Hourglass Type

The figure of an hourglass or type "X" is considered the embodiment of elegance and femininity. In the 19th century, the figure of the "hourglass" was the standard of beauty. Corsets were used to emphasize the rounded hips and aspen waist. Today the famous parameters "90-60-90" are an idealized version of the physique of an hourglass.

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    • Not recommended clothing for the figure of the hourglass
    • Shoes and accessories for the figureX
    • Texture of fabric and color scale
    • Basic rules of nutrition for an hourglass figure
    • Physical activity tips for an hourglass figure

    Characteristics of an hourglass figure

    Owners of a teleslagzheniya type "X" have pronounced female shape and harmonious body proportions. For this type of physique the following features are characteristic:

    • the hip and chest line have the same volumes;
    • clear waist line;
    • extra pounds concentrate on the buttocks and thighs.

    There may be certain "transitions" between the type of the figure "X" and other types of physique. Most often there is a transition - "hourglass" - "pear", which is characterized by the following features:

    • the same girth of the hips and shoulders;
    • girth of the hips is slightly larger than the girth of the chest.

    There is also a transition "hourglass" - "inverted triangle".Such a figure is characterized by the following features:

    • chest girth more than the hips;
    • shoulders are slightly wider than thighs;
    • waist is pronounced.

    You can have a slim build or a curvy shape. And you do not need to have a large bust, so that your figure belongs to the type of "hourglass".It's all in the wasp waist!

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    Recommended clothes for the figure X

    Stylists advise women of fashion with this type of physique to replenish the wardrobe with a variety of outfits that effectively emphasize the waist line and beautiful thigh shape. The best option is clothing, which is characterized by lightness and airiness. It is possible to emphasize the main advantages of the figure with the help of various decorative elements. Consider the types of clothes for the figure "X" in more detail.

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    Effectively emphasize the slender waist and beautiful thighs:

    • diagonal cut dresses;
    • dresses with a hard corset;Dresses-sarafans, a bit loose in the hips;
    • dresses, cut in the form of a trapezoid;
    • dresses with a deep neckline without sleeves;
    • dress with a smell.

    If you want to emphasize the hip line, be sure to focus on the shoulders and chest.

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    This kind of clothing should emphasize the ideal waist and not visually increase the hips. A wonderful choice will be:

    • skirts with high waist;
    • mini skirts;
    • skirt-half-sun;
    • skirts from wedges;
    • skirt trapezium;
    • skirt-year;
    • multi-tiered skirts.

    The waistline can be accented with a belt or a thin scarf. Give preference to monochromatic colors that will help focus on pronounced transitions and elegant body shapes. With a skirt stylists advise wearing air blouses, tucked into a skirt, or short tops.

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    Blouses, jackets, tops

    The beauty of the figure is emphasized by such models:

    • blouses with a U-shaped neck;
    • open tops;
    • blouses with a fitted or slightly elongated silhouette;
    • sweaters with odor;
    • blouses on the tape with the fork.
    • loading. ..

    To emphasize the shoulder line, it is best to use rounded and narrow shoulder pads.

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    Unbeatable options for figure X:

    • straight cut trousers;
    • trousers slightly flared cut with a low waist;
    • trousers with high waist;
    • trousers, bananas;
    • straight cut jeans;
    • capri pants.

    Visually extend the legs of trousers with vertical stripes on the fabric.

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    Jackets, coats, jackets and cardigans

    It is best to choose styles without ornaments on the hips. These types of clothing must differ:

    • with a fitted or tight-fitting cut;
    • smooth transitions that repeat the beautiful curves of the figure.
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    Holders of the figure "X" can safely try on different styles of swimsuits. It is important to take into account the individual features of the build:

    • for a small chest is most rational to buy a multi-colored split swimsuit, in which the cups of the bra are cut in the form of triangles;
    • for owners of magnificent shapes will be actual single -ton swimsuits with tops or bras on bones, which effectively emphasize the beautiful breasts;
    • visually extend the legs of swimsuits with the maximum notches on the hips;
    • fashionable women with slim legs fit swimsuits with shorts or bikinis.
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    Not recommended clothes for the figure of the hourglass

    Stylists advise the holders of the figure "X" not to use models of clothing that increase the volume of the hips and buttocks:

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    • pleated skirts;
    • skirts with patch pockets and bulky accessories in the buttocks and thighs;
    • blouses free cut;
    • sweatshirts with collar in the form of "yoke" and a cutout in the form of a boat;
    • blouses with patch pockets and ruffles in the chest area;
    • too tight pants;
    • trousers-riding breeches;
    • low-cut trousers;
    • jeans without patch pockets, applications and other decorative details on the hips.

    Avoid loose and baggy clothes made from hard and heavy fabrics.

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    Shoes and accessories for the figure X

    All accessories must be elegant and elegant. Is best suited:

    • bags or clutches, made of soft genuine leather without sharp corners;
    • shoes with medium and high heels with an almond shaped sock.

    From shoes with a massive heel and sharp edges is best to give up. Also, avoid shoes that are overloaded with a lot of accessories.

    Accessories for women of fashion with the figure "X" should be selected, focusing on their growth. Women of high and medium height fit large and bright decorations, characterized by elegant shapes. Mods of short stature are recommended to choose small jewelry and jewelry.

    Scarfs and scarves should be made of silk, chiffon, fine wool and other light materials.

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    Texture of fabric and color scale

    For the figure "X" it is best to choose plain fabrics that effectively emphasize the advantages of this type of build. Looks beautiful clothes made of fabrics with a light, elastic and airy texture. Heavy and heavy fabrics will visually increase the proportions of the body. If you prefer multi-colored fabrics, choose floral motifs, small peas, abstract patterns and vertical stripes. Avoid very large geometric patterns, as well as horizontal stripes in the bottom or top of the product.

    The "hourglass" figure is a real gift of nature. With the help of harmoniously matched clothes, as well as proper nutrition and exercise, you can make an ideal silhouette even more attractive.

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    Basic rules of feeding for an hourglass figure

    If the owner of this type of physique accumulates extra pounds, they can be easily discarded, following simple rules:

    1. Take small meals 4-5 times a day.
    2. The daily menu should include more food of protein origin than carbohydrates.
    3. It is necessary to exclude easily digestible carbohydrates from the diet.
    4. During the day, refuse frequent snacks and reception of alcoholic beverages.
    5. Drink at least two liters of water per day.

    The following food products are allowed to holders of the figure "X":

    • poultry fillets;
    • low-fat meat;
    • skim milk and sour-milk products;
    • eggs;
    • greens;
    • seafood;
    • lean fish;
    • vegetables and fruits.

    Negatively affect the shape of the following foods:

    • nuts;
    • pasta;
    • avocado;
    • fried and smoked products;
    • confectionery;
    • flour products.

    The list of allowed products for women with the figure "X" is wide enough, so you can easily make a varied menu of healthy and delicious dishes.

    Eliminate the ugly fatty creases on your stomach will help unloading days, which can be carried out once every two weeks. Dieticians advise choosing kefir, buckwheat, vegetable and apple unloading. During the day you can drink ginger, green or herbal tea.

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    Advice on physical activity for the figure of the hourglass

    The combination of balanced nutrition and exercise will accelerate the process of reducing excess body weight, and also help the holders of the hourglass figure to keep the result. To form the ideal proportions of the body, you can do:

    • jogging;
    • swimming;
    • by Yoga;
    • by cycling;
    • by the tennis.

    Female representatives of the weaker sex with the figure "X" should avoid exercise for endurance and power loads. A rational option is cardio. To relax and warm up the body, you can apply thermotherapy and hydromassage. Improve blood circulation and cleanse the skin by wrapping and bathing.

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