Victims of Plastic Surgery

Turning to the services of plastic surgeons, men and women, both famous and not so, strive to get rid of external congenital or acquired defects in the shortest possible time, to restore their youth and beauty. In most cases, the plastic is quite successful, and the patient leaves the clinic with a beautiful and satisfied doctor's work.

However, plastic surgery is an industry that involves high risks, because the end result depends on many factors, from the professionalism of the doctor to the characteristics of the patient's body. That's why the victims of plastic surgery are so many. We will describe in detail some of them.

  • Hang Mioku
  • Jocelyn Wildenstein
  • Michael Jackson
  • Pete Burns
  • Donatella Versace
  • Igor and Grishka Bogdanoff,
  • Jacqueline Stallone
  • Joan Rivers
  • Janet Jackson
  • Michaela Romanini
  • Mickey Rourke
  • Vera Alentova
  • Oksana Pushkina
  • Masha Malinovskaya
  • Lyudmila Gurchenko
  • Masha Rasputina
  • Julia Volkova
  • Natalia Andreichenko
  • Alexa( AlexAndra Chvikova)
  • Elena Proklova

Hang Mioku

The once popular Korean singer Hang Mioku for the first time decided to turn to the services of a plastic surgeon at the age of 28.There were no visible defects on the face of the young girl, she just wanted to eliminate the traces of wrinkles. Already the first few silicone injections made her dependent on these procedures. Due to medical problems( Myoka's face began to swell) and the patient's psychological deviations, the doctors refused to conduct further manipulations. However, Hang did not intend to stop and began to inject vegetable oil under her skin. After years of mockery of her appearance, Hang Mioku really needed the help of plastic surgeons. The first 10 surgical operations to correct the already 48-year-old Korean woman suffered quite well, how many more ahead, doctors find it difficult to answer.

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Jocelyn Wildenstein

The wife of the famous American millionaire Alex Wildenstein resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon for the first time after she caught her husband in the embrace of a younger rival. The purpose of the visit to the clinic was initially to eliminate the scarcely noticeable wrinkles and give the face a younger and fresh look. However, Jocelin could not stop at this, having decided soon that she had to be like a cat( Alex's favorite animal) to keep her husband. The decision was followed by countless operations. Joshlyn did not look like a cat, but her face changed beyond recognition, and obviously not for the better. The husband from Josselyn still left, and the victim of plastic surgery received the nickname "Bride of Frankenstein".

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Michael Jackson

For the first time, the King of Pop resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon in 1980, when he broke his nose as a result of a fall from the stage. Rhinoplasty was not very successful, so the first interventions followed the second, the results of which Michael liked so much that he could no longer stop. Thanks to rhinoplasty, his nose became narrower, and his facial features were less and less like the Negroid. Rhinoplasty was supplemented by changing the size of the eyes, placing implants in the chin, bleaching the skin. A huge number of plastic surgery led to irreversible changes. In particular, from the nose of Michael almost nothing left, the cartilage was destroyed and the skin on the nose literally fell through. The situation was no better with the skin. Jackson during the last years of his life just could not appear on the street without a mask. In 2004, surgeons began to repair the damaged tissue, and did everything possible to restore the singer's health. Unfortunately, such experiments on the body rarely end successfully, the singer's condition worsened with each month. One of the reasons for the death of the artist at such an early age( 50 years) doctors call and numerous plastic surgery.

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Pete Burns

The soloist of the English band 'Dead or Alive', who gained popularity with the single 'You Spin Me Round( Like a Record)', is known not so much for his musical talents as for the unsuccessfulexperience with their appearance. To plastic surgeon Burns turned because of the desire to have the appearance of the ideal man. However, numerous surgical interventions( facelift, rhinoplasty, Botox injections, correction of the eye section, introduction of fillers into the cheekbones and lips) did not give to his face masculinity, but, on the contrary, made him look like a not very attractive woman. Pete Burns even sued the surgeons, whose interventions were particularly unsuccessful, but the money he owed did not help him return the former face.

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Donatella Versace

The sister of the founder of the fashion house 'Versace' began a long experiment with her appearance after heading this most fashionable House. One thing did not stop with one of the campaigns in the solarium and SPA-salons, as Donatella decided to correct the shape of her lips and nose, and also to enlarge her breasts. It was only mammoplasty that was successful. Plastic surgery on the face made her features hypertrophic. However, Donatella did not stop the experiments, and with each operation her appearance became more and more repulsive. Only recently she admitted that all these operations of happiness she did not bring, and that she is primarily a wife and mother, and not a doll Barbie. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to restore Versace's former beauty.

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Igor and Grishka Bogdanovy( Igor & Grichka Bogdanoff)

Famous twins Igor and Grishka Bogdanovy were famous in France in the eighties after launching their own TV show about science fiction, the goal of which was the popularization of physics. In the early nineties their popularity began to go to "no".The brothers attracted attention the next time not by their achievements in science, but by unsuccessful experiments on their appearance - for the first time the brothers carried plastic operations in the same nineties. Dissatisfied with the results, they continued to "correct" the features of their faces over and over again, installing implants in the cheeks and chins, puffing the lips with gel, doing a facelift and injecting botox. Comparing the initial and final results, we can say with certainty that the plastic did not make them better, on the contrary, they do not add unnatural beauty features.

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Jacqueline Stallone

The mother of the famous Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone Jacqueline is known not only for his son's acting talent, but also for his excessive predilection for plastic surgery. How many surgical interventions Jacqueline transferred, she, she said, does not remember herself. To preserve the former beauty of Jacqueline failed, because many operations were not too successful, but "earn" health problems - quite. Numerous operations led to a heart attack, but he could not reduce the woman's passion for plastic. Stallone is not very worried about his not very attractive appearance, referring to changes with humor and calling himself a "chipmunk" because of too prominent cheeks.

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Joan Rivers

The well-known American TV presenter does not hide her passion for plastic surgery. She is deservedly considered one of the record holders( among foreign stars) in the number of applications for professional help to plastic surgeons. Rivers looks not bad for its own in just over eighty years, but the traces of unsuccessfully carried plastic are still quite noticeable. Like many stars who underwent unsuccessful plastic surgeries, Joan's eyes changed, becoming narrower, his cheeks became unnaturally protruding, and his nose looks artificial. However, such consequences of operations are not at all upset by the TV presenter, who constantly jokes about her weakness for constant changes in what nature has given.

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Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson's unsuccessful experiments with his appearance, apparently, did not teach his sister Janet, who also repeatedly turned to plastic surgeons, wanting to change some of her features. Jackson resorted to breast augmentation. Mammoplasty was successful, but minor changes in the weight of the singer led to an unnatural kind of breast and a change in the shape of the implants. Not without repeated rhinoplasty, as well as without bleaching the skin. Janet's face acquired unnaturally thin and accented features, which, of course, did not make her more beautiful. But this is not the main negative consequence of plastics, but in the negative impact on the health of the star. Doctors have already warned Janet - if she does not stop, her sad destiny can be comprehended by her brother.

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Michaela Romanini

Famous not only in Italy but also in Europe, the secular lioness Mikaela Romanini before being introduced to plastic surgeons was considered one of the most beautiful women in the Mediterranean. She had both the right facial features, and beautiful expressive eyes, and amazing skin. However, when she turned 30, Mikaela felt that this is not enough, and decided to slightly increase her lips. The first results of special enthusiasm from Romanin did not cause, therefore she decided to repeat the procedure, and more than once. The result is a broken lip contour, because of what they literally "floated", and other side effects of plastics - the loss of natural elasticity of tissues and facial muscles. Following the injection of Botox, the former beauty did not return. However, as assures Микаэла, by its appearance it is quite happy.

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Mickey Rourke

Famous Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke also fell victim to his aspirations for the return of his former youth and beauty. For the first time to help plastic surgeon Rourke resorted in 2008.According to his own statements, he only wanted to eliminate traces of injuries on his face that reminded him of the boxing past. However, the unprofessionalism of the doctor led to the fact that after the intervention Rourke began to look much worse. The situation was further aggravated when Rourke decided to correct the consequences of the first unsuccessful operation. As a result, the actor lost his former attraction and acquired a repulsive appearance.

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Vera Alentova

From the unprofessionalism of plastic surgeons, not only foreign but also domestic stars suffer, among them the star of the movie "Moscow does not believe in tears" and the wife of the famous director Vladimir Menshov, Vera Alentova. At the services of plastic surgeons, the actress addressed earlier, carrying out minor corrections of fading beauty. But the last surgical intervention was extremely unsuccessful - excessive face lifting and lip augmentation made Vera's face look like an artificial mask. However, even if the actress was upset about this, she does not show a kind, continuing to attend cultural events.

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Oksana Pushkina

Famous Russian TV presenter Oksana Pushkina also happened to experience all the "delights" of unsuccessful plastics. Deciding to get rid of wrinkles, Oksana and her friend, figure skater Irina Rodnina, turned to the doctor-cosmetologist, who performed rejuvenation sessions through mesotherapy at home. The first stage of the procedure was quite successful, so a year later my friends decided on another course. For Rodnina, mesotherapy did not have negative consequences, but Oksana Pushkina was less fortunate. After the administration of the drug, the facial tissues became inflamed, the skin became red, and the nasolabial folds became bluish. Oksana managed to sue the doctor about 150 thousand rubles, which she spent on restoring beauty and getting rid of the negative effects of plastics, but she did not succeed in completely eliminating the manifestations of unsuccessful rejuvenation.

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Masha Malinovskaya

Masha Malinovskaya is known to many not as a TV presenter, but as another star that has suffered from her own aspirations to change what nature has given. Masha, although initially denied any surgical intervention, admitted that she did mammoplasty and increased her lips. The mammaplasty turned out to be quite successful( with her help, according to Malinovskaya, the negative consequences of pregnancy were eliminated), but with an increase in her lips she obviously overdid it, her upper lip, because of the introduction of a large number of fillers, looked like a "hare" and protruded. Soon the lips completely lost their sensation and ceased to close. Masha took the only right decision - to get rid of the negative effects of plastics and the reasons that led to these consequences. She turned to a specialist who reduced her lips and returned them a natural look.

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Lyudmila Gurchenko

Lyudmila Gurchenko throughout her life tried to look young and beautiful, repeatedly resorting to the help of plastic surgeons. Actress in terms of the success of the operations carried much more than some of her colleagues. After the interventions she looked younger and more attractive. For the first time she turned to plastic for the purpose of correcting the incision of eyes, this operation was followed by more than one dozen. Negative consequences began to appear after her skin as a result of numerous braces began to lose its elasticity. The result - greased contours of the face, tuberosity of the skin, indistinctness of all features. In the last years of her life, even the actress's eyelids ceased to completely merge, which led to a significant deterioration in vision, and an artificial "smile" caused by a muscle disruption did not come off her lips. Experts say that plastic surgery negatively affected not only the appearance of Gurchenko, but also the state of health( each anesthesia is a huge burden on the heart).

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Masha Rasputina

Surgical interventions did not end successfully for the singer Masha Rasputina. In 2002, the singer's appearance underwent a significant "reconstruction".A wealthy spouse gave Rasputin a significant amount, for which plastic surgeons corrected the shape of the nose, lips, eyes, chin, cheekbones, and also increased the chest. As a result, the real face of Masha did not remain a hint, the condition of her skin worsened, her facial features became hypertrophied, which, in combination with the singer's vibrant facial expressions and a rather bright and sometimes even flashy make-up does not produce the most favorable impression. Rasputin violated the main rules of the "commandment" of plastics - the ability to stop in time and not overdo it. However, Masha herself in a new role like it.

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Julia Volkova

A participant of the sensational duet "Tatu" decided to correct her appearance for the wedding. The singer started with a completely innocuous correction of the shape of the eyebrows. And Julia decided not to pull them out, but to tattoo them with a permanent dye. Volkov satisfied the result of the changes, and she decided not to stop at this. The next stage was lip augmentation, which was much less successful. The thing is that the singer's face has rather subtle features, and on their background too voluminous lips( namely, such they turned out after the introduction of fillers) look unnatural. Moreover, the singer began to look much older. And if the kind of lips Volkov happy, if you believe her statements, the overall effect is unlikely.

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Natalia Andreichenko

The star of Russian cinema did not entrust its beauty to domestic surgeons, but decided to correct the face of American specialists. Apparently, in some cases, the result does not depend on the doctor at all, but on the sense of proportion. Andreichenko decided to correct the nasolabial folds, lip contour and rejuvenate the face, but in an effort to keep the youth overdone, and got quite the opposite of the expected effect. As a result, her lips lost shape, and she looked much older. As specialists in plastic surgery believe, Andreichenko introduced a non-absorbable biopolymer gel, which makes it difficult to correct the situation.

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Alexa( Alexandra Chvikova)

Fabrikantka and the former girl of the famous rapper Timati also decided to resort to the help of plastic surgeons to make expressive lips more expressive. Either Alexa demanded a lot, or the doctors overdid it, but after the procedures the appearance of the singer changed not for the better. Too plump lips were not combined with pretty features of her face, and the consequences of introducing fillers were unpleasant - lips showed seals and the skin became painful. However, repeated surgery was not possible to correct the situation, since the risk of damaging the facial nerves was very great. A little to reduce the volume of the lips helped special massages, but Alex's lips still look unnatural.

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Elena Proklova

Soviet and Russian actress Elena Proklova often resorts to the services of plastic surgeons and does not make secrets from this. Proklova believes that in the struggle to preserve beauty and youth, all means are good. To the age changes had a smaller manifestation on her face, Elena resorted to blepharoplasty( eyelid correction), lip augmentation and injection of Botox. And if the first procedure was really effective and had the right action - it rejuvenated, then the increase in the lips and the introduction of Botox under the skin of the face made her expression unnatural. The size and shape of the lips are disproportionate to the size and shape of other parts of the face, and the face itself now looks swollen. However, like most victims of plastic surgery, Elena considers the changes very successful, and does not intend to stop.

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