Popular mint varieties with names, photos and descriptions

Everyone has long known the spicy mint grass. It is famous for its medicinal properties, it is widely used in medicine, cosmetology, cooking, perfumery, soap making. Little is known that mint varieties are very many, all of them are special both externally and in composition. We offer you a bright selection of varieties of mint with a photo and description.

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  • Chocolate
  • coleus
  • Mexican
  • Curly
  • Room
  • molar tree
  • Scandinavian ivy
  • Plektrantus Ertendalya
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  • Gardening
  • Lemon
  • Meadow
  • Flea
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  • Melissa
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  • Water
  • longifolia
  • Mentholovaja
  • Apple
  • Japanese
  • Scented


Peppermint or English pepper was obtained by crossing(mint of the field and mint of the wild) in England in the XVII century. The name peppery is explained by the presence of burning taste of plant leaves.

Perennial herbal medicinal plant with a pleasant smell. There are more than 100 kinds of mint.

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Perennial herbaceous plant. Subtype of peppermint. Leaves are simple elongated with jagged edges of a purple hue. The leaves have a light chocolate flavor. Stem tubular in height 60-120 centimeters. Inflorescences are white-pink, less often violet or purple. Blooms from June to August. He loves lighted areas, but grows in the shade. Requires watering. It grows everywhere. Used for making tea and desserts. It is an excellent antiseptic and tonic.

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Tropical ornamental plant of the family Gubotsvetnykh. The plant can act as a shrub, half-shrub and an annual herbaceous plant. Stems tetrahedral erect height 50-80 centimeters. Leaves are serrated with a wide-oval form with a very bright color, velvety with various patterns of white and pink-green, bright red, dark brown, purple, violet. Flowers are located on the top of the plant in the form of a complex ear. Coleuses are very fond of bright light and abundant watering with soft warm water. They grow in countries with tropical climate. It is widely used in medicine and as a decor for flower beds.

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Perennial plant with a pleasant spicy aroma of mint and anise. The stems reach a height of up to 1.5 meters. Leaves are usually oblong. The flowers have the shape of a candle. There are white, purple and lilac colors. Flowering period from the middle of June to the end of autumn.

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Perennial herbaceous hybrid plant with a pungent odor. The stem is leafy in height from 30 to 100 centimeters. Leaves sessile on short petioles, curly, ovoid in shape on both sides pubescent. Flowers small collected in false whorls, pink-lilac color. Flowering period from the end of June to the end of September. It grows in Ukraine and Crimea.

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There are several popular mint varieties. It is grown at home as an unusual flower. Some varieties can be freely used for culinary purposes.

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Mole tree

Perennial houseplant in the form of a bush. Evergreen. The stem is thin, well branching, reaching a length of 1 meter. Leaves are small pubescent with a delicate pleasant odor. The edges of the leaves are carved. Flowers are ordinary lilac shade, collected in inflorescences. The plant is photophilous. At room temperature blossoms all year round.

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Scandinavian ivy

Indoor herbaceous plant with lagging shoots. Stem is creeping. It reaches 1 meter in length. Leaves rounded at the edges dentate, green in color with a brilliant shimmer. Not picky, grows in any climatic conditions.

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Ertendal plaiters

Indoor plant is exceptionally ornamental in the form of a half-shrub. Stems upright to a height of 1 meter. The leaves are velvety bright green, on the one hand, and purple on the other. Blooms abundantly. Flowers are collected in false whorls of white color.

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Perennial medicinal fragrant plant with long creeping rhizome. Stalk solitary pubescent, branched and erect from 15 to 45 centimeters in length. Leaves petiolate, oval, rounded with fine-toothed. Flowers are small pink-violet or purple. Blooms all summer until late autumn. It grows everywhere.

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Perennial herbaceous plant. The stem is one-year-old tetrahedral in height from 30 to 100 centimeters. Leaves oblong, ovate with pointed tips, smooth from above, pubescent beneath. Flowers are small, lilac. Flowering period from July to the end of summer. It grows in the south and south-west of Russia.

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Herbaceous perennial plant. Stem erect very branched. The height of the stem is from 30 to 125 centimeters. Leaves ovate along the margin are coarse-serrate, crosswise opposite, petiolate. Flowers small undistinguished, less often yellow or pink. They are assembled into a corolla of 6-12 pieces. Flowering period from July to August. It grows in Ukraine and Moldova.

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Perennial herbaceous plant. Stems are normal up to 80 centimeters in height. The leaves are ovate pubescent to 4 centimeters long. Flowers are small pink or lilac, collected on stems located along the stalk of the blooms from June to October. It grows everywhere.

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Perennial herbaceous plant of the family. Stalk erect branched height of 20-60 centimeters. Leaves oblong in the shape of an ellipse at the base are wedge-shaped, with a serrate edge. Small flowers collected in dense globular rings, corolla pink-lilac with white tubule. Blossoms in July-August. It grows in floodplain meadows, along river banks in the western regions of Ukraine, in the south of the Caucasus, in Central Asia.

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A perennial plant with a light aroma of lemon. The stem, creeping along the soil, is tetrahedral, green, with a strong, peculiar odor, attracting cats. The height of the stem is 40-100 centimeters. Leaves are velvety, green on the rim of the jagged. Flowers are small, funnel-shaped, collected in long inflorescences of white with purple specks. The flowering period is June-July. It grows everywhere.

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A herbaceous perennial plant with a delicate fragrant fragrance of menthol. The stalk is like that of ordinary peppermint with the height of 15-100.Leaves oblong pointed, ovate with denticles along the edges. Flowers of lilac or pinkish hue are collected in whorls. Blooms all summer and autumn from June to October. It grows all over Russia.

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Perennial herbaceous plant with creeping rhizome. The stem is pubescent, branchy, tetrahedral in height up to 60 centimeters. The leaves are paired, opposite, long-petioled, round-heart-shaped with a strong unpleasant odor. Blossoms blue, light purple, less often reddish or white. Flowers tubular bilobed are collected in whorls for several pieces. Flowering period from June to August. It grows in the European part of Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

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Perennial medicinal plant, excellent honey plant. The stems are straight, they reach a height of 1 meter, they smell of licorice and are densely covered with leaves. The leaves are collected in a brush about 10 centimeters long. Have a weak taste of anise. Flowers are purple-blue, tubular to 1 centimeter long, collected in dense spicate inflorescences. The flowering period is very long, from May to winter itself.

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Perennial herbaceous, medicinal, honey plant. Stem erect, tetrahedral, branched, pubescent with a height of 30-120 centimeters. Leaves opposite, pubescent, lower - cordate, long-petioled, serrate along the edges, upper - oblong, dentate. Flowers are ordinary small, white or pink.

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Grassy perennial. Stems densely leafy in height to 50 centimeters. Leaves are dense curly with a pleasant, spicy-bitter aroma. White flowers are collected in spicate inflorescences. Blossom from July to September. Grow in the shade, and in the sun.

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Perennial herbaceous plant. Stems of hairy tetrahedral often creeping. Leaves oval on the edge serrate up to 6 centimeters in length, sometimes reddish, often green, with a sharp aroma of bergamot. Flowers are very small light-lilac collected in small fluffy inflorescences. Blossoms usually in July.

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Perennial tall, soft-fluffy herbaceous plant. The whole plant has a grayish shade. Stem branched erectly slightly pubescent reaching to a height of 120 centimeters. Leaves sessile lanceolate ovate, long to 20 centimeters. Contain vitamin C, succinic, citric and malic acids. The whorls of small light purple flowers are collected in dense cylindrical ears. Blooms in June-August. It grows in Africa, Asia, throughout Europe, in the North Caucasus.

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Perennial herbaceous plant with pronounced taste and smell of menthol. Stem is usually erect tetrahedral slightly pubescent in height 60-120 centimeters. Leaves in the form of an ellipse of medium length. Flowers are collected in false whorls of white and pink color. Blooms in June-August. It grows everywhere.

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Perennial herbaceous spicy-aromatic plant in the form of a bush. Stem height of 60-80 centimeters, highly branched to 90 centimeters in width. The leaves are very beautiful, large velvety, rounded with wrinkled edges to the touch rough. Flowers are ordinary small lilac-pink. Blossoms mainly in July, depending on climatic conditions.

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Perennial herbaceous plant. The stalk is upright less frequently crawling in height 40 centimeters. Leaves are small in length, barely reaching 2 centimeters. Flowers small white or pale-lilac shade collected in rare inflorescences. Blooms in August. It grows only on the two islands of Honshu and Hokkaido.

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Perennial scented medicinal plant. Stalk erect, pubescent in height 30-100 centimeters. Leaves are small, stiff, heart-shaped with small denticles of green color. Flowers white shallow form a cone-shaped dense inflorescence. They grow in a number of countries in Europe, the Mediterranean and the countries of Asia Minor.

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