The rules for the selection and wearing of antenatal and postnatal bandages

In expectation of a crumb, the future mother is tormented with thousands of questions. To calm doubts and enjoy the wonderful condition, we suggest to deal with one of the medical recommendations - the need to wear prenatal and postnatal bandages. The decision to wear a bandage of a pregnant woman is taken in conjunction with the attending physician.


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  • How to wear
  • Prenatal

    Can be used from the period of appearance of a small abdomenand before delivery. The product is made of elastic fabric. This allows you to adjust to changing sizes. Designed for a number of functions:

    • release of tension from the spine. Women in an interesting situation experience an unpleasant and dangerous symptom - back pain. Bandage evenly distributes the load created by the baby, thereby reducing pain and preventing possible complications;
    • prevention of back problems. Loads during pregnancy are not only discomfort, but also negative consequences. The bandage protects against the development of curvature, intervertebral hernias;

    • care of maintaining pregnancy. The product will protect the abdomen from falling, preventing the early appearance of the child;
    • beautiful motherhood. A known consequence of pregnancy is the unaesthetic abdomen. Muscles, stretching, a little sag. And the skin, unable to withstand rapid growth, is subject to stretch marks. The bandage supports the abdominal corset and abdominal skin.
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    It is used after the birth procedure until complete recovery. It is used for the intended purpose and under the supervision of a doctor. It is made from a tight elastic fabric, which allows the mother to come into shape as quickly as possible.

    Women who survived birth, it is difficult to have time to take care of their own health and beauty. Using an elastic belt will help solve several problems at the same time:

    • to accelerate the recovery of the body in the postpartum period. The bandage leads the abdominal muscles into a habitual position, supports their tone;
    • protect seams after surgical intervention during childbirth. The most common appointment of a postpartum bandage is a caesarean section. Vulnerable seams need special support, which can only be provided by a bandage;The
    • device helps to relieve tension from the back, to minimize pain from uterine contractions.
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    Kinds of

    Depending on the design, bandage panties, bandage in the form of a belt, combined bandage are distinguished. For the period of use, prenatal, postnatal and universal bandages are distinguished.

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    Bandage is a compression panties that are worn over the usual underwear. They are made of elastic material, have a special fastener-clamp. Many models have a buckle from below, which makes it comfortable to use them in the restroom. The product is invisible under the clothes.

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    Banding belt

    This type of bandage is a wide elastic band with a fixed textile clasp. Thanks to the contact tape it is convenient to adjust the size of the bandage. The product is put on lying or standing, fastened under the stomach or on the side. It supports the stomach well, but it is noticeable under the clothes.

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    Combined bandage

    Convenience of this type of product in its economy, one bandage is used both before and after childbirth. Produce a product from a special tissue that can stretch if necessary and simultaneously support the lumbar abdominal department. Combined bandage combines the advantages of two types of bandages. The cut and the shape make it possible to transform it from one type into another. It is enough to turn the product and the prenatal bandage will turn into a postpartum, and a comfortable elastic band with Velcro allows you to adjust the size.

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    The fineness of selection and wearing

    The choice of product model, the mode of use is highly individual. The doctor will recommend a version of the bandage, depending on the anatomical features of the woman, the gestation period, the nature of her course.

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    How to choose the size of

    An improperly sized bandage will disrupt the blood circulation in the pelvic region, pressurize. This can lead to negative consequences. Consider several criteria when choosing a product:

    • measure the volume of the thighs under the belly. Remember this value. Later, you must specify it in the pharmacy or store when you purchase the product;
    • , do not hesitate to ask me to try on the bandage. He should not press in the abdomen, but only provide easy support. Wearing the correct bandage, after a few minutes you will feel relief in the lumbar region. If this does not happen, try adjusting the adhesive tape or choose another model.
    • resemble and squat in the bandage. He should not restrain himself. A good bandage is not felt, you can forget about it when wearing.
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    How to wear

    The instructions for putting on a bandage are usually attached to the product. If there is none, then stick to several rules.

    • Take the prone position. So the uterus will not press on the abdominal area, this position and must be fixed.
    • Place the bandage with a wide side in the lumbar region, it should grasp the upper part of the buttocks. In front of the article secure under the belly, part of the bandage is located on the pubic bone and hips. Between the bandage and the body should be placed palm.
    • Gently stand up from the position on the side. Assess the sensations, if necessary, correct the location of the bandage.
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    How to wear

    You need to wear a bandage for no more than 3-4 hours in a row. A break in use should be at least 30-40 minutes. It is better to spend this time in a horizontal position or sitting. During sleep, the product must be removed.
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    Despite the positive effect on the pregnant woman, the bandage has contraindications.

    • Do not use the product if the position of the fruit is incorrect. If pelvic, transverse or oblique placement in the womb, give up the bandage.
    • It is worth limiting the use of the bandage for allergic reactions, rashes and redness. Perhaps you need to choose a product from natural ingredients.
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