Wedding toasts from parents

Who is most happy for the newlyweds at the wedding? !Of course, parents! Wedding toasts from parents at a wedding are very popular. We bring to your attention wedding toasts from parents in poetic form and in prose.

Wedding toasts from parents:

You've already grown up, my son,

And now you have a family!

How much I sleepless night

Prayed, often, for you!

I raised you with love,

She's important to you now.

Wedding toasts from parents:

And I will love you two,

Like two of my own children.

In any difficult moment

I will always help, believe me!

Wedding toasts from parents:

I wish you happiness,

Love, accord, warmth.

In your family happy, new

Let all dreams come true!

Wedding toasts from parents:

I'm raising my toast for you,

I want to wish you all the best.

Thank you for blessing. ..

Forever loving mother.

Wedding toasts from parents:

My son and daughter, from now on,

Congratulations on the good hour!

Let the alarm and despondency of the

Not touch in the life of you!

Wedding toasts from parents:

Let the love lead and warm,

As a lucky star,

you sickness and loss

Never touch!

Wedding toasts from parents:

Happiness will be with you,

And good luck, and love,

Will be all that is needed,

And I will tell you, children, again:

Wedding toasts from parents:

Love is stronger in the world,

Hotter than its heat,

And for you, dear children,

I understand my glass!

Wedding toasts from parents:

Today children begin

Their married life.

Their hearts connect,

And two destinies in one interlaced.

Wedding toasts from parents:

Now you are both our children,

Native people you are for us!

And everything beautiful in the world

I wish you at this hour!

Wedding toasts from parents:

Love your own you take care,

Do not betray never.

Each other forever cherish,

And let it get you through trouble!

My son and daughter, I congratulate you,

Dance, guests, merrier!

And I drink my glass.

Wedding toasts from parents:

Dear children! Let your marriage be happy! Let your joy be joyful! Live in friendship and harmony. We always want happiness to be long, and therefore I wish you - only eternal happiness, only bright love, only faithful friends! So, let your union be happy!

Wedding toasts from parents:

We, the parents, congratulate and bless our children. They must build their own happiness together. Let them help each other in every way, create a strong family and wait for such a happy day when their children will marry, start their families. And now, dear guests, fill up glasses, drink to the young, for a new family and let them have their whole life faith, hope, love! Bitterly!

Wedding toasts from parents:

The parent word is the most wise, because it comes from the heart. The simple words of mother and father have a special power. Dear ones( name of the groom) and( name of the bride)!We, the parents, wish that in your home there is always light and warmth from your mutual love. So that you have healthy, smart, obedient children. All this is called family happiness. For your happiness, we raise our glasses and drink to the bottom! Bitterly!

Wedding toasts from parents:

Dear children, I want to wish you that there is always peace in your family. Peace of peace, peace and harmony between you. That your family was friendly and that all problems you solved together. People say: "If the whole family is together, so is the soul in place."

Wedding toasts from parents:

Dear children! We, the parents, want to sincerely congratulate you on this joyous and solemn day of your wedding and wish you love. To your family was friendly, so that you could concede and forgive each other. As they say, in a friendly family and the porridge is thicker. I ask all guests to join our wishes. So, we will fill the glasses and all together will drink to you, dear children!

Wedding toasts from parents:

Dear guests! So I waited until the day when my son became quite grown up. He begins his life, takes responsibility for family happiness and well-being. I'm glad to accept a new daughter in my family. Son, take care of her, take care of her, because the closest loving wife is not anyone in the world. From now on, you are one flesh. Let your family path be joyful. Even the steepest turns of the road, the most difficult obstacles and the most difficult tests do not seem difficult if you go hand in hand with your loved one.


Excellent toasts and congratulations. I will definitely use it on occasion.

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