean with a cotton swab or a soft white cloth. In this case, you must start with the fabric near the spot, and then move from the edges to the middle so that the contamination does not spread out.

Tips for getting a stain out of red wine at home

To remove stains from red wine, you can use industrial stain removers, which there are a large number. In the absence of any industrial means, you can try to remove the stain under cold water using the Antipyatin soap.

It should always be remembered that stains from red wine are hard to remove. Therefore, to remove the stain from the wallpaper, you can get wet with a napkin, and then wash it off with water. To remove traces of red wine on clothes, you can use "Locos" - soak things in it, and then apply oxygen bleach "Ass".

If the stain from the red wine is formed on the silk product, you can withdraw it by moistening with milk for 4-6 minutes, then wash the cloth in a cleaning solution and rinse.

On the carpet and upholstered furniture to remove the stain from red wine will help the salt. Sprinkle such a place with salt, and when it has finished soaking, rinse with water and detergent.

Remove the stain from the red wine on a white textile product by washing it with dilute acetic and citric acid and then rinsing it. On the fabric, which is subject to boiling, you can remove the stain from red wine with boiling water, watering the fabric until the moment the trail disappears.

You can remove a stain from red wine by wiping it with cotton wool soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Then the fabric must be washed and hung to dry in the sun. Stains from red wine can be removed by sprinkling the fabric with lemon juice, and then washed in hot water.

Another way to remove a stain from red wine is to mix glycerin and egg yolk, apply the mixture to the contamination and leave for a couple of hours. Then rinse with water.

You can remove the stain by dabbing it with a napkin and pouring on it table salt. Then, when the salt is absorbed and dried, it is necessary to clean the area with a vacuum cleaner. If the traces still remain, you should rinse the thing in the solution - 1 liter of cold water and 1 tsp.ammonia.

To remove traces of red wine on colored fabrics, it is possible if the spot is soaked with a solution of potassium permanganate for 3-5 minutes, then it is necessary to wipe the place with a solution( 1 tsp hydrogen peroxide per full glass of warm water).

If the stain from the red wine turned out on a white tablecloth, you must sprinkle it with salt quickly, shake it off and salt again. Then you need to wash the tablecloth in hot water.

You can remove an old stain from red wine using denatured alcohol. After processing the tissue, it should be rinsed with water and washed with soap.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for removing stains from red wine

  1. Wipe contaminated area with paper towel.
  2. Preparation of a mixture for removing stains. We use convenient means for us - detergent powder, any stain remover, dishwashing liquid, laundry soap. Mix 1 tsp.means and 1 glass of hydrogen peroxide solution. You can also take citric acid or lemon juice, previously dissolved in water, or add salt to the lemon juice.
  3. Clean sponge, moistened in a mixture and slightly wrung out, it is necessary to carefully handle the soiled place from all sides. Before processing under the stain, it is better to lay a clean cloth.
  4. Fabric suitable for machine wash, wash in cool water. If the fabric requires hand washing, wash the item by hand in cold water.
  5. loading. ..

With timely and correctly done actions to remove the stain from red wine from any thing you will definitely get.

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