How to steam in a ham

Everyone who has ever been to Turkey, certainly visited the hamam - a unique Turkish bath, similar to the Roman baths. A visit to the hamam is a special ritual that brings relaxation and healing. In order to benefit from visiting the hamam, you need to know how to properly bathe in it.

  • Benefits and Harms
  • Visiting Rules

Benefits and Harms

Given the relatively low temperature, high humidity and special procedures that help to relax and cleanse the body, the hamam is a true spa. We will understand what is the use and harm to the hamam.

It is believed that the hamam can help:

  1. Accelerate the metabolism and stabilize the weight.
  2. Deeply clean the skin.
  3. Normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands.
  4. Moisten, soften and tone the skin of the face and body.
  5. Cure colds.
  6. Cope with stress and relieve fatigue.
  7. Remove accumulated slags and toxins.
  8. Improve circulation.

  9. Increase immunity.
  10. To alleviate the condition in diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  11. Get rid of insomnia and depression.
  12. Quickly remove lactic acid salts and improve the condition after exercise.
  13. Improve digestion.
  14. Get rid of cellulite.
Given all these factors, it is believed that the hamam is able to rejuvenate the body. So the benefits of hamam for women are obvious.

Some people can be harmed by the hamam. It is undesirable or forbidden to sweat in the hamam:

  1. People with some skin diseases, including fungal infections.
  2. Oncological.
  3. People suffering from hypertension ІІ-ІІІ degree.
  4. Pregnant.
  5. To people suffering from mental disorders, including epilepsy.
  6. Asthmatics.
  7. People suffering from serious heart disease.
  8. To people suffering from kidney disease.
  9. To people with varicose veins.
  10. People with thyroid disorders.
  11. Patients with tuberculosis.
  12. With cirrhosis of the liver.

Of course, all these restrictions are relative and must be considered individually.

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Rules for visiting

Hamam differs significantly from the usual Russian bath or Finnish steam room. Therefore, before you go there, it is advisable to learn the rules of his visit. First of all, it must be remembered that for the Turks the hamam is not just a place for hygienic procedures. It is a cultural and social center where they communicate, relax and rest. Corresponding and the atmosphere of the establishment is peaceful and sedate, in which, resting, you can spend the whole day.

If you go to a hamam as a couple, keep in mind that the male and female parts are separated.

However, it is not accepted to walk naked here. At the entrance you will be given a bath towel, which you wrap around, and special slippers with a wooden sole. They will protect their feet from the hot marble floor.

Another important rule - before and during a visit to a hammam you can not drink:

  • alcohol,
  • cold drinks.

The classic hammam has three rooms with different temperature conditions and its function:

  1. "Jamekan".This is a cold room, a peculiar lobby with a cash register, cabanas for changing clothes and a traditional fountain. Here, visitors change their clothes, drink tea, talk and rest.
  2. "Sogukluk".A warm room, the temperature in which varies between 30-35 degrees, with showers and toilets. Here, they wash themselves and warm themselves.
  3. Hararet. This is the hottest room, the temperature of which is 50-60 degrees. In its center is located the so-called gemstone, in Turkish "gyobektashi" - a kind of firebox for hamam, and marble couches designed for massage. Here is also the "kurna" - a large bowl or a pool with water. It is in this room that visitors are soaring and taking basic wellness procedures.
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As for the hammering procedure itself, the following sequence is recommended here:

  1. Warm up in a warm room.
  2. Spread a good body in a hot room on a marble sunbed before the appearance of sweat.
  3. Order energetic massage on warm marble, which will restore joint flexibility, and the body youth.
  4. Allow the bath attendant( or bathhouse attendant) to peel - peel off dead and dead particles from your body with a special brush.
  5. Enjoy a leisurely and very pleasant procedure of soaping with a special soap made on the basis of natural purified vegetable oils. Often used for this olive or peach oil.
  6. Take a shower in a warm room.
  7. Apply a nourishing cream to the skin.
  8. Cool down and relax over a cup of Turkish tea with milk.
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